Interview with Shellay Cremen, Eliminated Biggest Loser Week 5

Her exit might have been a surprise to all of us, and her daughter Amy C., but Shellay says she could feel all week that she was the one to go. Shellay Cremen made it through five weeks at Biggest Loser, dropping a total of 27 pounds while on the ranch, and currently fitting comfortably into a size 8. She said she doesn’t know where she’ll stop, but her goal is to be a size 6 at the December finale, and that she wants to get as low as she can. “I’m out to really prove I can really do it.”

Probably more for herself than anyone else. Shellay talks a lot about the years of self-doubt and negative attitude that contributed to her weight gain and inability to lose. Now, she feels “more confident in all aspects of life” than she ever did before. She beams about the renewed relationship with her husband and even says that she may pursue her dream job of party planning- something she says her old body kept her from doing.

Shellay talked about working with Jillian and said that she was her trainer of choice. Although the first few days “JIllian scared me to death!” she said. Every time Jillian would scream at them that there were millions of other people who would trade their place, Shellay would think to herself “I wish I could get ahold of one.” Shellay says that it was Jillian’s jarring approach to working out that was the right wake-up call that she needed.

The relationship with her teammate and daughter Amy has always been a strong and close one. That’s why as her relationship grew closer with Coleen on the show, Amy jokingly told Shellay to “go move in with Coleen.” It wasn’t evident during the show, but Shellay says she and Coleen “just clicked” and “really hit it off.” She told Coleen to do what she had to do during the elimination. Talking about her friendship with Coleen forced Shellay to break down in tears.

Those are the few tears you’ll see from Shellay these days. She wakes up every morning and puts on workout clothes. This is her lifestyle now- healthy eating and exercise. She loves to eat Jell-O sugar-free pudding and gelatin snacks topped with sugar-free Cool Whip. So much has changed that Shellay’s mom tells her she’s no fun any more!

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