Dr. Oz Says Obesity Isn’t Our Fault in Interview with Hormone Diet Author

Doctor Oz’s newest fat-burning prescription has the doctor picking up a blow torch and liquefying a mountain of butter in a depiction of how jump-starting your hormones can melt away fat fast.

“When you learn how to manipulate these magical hormones to work together, your fat, flab, ripples and rolls will melt away,” he promises on his November 12 episode.

Oz’s guest on the show is Dr. Natasha Turner, naturopathic author of The Hormone Diet, a bestselling book about creating a hormonal balance in the body for weight loss, living better, and looking younger.

“Hormones are your internal thermostat that control the metabolic rate of every single cell in your body,” Oz says on the show. “When the system is out of balance and it crashes, everything slows down and just won’t move.”

Doctors Oz and Turner contend that resetting the body’s hormones will supercharge weight loss attempts, even if you’ve been trying for years with little or no success.

“It’s not your fault folks, it’s the biology of blubber,” says Oz.

Turner visits with Oz about how she believes we are in a new revelation of weight loss. Along with The Hormone Diet, Turner is the author of The Carb Sensitivity Program, released in 2024.

Oz then shares a detox cleanse intended to jump-start weight loss through following a diet focused on how hormones are working in your body. “All you need is three days, a blender, and 16 bucks,” he promises.

While I realize that there are complicated and varying reasons for why weight loss is not realized among dedicated people, I also think Oz makes a mistake when he tells people to stop blaming themselves for being overweight. Owning up to bad habits and starting new ones is the best way to ensure permanent healthy changes, and understanding that sometimes you need to say “no” to junk food instead of “it’s not my fault” is one way to do this. Tune in November 12 to see for yourself what Dr. Oz and his guest have to say about weight loss.

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