Bernie’s Biggest Loser Episode 11 Recap

“Whoohoo, Makeover!”, On Episode 11 contestants got to strut their slimmer stuff on the Tyra Banks show in New York City.  I feel the makeover show is one of the most powerful episodes that the Biggest Loser has every season. It allows contestants, as well as viewers, to see just how far they’ve come on their weight loss journey. That being said Ed, Heba, Vicky, Michelle, and Renee were whisked away for a shopping spree at Macy’s and treated to new hair styles at an incredible salon. The makeover episode is powerful in that it allows contestants the opportunity to realize that they can now shop off the rack, which for me was a tremendous personal victory. I would like to applaud each of the contestants on looking terrific!

After walking Tyra’s stage contestants were surprised by family members who flew out to New York to see their new and improved loved ones. While in New York contestants and family members decided to see the town and found themselves in the middle of Time Square, where Bob and Jillian miraculously appeared on a TV monitor. The Biggest Loser trainers congratulated contestants on their hot new look, but reminded them that they were still in the middle of a competition and that they had better spend their remaining time in the city working out. Contestants and their families took their trainers message to heart and the next day the blue team worked out at a newly opened 24 hour fitness, while the black team worked out in both Central Park and the Brooklyn Bridge.

When the contestants returned to the ranch they were greeted with this week’s challenge which consisted of five boxes suspended over a pool of water. Contestants were then informed that they had to hold themselves up in the box while the bottom of each box was removed. The prize for this week’s challenge was the opportunity to spend two weeks in Utah at a weight loss spa. Vicky was the first to drop out followed by Heba, Ed, and finally Renee, leaving Michelle as the winner. Every contestant that lost dropped 25 feet to the waiting water below, that is except for Vicky who after the challenge was over needed some extra coaching from everyone to take the plunge.

At weigh-in we see some significant numbers lost: Vicky lost 4 lbs, Renee lost 4 lbs, Michelle lost 5 lbs, Ed lost 3 lbs, and Heba lost an astounding 7 lbs. In the end we see both Renee and Ed fall below the yellow line. Contestants are then ushered directly into the elimination room to cast their votes. Now we know that Michelle isn’t going to vote for Renee, and the Heba isn’t going to vote for Ed, so that leaves Vicky with the deciding vote yet again. Vicky remains loyal to her blue team and eliminates Renee. Now part of me was glad to see her maintain her loyalty to her fellow blue team members, but the other part of me can’t understand why given the chance she wouldn’t eliminate her biggest threat. Oh well, I guess only time will tell if her decision to eliminate Renee instead of Ed will pay off.

Renee looked wonderful at her at-home follow-up. I’d like to wish her continued success on her weight loss journey and congratulate her on how far she has come! Be sure to tune in next week, to cast your vote on who will be a finalist and who will be eliminated!

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