Interview with Amy Cremen, Eliminated Biggest Loser Week 10

Each of the Biggest Loser contestants undergoes dramatic changes, and they each make some serious changes once the return home. Amy Cremen seems to have made a number of major changes and was generous enough to share them with us. One that seemed the most surprising, she’s now a vegetarian. “It just stopped tasting good,” she explains simply. She says there is no possibility she’ll ever go vegan because she is obsessed with eating sushi, an indulgence she’s given up until after the finale. Amy says she no longer eats fast food, a three-meals-a-day habit prior to the show (her calculation is about 8,000 calories/day). The other major change is that she doesn’t smoke any more and will “never ever touch them again.”

To date, Amy says she’s lost 100 pounds and is definitely on her way to her 125 pound goal for finale. She plans to maintain a healthy weight of 130-135 pounds for life. She and her mom, Shellay, are both seeing their trainer three times each week and continue to motivate and challenge one another. Amy says looking back at her pre-show self, at a size 22, that it felt like she looked like a blow-up beach ball. “Like they took the pin out and let the air out of me.” The mother-daughter team made a pact that they would split any finale winnings 50/50.

Their only chance now is to split the $100,000 at-home prize, since they’ve both been eliminated. Given that hindsight is always much clearer, Amy says she would have voted differently when she eliminated Coleen. She wanted to remain loyal to the blue team, but says if they’d had a chance to deliberate, “Coleen could have kicked some sense into me.”

Amy and Shellay gets noticed regularly now. In fact, Amy mentioned she’s recognized daily, and it’s even more if she and Shellay are together. Everyone tells them they’re an inspiration and she says it’s finally starting to sink in. “Maybe we did do something great!”

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