2020 Celebrity Diet Trends Align with Yahoo’s Top Search Terms

We’re as guilty as anyone else, but it’s certainly that time of year to put together the lists. It’s a way for us to archive the time that has passed and even put it in to perspective. It’s also simply a lot of fun!

Yahoo’s Top Search terms for 2020 were just released, and as usual, the list is littered with celebrity names. The election took the number one spot this year, so at least we’re looking for a little bit of substance when we’re not searching for Lindsay Lohan’s latest shenanigans or how much weight a Kardashian sister has or hasn’t lost.

This year’s top 10 search terms aligned quite nicely with some of the biggest trending topics in diet and weight loss, namely for their celebrity connections.

We don’t know if has made any top baby name lists yet, but Kate was certainly the name to have on Yahoo! this year. Both Kate Middleton and Kate Upton made it in to the top 10 searches.

The Duchess ranked, no doubt, for the ridiculous photo scandal that never should have happened, but everyone also had a keen eye on her weight. That’s sure to become a point of continued interest as she and her prince announced they’re pregnant with the next royal heir this week. She made The Dukan Diet famous during her wedding planning, so whatever method she uses to lose the baby weight will no doubt become all the rage, too.

The other Kate, Ms. Upton, made quite a splash with her barely-there bikini on this year’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. No surprise that she made it on to Maxim’s Hot 100 list this year as well. She’s no stranger to hard work, even at the spry age of 20, and it’s all that time in the gym and commitment to her diet that grant her such a rockin’ hot body. She can credit some of that to her trainer, Justin Gelband, and his ModelFIT regimen.

The Olympics were in the top 7 searches this year as the world over turned to this year’s Summer Olympic Games in London. Whether interested in how swimmers like Dana Vollmer follow a gluten-free diet or Natalie Coughlin works out, or even searching pictures of Michael Phelps record-setting medal win, we couldn’t get enough of this year’s games.

Jennifer Lopez made top searches likely for her love life, and Lindsay Lohan is almost self explanatory as the world gawked over each poor life choice she made.

More people were probably searching Kim Kardashian out for her love affair with Kanye West or even which handbag she’s carrying this week, but in our neck of the woods it was all about QuickTrim. The supplement endorsed by the Kardashian sisters slapped them and the pill makers with a $5 million false advertising lawsuit. The pill also contains those hokey raspberry ketones that Dr. Oz has made almost as famous as Kim’s glutes.

Stay tuned for more lists coming from all corners of the media. For now, enjoy few of our favorites.

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