Lollihop Snack Boxes are the Perfect Gift That Keeps Giving

Who doesn’t like to get something in the mail that isn’t a bill or another credit card offer? And while our birthdays give us one day a year to impatiently wait the mail’s arrival, with a subscription to Lollihop you can actually look forward to mail delivery once a month, all year long.

Lollihop is an exciting new company based in Palo Alto, Calif. that’s doing its part to make the mail, snacking, and healthy eating fun again. Whether you treat yourself to a Lollihop subscription, or gift it to a friend or loved one, it truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

Founded just this year by Suzanne Xie and Tamara Rajaram, MD, Lollihop sends its subscribers a gift box once each month full of some of the best healthy snacks around. They work with a team of nutritionists to carefully curate each snack and make sure that each ingredient is something that fulfills their desire to make “eating healthy, simple, and a lot more interesting than raw cauliflower,” according to Xie’s bio.

According to Xie, the idea for Lollihop came about when Suzanne and Tamara first became friends and shared a passion to help people eat healthier in ways that are fun and accessible. During the first couple of months of working on their idea, they both developed a habit of late night snacking during their long work sessions. After that, it became clear where Lollihop should start.

The partners are working hard to make Lollihop as much a household name as some of the products included in their boxes, the contents of which are top secret until recipients crack them open. Terra Chips, Larabar and Garden of Eatin are just a few of the familiar names included in the most recent box for October. 18 Rabbits, Plain Grain, and Somersault Snack Co. are a few that were new to us and made for some delicious discoveries. Our team especially enjoyed the New England Naturals granola bar and the Oskri coconut almond bar.

Jonathan George, CEO at Boxcar and a Lollihop customer, also enjoyed his first box, telling us “Lollihop’s first box was amazing. I can’t believe all of the great snacks I got to try that I never would have even considered trying before.”

They aren’t just tossing any ‘ole treat from the health food aisle in these packages, a lot goes in to making sure each item is just right for a Lollihop recipient.

“When we say we curate all the snacks for the boxes, not only does our team of nutritionists examine each snack to make sure it meets our strict guidelines for healthiness, but everyone here at Lollihop also tastes and approves every snack before we send it out,” explained Xie. “We source snacks from all different places and work with brands big and small. The one thing that we make sure they have in common is that they are good and wholesome. Each snack is hand chosen for quality, taste, nutrients, texture and that thrilling something extra that great food always has.”

“More than anything, the editorial and discovery aspects of Lollihop’s business are awesome,” George commented. “I don’t want to spend time reading and trying to find new options — I just want them to show up.”

The nutritionists adhere to three criteria for each hand-chosen snack, which is then hand-packed into each box. According to Xie, “The top three things that we look out for are: quality of the ingredients used, the overall sugar and sodium content, and the balance of nutrients each snack provides.” And while a bit more subjective, the team won’t send anything to your door that isn’t tasty.

“We strive to make each subscriber feel very special when they receive that box,” co-founder Rajaram told us in our first conversation about the company. That dedication to the customer shines through when your Lollihop package arrives, with the snacks neatly arranged, a friendly note that’s signed by the team, and even a few extras. For instance, October’s theme was all about eating for better immunity, and included a small bottle of hand sanitizer. Plus, there were a few Lollihop stickers!

For November, a special vegan Lollihop box was available, and Rajaram said special themed boxes are planned for the upcoming year.

Whether you need an effortless way to have healthy snacks around, are a bit of a foodie and want to find something new, or want to share the gift of good taste and health, Lollihop should be on your radar.

Find them at or on Twitter @Lollihop.

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