Biggest Loser 14 Official Trailer Reveals New Contestants, New Logo, and New Theme

They’re back and not necessarily bigger than ever, but definitely younger! NBC’s Biggest Loser will return to prime time on January 6 for the much-anticipated season premier of the show’s 14th season. A season off has allowed the producers to refocus and (we hope) select a cast as inspiring and motivated as some of the show’s most popular contestants ever. In this official trailer released by NBC, we have a feeling we got just what we asked for!

Jillian Michaels returns to Biggest Loser this season, joining forces in the gym with Dolvett and Bob, as they “Challenge America,” the new theme for this year. We’ve seen the biggest contestants before, but this time they’re introducing us to their youngest contestants – three teens under the age of 18. The show has been a force in impacting the obesity epidemic in our country, but now they’re going to show how we can all impact childhood obesity, too.

“I love gymnastics, but I just can’t because of my weight,” admits one young female contestant. That’s all about to change, and America, you better be ready to make a few yourself!

A man in love with his fiancee says, “I’m not worthy of asking her to marry me yet.” His plan is to lose weight, change his life, and go home to ask the one question that will change it forever. But Jillian’s on to him and everyone else, saying she knows all about the big promises they made before they arrived at the ranch. In true Jillian style, she wants to know who’s going to actually show up.

When the new season airs January 6, they’ll be treated to a two-night premiere. They’ll see a new look, as the Biggest Loser logo got a makeover during the show’s break. Of course Jillian is “new” again, and behind the scenes, the show’s original dietitian, Cheryl Forberg, RD, returns to keep everyone on track with the diet that US News named one of the best in 2024.

Meet all 18 contestants now!

View Biggest Loser 14 Contestants  Slideshow

Ready to get inspired? Ready to make real change? Hit the gym now and stay motivated with this year’s hit song, Some Nights.

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