Try Dolvett’s 10-8-6 Workout for a Total Body Sweat Sesh in Just 48 Minutes

Looking to put in a little bit of effort and get maximum results? Yeah, you and everyone else!

This very subject came up on our recent G+ Hangout event with Dolvett Quince, superstar trainer on Biggest Loser, which premiered its 15th season last night.

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His motto is, “Hard work. Dedication,” so we aren’t even sure minimum is in his vocabulary. But he does understand that we’ve all got kids, and jobs, and maybe we’re just building up to work out at the maximum. Either way, he’s got a solution for those who can’t give 110 percent everyday. And honestly, it’s still no easy walk at the park and sure to work you out the way you need to be.

When you have 48 minutes, at home or the gym, to dedicate to a sweat-inducing workout, give Dolvett’s 10-8-6 Workout a try! He explains in this video.


Dolvett’s 10-8-6 Workout
Do this four days per week.

dolvett10 minutes — run on the treadmill.
10 minutes — hit the weights, focusing on only the legs. Dolvett recommends cranking through leg extensions, squats, lunges, and dead lifts.

8 minutes — run on the treadmill.
8 minutes — focus on working the upper body, which can include push-ups, pull-ups, jab and cross (picture air boxing) and dumbbell biceps curls.

6 minutes — blasted out run on the treadmill or  walk on an incline.
6 minutes — get the muscles you missed, like the shoulders, thighs, triceps, calves, and core.

“Put in the same amount of cardio that you do strength training,” Dolvett advised. “For instance, match 10 minutes of cardio with 10 minutes of strength training.” This is what he explains in the video.

So when you’re crunched for time, don’t choose one type of workout over the other, get a total body workout that combines cardio and strength training equally.

“Not only will you never be bored, you’ll see some great results,” confirms Dolvett.

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