The 5 Indoor Fitness Trends Your Body Deserves to Try This Fall


Resolution season is just around the corner, which means now is the time to get serious about your fitness. Make your outdoor workout continue for as long as possible, but when the cold sets in leave your excuses at the door! Whether you’re moving the workout indoors or it’s just time to explore some new ideas for staying active, these hot fitness trends will satisfy your body’s need to sweat and move.

Here are 5 ways to stay fit for fall: 


We spoke with former drummers Christine Perrenboom and Kirsten Potenza as they combined their passions for music and fitness to create POUND, a full-body cardio workout that uses lightweight drumsticks to beat out rhythms to high intensity music, plus some Pilates and plyometrics. Torch up to 900 calories in 45 minutes at Crunch gyms or through their DVDs. We seriously love this liberating workout!

2. PiYo

A little bit Pilates, a little bit yoga, and maybe even a little bit rock ‘n roll. PiYo is a total mind-and-body workout that boosts the energy of the class with upbeat music. You’ll torch calories during this strength and cardio class, which introduces elements of Pilates, yoga, and even dance and martial arts. PiYo is not to be confused with Yogalates.

3. Barre classes

These ballet-inspired methods just keep growing and multiplying! Chances are you have many different varieties of studios all offering similar sounding classes aimed to tone and strengthen your whole body for long, lean dancer muscles. Here’s our review of many different Barre-style classes; see which one is right for you!

4. HIIT at-home

If it’s too cold to workout outside and you don’t want to pay for a gym membership, there’s still hope! With HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) remaining one of the most popular ways to get your sweat on, it’s totally worth your time. These body weight workouts require no equipment, as long as you have a square of open space in the living room you’re good to go. Using mostly exercises like squats, jumps, lunges, planks, and pushups, what seems like a simple enough set will get you sweating in no time! Get started w/ this Jessica Smith HIIT workout.

5. Running groups

OK, running is not a trend. This oldie but goodie always has been and always will be a popular cardio option. But sometimes running by yourself gets old–it’s hard to stay motivated or keep your pace. Lots of athletic apparel stores (think Lululemon or REI) have community running groups to help you meet new people and stay on track this fall. Even check out for a group nearby.

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images provided by POUND; Photo Credit: Mark Sacro

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