Biggest Loser at USMC’s Camp Pendleton in Biggest Loser Season 10 Episode 7 Recap

The week starts off with a very new twist! After the last elimination (of my fav Adam *grrr*) Ali announces two guests into the room, both of whom are United States Marines! They don’t waste any time gearing up and shipping them off to Camp Pendleton for a week of basic training!

Now, I know many of you are wondering if they really rode there all night? I believe it! It’s a good 3-4 hours from the “ranch” to Camp Pendleton. When we did our digging in the sand challenge and my team was sent home, we finished the challenge at 3 a.m. and were on planes (or on the road) by 5 a.m. I wish I could have seen more of what they did during the day while with the USMC!

I could already predict the food was going to take a toll on the contestants’ weight loss by seeing what chow time had to offer. Ahem… ham and sausages!!! Full of sodium and thus causing water retention. No matter the workout that sodium will always affect your weight – something to be mindful of at home as well. Sodium also plays a part in high blood pressure! So be sure you aren’t over indulging!

I loved that they got to do an obstacle course, although I was hoping for more MUD! Camp Pendleton is also known for its mud runs every year where you run an entirely muddy course and get some hilarious pictures while you’re at it! I feel for Elizabeth and her recurring asthma problems. I had two inhalers on me at all times at the ranch but fortunately it never affected me during workouts or challenges past the fourth week. If this keeps up she may be a target to send home. However, I think Brendan and Frado are keeping her around because she isn’t a weight loss threat. If she is in the final four with them she would never be able to beat them percentage wise. I am sure they also feel a Boston connection BUT I would put anything past these two!

I was surprised there were no advantages given for winning the challenge and after seeing the weigh in they could have used it. The blue team started off pretty low but Aaron set the bar! The black team started off strong and slowly dwindled (yes, of course that is all planned so that its got a big “dun dun dun” at the end!! But you knew that.. right?).

The black team sends Anna home, which is super sad because she has only had 3 weeks on the ranch, but thats where alliances and friendships really matter. She looks great at home and I love how she in integrating her new lifestyle at work! My guess is next week black and blue is over, but that’s just a guess. Down to 10 people left, six more are going home without a shot at that $250,000. To be honest, the ones I was rooting for are gone so I will have to pick some new favorites.. any suggestions?

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Juliann Giaretta says:

My son Lt.Giaretta,Brian S. Is one of the Marines in this episode and now has children. I am looking to see how I can buy this episode. Thank you.
Julie Giaretta

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