Ultimate Supplement Checklist on the Dr. Oz Show

Tune in this Friday, November 26 to the Dr. Oz Show when America’s favorite doctor reveals his ultimate checklist for supplements.

The supplement industry is filled with a mixed bag of products, from the safe and effective to the downright dangerous. This show is packed with information you won’t want to miss. So get out a pen and paper and take some good notes.

On the show, Dr. Oz will tell you what three supplements you should never take to control your weight or improve your health because of their association with serious health risks. Then he’ll tell you what supplement has been shown to be powerful in reducing risk for heart disease, colon and breast cancers.

And when it comes to women’s health, Dr. Oz will reveal what four supplements no woman should go without. He’ll also teach you the four dirtiest fruits and vegetables you need to be cautious about purchasing and how to effectively remove pesticides and germs from your produce. With his simple solution of common household ingredients, Dr. Oz will show you to keep your greens clean and your family toxin-free.

Check your local listings for exact show times.

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