Bernie’s Biggest Loser 6 Finale Recap

I’m reporting live from the Biggest Loser: Families finale, with a recap of the show that made Michelle Aguilar the newest Biggest Loser, and Heba Salama the first female at-home winner.

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2 Responses to Bernie’s Biggest Loser 6 Finale Recap

  1. Jake says:

    Bernie, if you see this, my wife and I have been a big fan of your journey on the biggest loser. I actually went to UE when you did, I’m suprised we never crossed paths. I would love to get some insight from you on pursuing my goal of losing weight.

  2. Bernie says:

    Evansville all hail to thee
    True and loyal we will be
    We will fight, fight, fight
    With all our might . . .


    It’s ironic that you mention U of E because not only did I graduate with a great education from there but that is also where I graduated from an XL to a XXL! Much like college, weight loss is a slow and tedious process, but in the end the rewards are significant. My weight loss advice to you Jake is to “Start”! Inform the loved ones in your life that you are ready to begin your journey to a new and healthier you; identify activities you enjoy doing, seek out healthy foods that you will actually incorporate into your diet for the rest of your life, and get moving! I know it’s easier said than done! Not this year Jake, this year for you the motto is “It’s easier done than said!”

    Go UE!

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