Jessica Simpson is Down 60 Pounds Five Months after Baby Maxwell

Jessica Simpson’s hard work looks like it’s paying off. A picture of her in her Halloween costume on Wednesday really highlighted the 60 pounds she’s lost since having baby Maxwell.

Last Halloween Simpson dressed as a “mummy” as a fun way to announce her pregnancy, this year she used the holiday again to reveal things about herself, like her noticeably smaller waist. A picture that went out on Twitter showed Simpson in a leather corset and a lace skirt that really accentuated the significant weight she’s lost since she began her journey with Weight Watchers in May this year.

Simpson has been very open about how much weight she gained during her pregnancy with her nearly six-month-old daughter, Maxwell. The fashion designer and entertainer admits to indulging in comfort foods during that time and really made no apologies for it as she stated she simply wanted to enjoy her pregnancy. Her time of enjoyment lead to 70 pounds of weight gain.

However, as she stood stunningly trim next to her fiance and daughter on Halloween, it’s easy to believe the reports. US Weekly shared that she’s lost 60 pounds in just five months. She’s being praised by her Weight Watchers leader and her trainer for losing weight in a healthy, realistic way. No crash dieting for Simpson, she’s trying to take it off in a manner that will keep it off.

Simpson has stated she wants to be healthy and strong for her family. Clearly, she’s setting a beautiful example for Maxwell. Even though Simpson has admitted it hasn’t been easy, as she told Katie Couric how she’s craving chocolate currently, she’s focusing on her diet and what she puts in her body as she makes her choices. It seems to be working. Congrats, Jessica!

image via Twitter

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