Read This Before You Try a Kettlebell Workout DVD

Kettlebell workouts seem to be all the rage these days. And because it’s an exercise known for being tough, gritty and somewhat complicated, I’ve been interested in trying it for the last few years (glutton for punishment, I am). But it wasn’t until I reviewed a few kettlebell workout DVDs that I gave them a go. And what a go it was.

kettlebellsWorking with kettlebells is intense and some of the movements are downright dangerous and can result in injury if you do them improperly. And because many of the moves—especially the compound ones—are extremely challenging and advanced, it’s likely that when you get tired (and you will get tired), your form will suffer. And bad form isn’t good.

Not to mention that when you’re doing a hard workout DVD at home, there’s no instructor to check your form. Yes, I know that kettlebells give you an amazing, calorie-blasting workout that builds core strength and cardio endurance. And there are some really good kettlebell workout DVDs on the market that feature solid instruction — but there are also some workout DVDs out there that aren’t so hot, too. Which is why it’s important to look at the qualifications of any fitness professional you’re working out with, whether it’s in a workout DVD, a workout class or a personal-training session.

Bottomline? Kettlebells aren’t just another fitness fad you can pop in and try. It involves jerking heavy weights over your head and onto your wrists. Serious business, kids. So, let me strongly urge you to try kettlebells first in a class setting with a certified instructor. Once you learn the basics, sure, have a heyday at home and get one heck of a good workout. But until then, proceed with caution! Better safe than sorry (or injured)!

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