Inspiring Letters from Home in Biggest Loser Season 10 Episode 9 Recap

OK, OK, so last week was the world series of game play and this week was literally as if the last eight weeks never happened! Whether that is good or bad I am not sure, however I must say I did enjoy watching this week without almost damaging my TV by throwing things at it and by not screaming so much that the husband had to leave the room.  It really is a true testament to the roller coaster of events and emotions that equates the journey! WELCOME TO THE BIGGEST LOSER!

The highlights for me this episode were:

1. Bob beating the crud out of Brendan.

2. Jillian beating the crud out of Elizabeth.

3. Lisa finally figuring out why she is there and not saying she wasn’t sure if she wanted to stay.

4. Jillian trying to be nice when Ali asked her about Frado’s progress thus far. (did you see her face? HA!)

5. Everyone getting sweaty hugs from Patrick (seriously! he was hugging EVERYONE and half of the time he was VERY sweaty!)

6. Last but not least… Jessica looking smokin’ hot at her reveal party at home! And that she realized that she can do things on her own!

So… Since she talked about Jesse so frequently I am ONLY guessing we COULD have another love interest on our hands this season? Hmm… Being that Biggest Loser has more love connections that the Bachelor I’d say there is a good chance.

Important lessons:

I did think it was pretty sweet that the contestants made a video for Ada since her family did not send one. I think it’s an important lesson to MANY out there! I get daily messages about having no support at home and not being able to do it because of that. Ada is proof that support or no support it is about you and what you want in life! Sometimes you have to cut the strings and find a new “family” who will support you. You will find many people along the journey if you allow yourself to do so.

Lastly, the talk that Bob had with Patrick; now this is no diss to Patrick, but here are my thoughts on the whole “put everyone before myself” reason for being heavy. I am a social worker and a mom and a wife and a go-to person for most of my family, always have been. My career is putting others’ needs first, but here is the thing, I ALWAYS made sure I ate, I always made sure I got the food fix I needed, I was not thinking about how much it would hurt others if I ate myself into an early grave. So, in reality, I didn’t put everyone’s needs before myself!

I want to challenge that mentality for everyone out there. Working out and eating right is NOT just about putting yourself first. Look at how it inspires others, look at how you live a better life for your family around you! Let’s change our thinking and we may change our results!

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