Salt Attacked by NYC Mayor

Anti-SaltIn the latest push to get New Yorkers to eat better, city Mayor Michael Bloomberg is taking on salt. The mayor previously launched several visceral attacks on sodas and other sugary beverages. Now, he’s urging city residents to cut down on their intake of sodium. The new campaign targets frozen dinners and canned soups, and features images of these foods surrounded by heaps of salt. The images are accompanied by messages like “Excessive  can lead to heart attack and stroke.”

Excess salt in one’s diet can potentially lead to a number of serious health conditions, like high blood pressure and other cardiovascular conditions. WPIX reports that 23,000 deaths are caused by cardiovascular-related conditions in New York City alone.

However, some people feel that Bloomberg is focusing too much on what people eat. He has also been vocal about implementing a soda tax, and promoting healthier use of food stamps. The public service campaign costs $370,000 in federal and city funds, and will be appearing over the next two months.

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