Michael Phelps Becomes Subway’s New Spokesperson

If you’re like me and miss seeing Olympic darling Michael Phelps break world records in the swimming pool, fret no more. Phelps has recently been named as sandwich-giant Subway’s new pitchman. The new campaign coined “The Champion Food Option,” will highlight Subway as a destination for all of your eating needs. From indulgent subs like meatball and steak and cheese to healthy options like grilled chicken breast, Phelps will endorse their entire line of sandwiches.

For Phelps, the array of healthy and not-so healthy fare that Subway offers is a fitting match. The world-record swimmer ate a gluttonous diet of 12,000 calories a day while in training for Beijing. Sandwiches, usually ham and cheese on white bread, were a staple part of his daily “diet.” So whether it’s a pre-swim snack of a foot-long turkey and cheese on wheat or a post-workout treat of a spicy Italian sub packed with all the fixings, Phelps may really have met his champion food with Subway.

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