10 Healthy Cookie Recipes for Your Cookie Exchange Party

‘Tis the season for exchanging cookies! Around the holiday season cookie exchange parties have become an exciting tradition. Each person takes one cookie from another person’s cookie tray, and the idea is to walk out with a variety of delicious treats. The only downside is they aren’t usually too good for us. Cookies can be packed in calories, fat, and sugar and certainly a culprit in the holiday weight gain game.

We love a good cookie and a good cookie exchange too, so we hope you’ll share some of these healthier cookie recipes that we’ve found. Ingredients like whole grain flour, dried fruits, applesauce, fresh vegetables, and even chocolate make for some pretty splendid desserts!

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

Our healthy chocolate cookie is not only tasty but vegan friendly, too. The recipe calls for bananas, maple syrup, and dark chocolate. There is no butter and barely any added sugar. Also, the Vegan Chocolate Cookies taste delicious with a tiny scoop of light vanilla ice cream!

Peanut Butter Jelly Cookie

The PB and J Cookie is a healthier and far more fun twist on the peanut butter cookie. The cookie is featured in Marisa Churchill’s dessert cookbook Sweet & Skinny. You can also make the cookie sugar free by substituting Truvia for granulated and brown suga.

Unreal Candy Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies

Our Unreal Candy Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookie is a twist on the M&M filled chocolate chip cookies. This cookie is a healthier oatmeal cookie recipe that’s been topped with Unreal chocolate candy shells. There are far less calories in our Unreal cookie compared to the traditional candy cookie.

Reduced Sugar Chocolate Chip Cookies

Need to make your classic chocolate chip cookies a little healthier? Our Reduced Sugar Chocolate Chip Cookies substitute granulated sugar with Truvia Natural Sweetener. You can enjoy eating chocolate chip cookies without worrying about your calorie intake because two cookies are only 160 calories!

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

These are a hearty cookie that could almost pass for breakfast! Rolled oats, juicy raisins, and even a little warm pumpkin pie spice combine to make a cookie perfect for sharing.

Chocolate Chickpea Protein Cookies

This recipe comes from FitSugar.com and is inspired by Jessica Seinfeld’s recipe in Deceptively Delicious. The tasty recipe calls for chickpeas, which is a good source of protein and fiber. They “cracked the code to a not-too-sweet, soft, and tasty chocolate chip cookie.” Sounds good enough for us!

Vegan Sweet Potato Breakfast Cookies

The Vegan Sweet Potato Breakfast Cookies recipe comes from Live Laugh Eat. Sweet potatoes, flax seed, oats, and whole grains make this cookie healthier. Take advantage of the sweet potatoes in your nearest grocery store and make some delicious vegan sweet potato cookies!

Carrot Cakey Cookie ‘Wiches

Carrot cake in a cookie? Sproutedkitchen.com has a guilt free recipe for this unique spin. It’s a healthy carrot cake cookie recipe with wholesome and healthy ingredients like organic whole wheat pastry flour, wheat bran, applesauce, pecans, and of course fresh carrots. The delectable filling is nothing more than Greek yogurt, honey, and cinnamon!

Healthy No Bake Almond Cookies 

Here is a gluten-free and vegan friendly recipe for you to share! The No Bake Almond Cookies come from EatingBirdFood.com. There are only five ingredients to this no bake cookie recipe, so it’s simple enough for even the most novice baker. The cookie is small but packed with big flavor and a load of nutrition.

Vegan Molasses Ginger Cookies

You can’t enjoy this season with out a ginger cookie – but they don’t all require the extensive work of hand decorating. Fresh grated ginger with the rich molasses is what makes these cookies from Lunch Box Bunch a winner. Plus, there are no animal products used for a healthful vegan snack.

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