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Biggest Loser Reunion Episode

biggest-loser-logoThe Biggest Loser reunion episode, “Where are They Now,” aired on Tuesday, November 25, 2022. The two-hour program featured 40 contestants from seasons one through seven and while we would love to highlight each of the former contestants, here are a few notable mentions.


4 Tips for Charity Walks from Biggest Loser Contestants

I was in Detroit this past weekend doing the Walk MS event, and guess who I found! Just a few of my friends from Biggest Loser 6.

Shellay, Amy, my dad Jerry, and I offer you a few tips to stay fit and comfortable on your next charity walk.


Interview with Amy Cremen, Eliminated Biggest Loser Week 10

Each of the Biggest Loser contestants undergoes dramatic changes, and they each make some serious changes once the return home. Amy Cremen seems to have made a number of major changes and was generous enough to share them with us. One that seemed the most surprising, she’s now a vegetarian. “It just stopped tasting good,” she explains simply. She says there is no possibility she’ll ever go vegan because she is obsessed with eating sushi, an indulgence she’s given up until after the finale. Amy says she no longer eats fast food, a three-meals-a-day habit prior to the show (her calculation is about 8,000 calories/day). The other major change is that she doesn’t smoke any more and will “never ever touch them again.”


Interview with Shellay Cremen, Eliminated Biggest Loser Week 5

Her exit might have been a surprise to all of us, and her daughter Amy C., but Shellay says she could feel all week that she was the one to go. Shellay Cremen made it through five weeks at Biggest Loser, dropping a total of 27 pounds while on the ranch, and currently fitting comfortably into a size 8. She said she doesn’t know where she’ll stop, but her goal is to be a size 6 at the December finale, and that she wants to get as low as she can. “I’m out to really prove I can really do it.”


Biggest Loser 6: Shellay Cremen

Shellay Cremen competes in season 6 of Biggest Loser. She’s competing with her daughter, Amy Cremen, during Biggest Loser: Families.

Watch Shellay’s Finale Interview

Eliminated Week 5

shellay cremen

Age 51

Hometown Royal Oak, MI

Occupation Stay-at-Home Mom

Biggest Loser: Families teammate Amy Cremen, Daughter

Team Color Purple

Trainer Jillian Michaels

Starting Weight 216

Final Weight 142

Total Loss -74

Percent Lost 34.26


Other spellings: Shelly, Shelay, Shelley, Shellie, Shellae, Cramen, Kremen, Cremmen, Creman

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