Contestants Playing Dirty in Biggest Loser Season 10 Episode 8

OMG! Seriously? I can’t even start at the beginning as I am just freaking blown away at how Frado and Brendan have run this season like the Boston Marathon! Those guys have single-handedly bullied and game played their way to the top and the rest of the contestants are being picked off one by one. Who ever said the mafia was gone?

So, I know I just jumped way ahead and for those of you who haven’t watched the show yet you are like, “Shay, what could be that bad?” Well for starters this episode started with Alison telling everyone they were ending black and blue, but for one week they would be paired up and two people would be eliminated. This sets everyone in a panic state of course.

There is a temptation/challenge to decide who will gain the power of picking the pairs. A few people decided to play the game and some were content with their fate being sealed by their own accomplishments. Brendan and Aaron were really going for it when Brendan pulls a fast one and uses his manipulation tools to tell Aaron to quit and he will honor his wishes. So Aaron concedes and Brendan wins the power to pick. Brendan, for the first time that I have noticed, actually honors someone else’s wishes (besides his alliance) and pairs Aaron with Jesse. He of course pairs himself and Frado with big number people and puts all the girls together. He pairs Ada with Jessica and all I could think of was when Ada was sitting in the Lion’s den… ahem… the black team’s room and they convinced her to vote their way. I bet she regrets that move now.

The trainers get their last chance beating (workout) in and Bob and Jillian work on Aaron’s and Lisa‘s mental game. At the weigh-in drama rises as Bob and Jillian find out that Lisa has been cooking for Elizabeth, and then when Lisa is once again unhappy with her loss.

I pretty much thought an all-out brawl was about to begin between Frado and Aaron and the rest of the contestants. You think watching the hour-long weigh-in is painful? The truth is, tensions are high at weigh-ins. There are a million HOT lights beaming down on you, your “fate” rests in the scale and not to mention you’re standing there for hours! The yellow line holds down Aaron/Jesse and Elizabeth/Lisa. As Lisa mentioned, she and Elizabeth are “place holders” for Frado’s alliance. What that means is the boys don’t see them as a threat and the boys know they cannot beat them so they don’t mind having them around to fill the space as they send every other person who could possibly beat them home. Aaron and Jesse go home and that seals it for me – Everyone I was cheering for is gone. Dang it. All I can say from here on out is Mark, watch your back.

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