Oprah’s Favorite Things Returns with 6 Items for a Healthier Lifestyle

In 1996 Oprah greeted her audience with a treasure trove of free gifts and prizes as she debuted the hottest giveaway daytime TV had ever seen. Oprah’s Favorite Things has grown to be the stuff of legends, and people would give arms and legs to have a seat and a chance to take home the media mogul’s top picks for holiday gifts. Oprah’s a giver, a giver of high-quality, high-end, premium gifts and it’s hardly anything you’d find on a clearance rack.

Since the end of her wildly popular daytime talk show, Oprah’s Favorite Things has faded in to TV history. But now through her OWN network, O Magazine, and a new partnership with Huffington Post, Oprah’s breaking the two-year hiatus with the announcement of 48 items on the 2023 Favorite Things list.

Some of it is quite posh and not likely to make it on to the holiday budget of most of her fans (like a nearly $2,000 Jetson-style battery-powered scooter), but some of it is completely in reason. Even better, a few items on her list are even good for you!

Top of the list is the Q37ci elliptical trainer. It’s a pricey addition to a home gym at $3,099, but it certainly pays for itself with dedicated use. She says her trainer Bob Greene turned her on to it and she loves the various options for total body workouts in one machine.

You’ll need good music to power through that elliptical workout, and so Oprah has put Beats Earbuds by Dr. Dre on her Favorite Things list. They are an exclusive design for O Readers that come in her favorite green apple color. What you play on these top-of-the-line earbuds is up to you.

The rest of the healthier items on Oprah’s list (and no we’re not talking about the blue velvet cake with cream cheese icing that she features) runs from kitchen supplies to kitchen eats.

She likes Curtis Stone’s oilcan, a super sleek design that holds olive oil and allows for monitored pours so that you don’t over do it on this heart-healthy yet calorie-rich ingredient. It sells for $60.

Oprah’s pitching Pipcorn this holiday season, a small-batch popcorn brand that uses a variety of hulless corn to get what Oprah describes as a crunchy and tender snack. It’s an all-natural treat that comes in flavors like Oprah’s suggestion for lemon truffle and their signature rosemary.

That’s not the only truffle item on the list. With five, count them FIVE different truffle items, it’s clear Oprah has a craving. While not necessarily the healthiest inclusions on her Favorite Things this year, you’ll find truffle sausage, truffle butter, truffle oil, truffle risotto, and truffle cheese on the list.

The final healthy things on Oprah’s list will satisfy a sweet tooth. She says she’s “passionate” about Earth Balance’s coconut and peanut spreads. The “beyond delicious” spreads are vegan and gluten free and are great for baking all of your favorite holiday goodies in a healthier way. Unlike most of the things on her list, you won’t need a specialty store to find these.

Finally, Oprah challenged her creative director to find what may be described as the perfect bite of chocolate. She wanted 100 calories of 67 percent dark cocoa in a single-serve package. What they found was Dark Secret Chocolate, and she claims they did it with 10 calories to spare!

You can see all of this and the entire list on a special airing on OWN November 18. As well, see it and have a chance to win many of the prizes in this month’s O Magazine hitting newsstands November 6.

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Story and image source: huffingtonpost.com/OWN/

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