Kirstie Alley to Star in a New Weight Loss Reality Show

kirstie alleyNo stranger to dieting, Kirstie Alley, the former Jenny Craig spokesperson who lost 75 pounds on the meal-delivery program and then gained back 80 pounds, is set to star in her own reality series early in 2022.

According to People magazine, A&E will air the ten-episode series which will chronicle Kirstie’s journey to lose much of the weight she gained while also trying to be a single mother to two teenaged children in Los Angeles. The weight loss reality series has yet to be named but viewers can look forward to Kirstie’s humor and spunk as she struggles just like so many other Americans to lose weight.

In the past, Kirstie has been unabashedly honest about her weight struggles including her love of food, particularly starchy carbs, her state-of-the-art fitness equipment which collects dust in her garage and envy over Michelle Obama’s arms. Not allowing the scrutinizing eye of the media to thwart her intentions of losing weight, Kirstie vowed on Oprah last spring to “get into a bikini again” and she is poising herself to do just that.

As weight loss TV has demonstrated to us season after season, the most powerful antidote for successful weight loss is to put yourself in front of cameras before millions and millions of viewers. From the success of the Biggest Loser to DietTribe, losing weight is not easy, but with constant support and a few camera crews taping your every bite of food and step on the treadmill, it can happen.

Let’s hope that if Kirstie is really serious about losing weight, then the impetus of her new reality series will be just what she needs to reach a healthy weight that she feels proud about.

Keep tuning in to and we’ll provide you with all that you need to know before Kirstie’s new series debuts.

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