Whole Foods Introduces New Line of Soy Milk and Almond Milk

Got milk? What about chocolate soy milk? Or vanilla almond milk?

I love almond milk, and while I’ve been a devotee of Blue Diamond’s unsweetened vanilla almond milk, Whole Foods’ new refrigerated line of soy and almond milks are giving my usual stand-by some stealth competition.

Made from flavorful American-grown organic almonds, the new 365 Organic Everyday Value Almond milk is the first-ever private label organic refrigerated almond milk. (There is also a shelf-stable version, if you prefer.) Naturally free of saturated fat and cholesterol, Whole Foods Market’s Almond milk contains as much calcium and Vitamin D as dairy milk and is an excellent source of Vitamin E. The new line boasts a fresh, rich taste that comes in Original, Vanilla and Unsweetened flavors.

While most non-dairy milk alternatives are on the runny or watery side, Whole Foods’ soy and almond milks are thick. I actually went back to my refrigerator to re-read the nutrition label to make sure that the unsweetened almonds did in fact contain 40 calories per cup. It did.

For drinking by the glass, try new 365 Organic Everyday Value Light Soymilks, or to mix, one of Whole Foods Market’s current, popular organic varieties in Original, Chocolate, Vanilla and Unsweetened flavors to dress up smoothies and shakes. With a silky texture that is versatile enough to blend in a morning latte or froth in an afternoon cappuccino, 8 ounces of these all-organic soymilks serve up calcium, Vitamin D, potassium and two grams of fiber. You’ll also be getting a healthy dose of copper, manganese and iron, and 40 percent of your daily value of riboflavin.

Plus, the light and unsweetened versions are super low in calories. My favorite, the unsweetened almond milk, clocks in at only 40 calories per cup, while the light vanilla soymilk contains 70 calories per cup. Not bad, especially in comparison to whole milk (160 calories per cup) and regular soy milk (120 to 140 calories per cup).

Whole Foods is long known for their supreme quality and healthy and earth-minded intentions. Now, they are adding budget-friendly to their motto, as well. One carton, which is 64 fluid ounces, runs $3.39 – $4.00, depending upon your geographic location. Compared to organic milk or non-dairy milks, that’s a very reasonable price.

If you’re on the fence about swapping your usual two percent or skim cow’s milk for soy or almond, start out slow and try out one of these suggestions:

  • Make a latte with any of the new 365 Organic Everyday Value flavors
  • Dip french toast in a batter made with vanilla 365 Organic Everyday soy milk.
  • Nix the sugar in your morning oatmeal and instead use the 365 Organic Everyday Value vanilla soy or almond milks.
  • Boost your post-workout muscle repair and drink a glass of 365 Organic Everyday Value chocolate soy milk.

I guarantee you, you will not be disappointed.

While Whole Foods provided Heather Ashare with sample product, this review is her own opinion and was not influenced or sponsored in any way.

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