Best and Worst Health Products of 2024 on the Dr. Oz Show

Tune in this Monday, November 22 to the Dr. Oz Show when Dr. Oz gives you a list of his best and worst health products of 2024.

This past year saw a surge of new diet and health products hitting grocery shelves and health food stores. On the show, Dr. Oz gives you the black and white picture of just how effective these products were at holding up to their health claims. Learn about the gold stars (and the lumps of coal) in supplements, diet pills, metabolism boosters, weight loss secrets, packaged foods, snacks and more.

Plus, learn if you should order this or that when dining out when the best and worst restaurant foods are also revealed.

Best and Worst of 2024 for Weight Loss

Diet Pills

Best: Glucomannan

Worst: Ephedra

Euphedra speeds up the heart, so many assume that it raises metabolism. In actuality, the increased heart rate damages artery walls which can weaken your heart. Glucomannan, on the other hand, is a dietary fiber that will fill you up and keep you full, offering the dietary benefits of fiber and regulates appetite.


Best: Inca Peanuts

Worst: Bars (granola, meal replacement, etc.)

Bars, even if they are low in calories, are full of sugars and sugar alcohols which will stimulate appetite. Inca peanuts are peanuts from the Peruvian rain forest that contain 3 times the amount of omega-3s than walnuts and twice the fiber.

Metabolism Boosters

Best: Cayenne pepper

Worst: Energy drinks

Again, the caffeine and sugar in energy drinks increase your heart rate which many mistake for an increased metabolism, but those ingredients will leave you with an energy crash a few hours later. Cayenne pepper naturally increases metabolism and won’t leave any extra gunk in your system once it’s burned.

Packaged Food

Best: Whole wheat pasta

Worst: Any frozen diet meal

Frozen diet meals may be pre-portioned and low in calories, but to make them taste appetizing they are pumped full sodium and offer little nutrition. Whole wheat pasta regulates blood sugar and appetite while giving you a healthy boost of fiber and protein.


Best: Lunge

Worst: Sit Up

Most people perform sit ups incorrectly which puts a lot of stress on the spine, and only works a few of the abdominal muscles. If weight loss is your goal, the lunge is the best exercise because it uses so many muscles that your heart rate will increase, burning tons of calories and the muscle it builds will boost your metabolism.

Do any of these best and worsts of 2024 surprise you?

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