Astonishing Male Celebrity Weight Gain and Loss

Recently I wrote a post on some of history’s most extreme actor weight gains (or losses). I had a few too many, so here are five honorable mentions:

1. Following in Christian Bale’s footsteps, Jeremy Davies (right) co-starred with him in Rescue Dawn, and also lost weight to the point of dramatic effect portraying a war prisoner. The already thin actor only had to lose 33 pounds to have the same near-death look.

2. George Clooney gained more than 30 pounds to play a pudgy and bearded CIA operative in the political thriller, Syriana.

3. Benecio Del Toro gained 40 pounds for his character in the mind-melting Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

4. Russell Crowe gained 50 pounds in this year’s Body of Lies.

5. Seth Rogen, one of the hottest comics in movies today (Superbad, Knocked Up), is also the least likely candidate for a superhero role, because of his stout frame. But he’s out to prove the skeptics wrong, as he’s training for the lead role in The Green Hornet, coming out in 2021.

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