Makeover Week Recap for Biggest Loser Season 10 Episode 10

So this week was the ever anticipated makeover week on the Biggest Loser. It is when all the guys who have chowchillas growing on their faces get a clean shave and get a little metro and the girls get an awesome celeb touch of highlights and hotness to show so much less of themselves off to their family and friends! By week 10 most people have already had a dramatic transformation in the weight loss department so to be able to fully see it with attire and all is a confidence booster for sure.

I don’t know if you have noticed but there are few to no mirrors on the ranch. There are small mirrors in the bathrooms but it is RARE to catch a full body glimpse of yourself the entire time you are there. I was sent home the week before makeover week so I can’t fully tell you what it is like (insert tears and heavy sigh here), but from what I have heard it is amazing to be out of the sweat fest and to see what you have been working so hard on. For many it’s the first time in a long time they are shopping in “regular” sizes and are finding their body shapes are totally different.

I LOVED that they strutted the runway for this one, showing off and being pretty in pink for breast cancer awareness. As you may or may not have heard, breast cancer is related to obesity and even obese men are at higher risk. Their families were super psyched to see them and Frado’s family had just an awesome reaction. They just kept staring at him!

I am so jealous every time I see the car giveaways on the last two seasons. Apparently we were the recession season as we had no cool BIG prizes to win! Wow, I am whiny today! HAHA.

I thought it was sweet that Ada (whose family did not attend the makeover) and Brendan let Patrick win the car. It just sucks that it came after the part where the black/green alliance were discussing how they have Ada, Elizabeth and Mark all wrapped up in their plan. It’s almost like a Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde!

So Lisa and Frado fall below the yellow line, and of course Frado has the vote because of his alliances, and Lisa packs it up. She looks great at home and we really see that she has made the changes and is changing the lives of others in her community!

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