Male Athletes with Weight Problems

Emanuel Tiny YarbroughWhen you think of athletes, it’s usually safe to assume that they are in good shape. This isn’t always the case. The most obvious example is offensive and defensive lineman in football. Sure, they are as strong as oxen. But, once football is over, that spare tire around most of their waists will just be a health burden.

There are more examples where that came from. The New York Daily News spotlights 36 of their favorite “fat-letes.” Here are a few interesting examples:

  • Emanuel “Tiny” Yarbrough is a sumo wrestler from Rahway, New Jersey. He weighs about 800 pounds, and holds the Guinness World Record for being the largest athlete.
  • Prince Fielder is the first baseman for the Milwaukee Brewers, and son of another portly slugger, Cecil Fielder. He’s a vegetarian, so that does away with the myth that a meatless diet is a free ticket to thinness.
  • Babe Ruth is the most famous heavy slugger of all time. When not downing hot dogs between at-bats in the dugout, he was adding to his heaping home run totals.
  • Eddy Curry of the New York Knicks stands at a startling 6’11”. He’s got 285 pounds on that frame, and his fitness habits are questionable, which is why you’ll find him with a trainer this next off-season trying to get in shape.
  • John Daly is a master at golf, but health he is not. Between a serious smoking habit and a love of bar food and drinks, this 300-pound pro is actually down about 40 pounds since his Lap-Band surgery this year.

Check out the other pudgy athletes in this pictorial at the New York Daily News.

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