Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off and 1988 Aerobics Championship is the Best Music-Workout Video Ever Made

Thank you to whomever is responsible for this incredible video mash-up because it’s basically the only thing we want to watch or listen to right now!

You guys, this is a real thing that happened: the 1988 Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship Opening. It’s fabulous. It’s everything we tried to block out about the 80s and yet it’s everything we wish could still exist.


Over that video that someone salvaged from a dark, cold place where old aerobics go to die — Taylor Swift. That sick beat from her explosive new hit Shake It Off was seemingly written precisely for this aerobics routine nearly 30 years late.

It’s some Back to the Future time warp stuff we’re trying to wrap our heads around.


It’s perfect. Dozens of spandex leotard-clad women and men prance out on to the stage to perform their choreographed aerobics-dance off routine. No idea what electronic beats would have been playing in this video, but the way Shake It Off syncs makes this a better music video than the official one T. Swift likely paid millions to produce.



I don’t care what your personal feelings are toward aerobics and/or Taylor Swift… even a hater’s gonna love this clip. And if your workout doesn’t have nearly as much pizzazz as these national champion-level aerobics practitioners, Shake It Off has 160 beats per minute. That’s a serious runner or indoor cycling class rhythm for you to sweat-sweat-sweat sweat it off.

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Taylor Swift – “Shake it Off” to 1989 Aerobic Championship dancing from moreClaremore on Vimeo. 

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