Eating Healthy on a Budget: Steel Cut Oats

When you are having trouble getting out the door in the morning it can be tough to think about a healthy and wholesome breakfast. I recommend you plan ahead it will save you time and money! Watch now to see why I use steel cut oats, and how I prepare them.

I LOVE steel cut oats, they have more fiber and more nutrients than the microwaveable packets, but they take forever to cook! So, I put several servings in a Crock pot or rice cooker on Sunday night. I add some sliced almonds and peaches or blueberries with some vanilla extract almond milk and some Truvia. Then, I let it cook and when it’s done I portion it out into one-cup servings! Amazing!

Keep these in the refrigerator and you’ve got grab-and-go breakfasts for the entire week.

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