Jessica Simpson Claims Her Own Naked Body as Motivation For Weight Loss

Hollywood’s most talked about celebrity mom is making headlines again for her ever-fluctuating figure. Singer and clothing designer Jessica Simpson has dropped at least 60 pounds since giving birth to daughter Maxwell Drew in early May. Now the star is claiming her weight loss is attributed to one dirty little secret: Staring at her own body nude. 

Simpson, 32, gained a reported 70 pounds during her pregnancy due to a bit of overindulgence in the diet department. The star loves southern comfort foods like fried chicken and mac and cheese and said that she treated herself while carrying Maxwell as she wanted to fully enjoy the pregnancy experience while it lasted.

According to a story by Star Pulse, however, Simpson recently came to the realization that she needed to lose more weight after taking an honest assessment of her naked body in the mirror. She also admitted that she didn’t realize just how difficult it would be to shed the post-baby weight.

Simpson’s weight is one that is closely followed by the media due in large part to the $3 million contract she signed with Weight Watchers in 2023 agreeing to lose the weight after giving birth.

While celebrity endorsements are not uncommon for Weight Watchers, signing on big name stars like Jennifer Hudson and Janet Jackson in recent years, its contract with Simpson was a bit shocking considering Simpson hadn’t even had the baby when the deal was made.

According to our calculations, if Simpson were to lose a healthy 1-2 pounds per week, Weight Watchers would be paying her approximately $46,000 per pound lost. That’s one pretty penny just for slimming one’s waistline.

The star recorded her first Weight Watchers commercial in August, which debuted in early September. This commercial received some backlash, however, as it didn’t show Simpson’s body or reveal much progress. But since then Simpson has lost a considerable amount of weight so a new commercial revealing her trimmer figure is sure to follow.

It seems Simpson is holding up her end of the weight loss deal, summoning motivation from both the Weight Watchers contract and her own desire to slim down. In a recent interview with Access Hollywood Simpson spilled the motivation behind her continued weight loss efforts. “The easiest way to get motivated is to strip naked and look in the mirror,” she said. “It’s not fun to be talked about. It’s not fun to be judged.”

The power of the mirror is undeniable. Our own True Weight Loss Story participant Julia Kozerski used a mirror and an iPhone to document her more than 160-pound weight loss in dressing rooms over the course of a year. The act of taking photos not only helped spur her on but also document the drastic change her body saw.

Staring at your body naked can also bring perspective in positive ways, especially for those who may wrestle with body image issues. Shannon Bradley-Colleary, a former fashion model, took a nude portrait series in her 20s and again in her 40s to examine her body from an objective perspective. The process gave her peace about her body and in some ways even motivated her to continue taking care of herself as she aged.

Whether it be the Weight Watchers contract, pressure from the media, or the act of standing in front of the mirror nude, Simpson is clearly well on her way to hitting her pre-baby weight loss mark. We just hope the motivation to slim down continues to be from positive sources and not from feelings of criticism and judgment.

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