Lisa Mosely Becomes a Healthier Role Model for her Daughter after Biggest Loser Elimination

People weren’t quite sure what to make of Lisa Mosley, as each week it seemed she was the only person at Biggest Loser fighting to get out while everyone else fought to stay in. Despite that, she was one of the most likable people on the show this season and put a lot of heart in to everything she did.

She explained that it wasn’t that she didn’t want to go through this journey at Biggest Loser, but that she “wanted to do it in a positive environment.” Lisa really struggled with the level of game play and manipulation that went on in the house, and admits that for most of her 10-week stay on Biggest Loser it wasn’t a positive experience. “The game play was hard to be around,” she said. Lisa was “disgusted” watching Rick and Adam go home, people she says were punished for their hard work instead of being rewarded. Then, she had what she calls a nervous breakdown on the scale and determined that she was going to do the things that worked for her, and things got a whole lot better.

Listen now as we chat with Lisa. She tells us what her daily meal plan looks like, noting that it’s the same every day which makes it easy to stick to. She also talks about the “surreal” experience of being a part of makeover week.

Lisa’s journey at Biggest Loser began because of her daughter, Blythe. As a young girl she was starting to adopt very unhealthy habits in an attempt to not be overweight like her mom. Today, Lisa and Blythe share a healthy lifestyle and the mother-daughter duo even workout together and motivate each other even when one more healthy meal doesn’t seem all that appetizing. She is a positive role model for her daughter, indicating that the way she parents is completely different. Even adding “every breath I take is different now.”

As the relationship with her daughter has benefited from the experience, as have other personal relationships. She met Allie Ishcomer, both from Oklahoma City, on the show and calls her “my long lost sister.” The entire Mosley family loves Allie and Lisa proudly shares that Allie is part of their family now. “God put us together,” she said.

These life-long relationships aren’t the only souvenirs Lisa will take with her after next month’s finale, the Biggest Loser experience will be with her for life. “It’s the first thing I think when I wake up and put clothes on that aren’t the size of a house,” she laughs. Also adding that Biggest Loser has helped her find her life’s passion, and that’s that “everyone should have an opportunity to change their life for the better,” and Lisa wants to help them get there.

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