Velveeta Shells and Cheese Cups Recall Caused by Wire Bristle

My kids are huge lovers of macaroni and cheese. I’ve tried to get them hooked on homemade, healthier versions, but they still beg for the boxed, orange dust variety. Even more than the regular cups, though, they love the microwaveable single serve cups, and I will buy them once in a while. They aren’t a great source of nutrition; in fact, I don’t equate them with a healthy choice at all, but I’d rather they eat a cup of pasta and cheese than a bag of chips. Today’s recall might be enough to change my mind, however.

Alaska state officials have announced the recall of three varieties of Velveeta Shells & Cheese microwaveable cups due to the fact that they might contain small bits of wire bristle.

Kind of gives the idea of “iron-fortified” a new meaning, doesn’t it?

All kidding aside, the three different varieties of Velveeta Shells and Cheddar recalled by Kraft Foods Global Inc. are Shells & Cheese Original, Shells & Cheese made with 2 percent milk and Shells & Cheese Broccoli. No injuries have been reported, no consumers have complained, but the company has instituted a voluntary recall of more than 137,000 cases of the cups nationwide as a precaution to insure the safety of the public.

If you have the product on your shelf, check to see if your cups are included in the recall. Affected products possess best-when-used-by dates ranging from March 2021 to May 2021.



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