Rebecca Meyer – Biggest Loser Elimination Interview

biggest loser rebeccaThat spunky girl who raced out of the Biggest Loser bus on episode one has transformed into a confident, determined, wiser woman. Rebecca Meyer says her week 10 elimination was due to game play, because she was a “huge threat in the game,” due her to top percentages throughout the season.

That elimination didn’t keep Rebecca down. She is positively thriving at home. With a current weight of 157 pounds, and a new love in her life, Rebecca has become the person she always wanted to be.

Listen now as she tells about her romance with fellow contestant Daniel Wright, a person she says is her best friend. She’ll also talk about who the new Rebecca really is.

While Rebecca’s weight loss story is remarkable, the thing everyone is buzzing about is this relationship with Daniel. She admits she didn’t really like Daniel in the beginning, but by week three the two were building a friendship. Rebecca is a night owl, so she and Daniel would take long walks on the ranch at night to burn extra calories and talk. She says the real turning point came on the Biggest Loser’s Washington, D.C. trip.

But sooner after Daniel was sent home. Once Rebecca returned home, she says they started having five or six hour phone calls, and it was in those calls that Daniel admitted his feelings for her. Since then, “I fell in love with my best friend,” coos Rebecca. The two have been dating for a while and she says they are key parts of each other’s journey.daniel and rebecca biggest loser

Today, the couple is making a long distance relationship work, with Rebecca in Iowa and Daniel in North Carolina. She says she gets “gaga” for Daniel, and uses him as a sounding board for food issues or when she just doesn’t want to go to the gym.

You can’t very well tell Rebecca’s at-home story without Daniel, she says the relationship is “pivotal, the most important thing for me.” The two enjoy trying new recipes together, with Rebecca typically manning the kitchen. One of her favorite recipes that she created on the ranch is a vegetable stir-fry. She includes asparagus, broccoli, onions, mushrooms, fresh herbs, garlic and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, and serves that with baked fish topped with herbs and lemon zest.

The two also enjoy pushing one another in the gym. One activity they enjoy is a treadmill interval challenge. They’ll run at an incline of 15 for one minute, then take it all the way down and walk for a minute, then back up to 15 for a minute, and keep doing that until they can’t any more.

It’s this transition to home life that Rebecca says has been the most difficult of the journey. She spent three and a half months away, came home an entirely new person, yet found everything to be exactly the same. She said she re-evaluated the relationships and friendships in her life and makes sure that everything she does fits her new lifestyle.

That new lifestyle also includes completing a half-marathon. “Becky Meyer would never do this,” she says of her old self. Of the new self, “That girl is Rebecca. This person who can achieve what I set my mind to, will be afraid, will possibly fail, and will set out to do things and finish them.” She ran the 13.1 miles in 2:16, and in those two hours evolved into what she calls the girl she always wanted to be.

Rebecca’s got three weeks left to prepare for finale, and make her television debut with beau Daniel. Given that her “ultimate focus is on changing [her] life forever,” Rebecca will no doubt dazzle us all at that final weigh-in.

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