Biggest Loser 7: Daniel Wright

Look who is also on Biggest Loser 8! Follow along on Daniel Wright‘s journey this season.

Keep up with Daniel’s journey on Biggest Loser: Couples all season long. Daniel joins partner and best friend David during the show’s seventh season.

Eliminated Week 4 – Hear the Interview

Daniel Wright at the Biggest Loser 7 Finale

Age 19

Hometown Willow Spring, NC

Occupation Student

Teammate David Lee, best friend

Team Color Orange

Trainer Jillian Michaels

Starting Weight 454

Final Weight 312

Total Loss -142

daniel wright biggest loserFactoids

  • Heaviest player in the show’s history
  • Off all diabetes medicine


  • “I’m probably going to have the biggest weight loss you’ve ever seen on Biggest Loser.” – Week 1
  • “We’re a bunch of very big fat kids at a very big gym class.” – Week 1
  • “Jillian decided it was my turn to die this week.” – Week 4


Other Spellings Danny, Dan, Daneil, Right, Write, Wrihgt, Rite

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39 Responses to Biggest Loser 7: Daniel Wright

This guy was the biggest to ever weigh in on the Biggest Loser, something like 450 pounds. And he is only 19! I will be rooting for him. I hope he loses 250 pounds!

Jeff says:

Go Daniel. Love ya man.

Chef Deb says:

I am rooting for the the orange team! Dan and David, I don’t know why but….I love the attitude, love the friendship, and it’s about time you both live your life. ..30 pounds is phenomenal, and I literally cried for you, I was so proud.

As a chef who works with people who struggle with weight and food issues, I hope you learn how to shop and cook healthy meals during this whole adventure.

Bravo Dan!

Scottsmom says:

I will be watching and rooting for you Daniel.
I am the mom of a 19 and a 21 year old son so you have a place in my heart.

webgoddess says:

Dan is awesome…it sucks that he is starting out so huge, but if he can do what “rock star” Dan of season 5 did then his life will really blossom. I really want to see him and David make it far. I don’t know if they’re a couple in the romantic sense or not (it did kind of come off that way, no offense intended if they’re not) but if so that is even more awesome because there haven’t been many gay folks on TBL. (Bob doesn’t count, LOL)

Kathy says:

These boys are from my hometown and for the record they are not gay.

Lori says:

Daniel’s trainer is Jillian. I think he would be upset at this mistake.

Brandi says:

Thank you, Lori. We’ve corrected Daniel’s trainer.

noah says:

do the damn thing Daniel

Nicole says:

I tried to facebook Daniel,
I’m guessing he doesn’t have one or he’s completely undercover.
Darn it. =P
But yeah, keep up to awesome work man. (:
I want you to win.

Doug says:

Daniel watching and Rooting For you up here in Canada. You have a good Heart and you are a Good Person can see that. Be strong and make it!!!!!

Catherine says:

Go for it Daniel!!
There is nothing you can’t do!
I am rootin’ for ya every show and I can’t wait to see how much more healthy you feel and how HOT you will be when it’s all done!
Keep up the great work and way to get to the top of that mountain, penalty point or not, it is such a wonderful achievement!!

webgoddess says:

@Nicole: I was able to facebook Michelle’s hubby-to-be.

Nicole says:

That’s pretty cool,
I want to facebook Daniel. (: <3 =P

webgoddess says:

I felt bad for Dan losing this week’s challenge and getting stuck with a 1-pound disadvantage which pushed him below the yellow line. Dan was giving it his all but he is in worse shape than everyone else there and it is taking some time for his body to adjust to the new regime. Having to pick between him and Jerry must have sucked a lot. Being the heaviest player ever and being the oldest player ever have certain physical disadvantages that can’t be overcome by hard work alone but which require time and persistence to overcome. Seeing his partner David thinking that eating two hot dogs would be a “healthy” choice just goes to show just how badly educated he and David and why they need as much time as possible to start absorbing everything they’ve learned. I’m glad that Dan is here for another week…I am rooting for him. I think in another couple weeks he’ll go from being the weak link to a serious contender as the pounds start dropping off. He really NEEDS to be at the ranch and he deserves to be there based on his determination to make things happen.

Lisa says:

Daniel You are the talk of the Gym, so many people are pulling for you.We want you to achieve your goals. You have a good Heart and you can see that when you Cheer for your Team-Mates and by Stopping to Help Jerry get up when he had fallen. This is your opportunity to shine keep strong, I see a Bright future ahead for you.Pulling For you here in THE GREAT WHITE NORTH

Ashly says:

I am SO proud of you Dan! You can do anything you set your mind to! You are gorgeous now, and I can only imagine how handsome you will be once you reach your goal!


Anna says:

Im rooting for you sweetheart! I know personally what a great guy you are, and I am cheering you on from small town North Carolina! Keep your head up, You have so many people backing you!

Glennie says:

There is now a group on Facebook entitled, “We’re cheering for you Daniel Wright!” PLEASE JOIN AND ASK OTHERS ALSO!!

Many thanks to all …! May God Bless!

Melanie says:

Daniel, you are adorable! I am rooting for you! You can do this. Your attitude and drive make you a winner already.

Nicole says:

could you possibly post the link to that group, Glennie? or anyone.. i cant find it….

Donna says:

Where was Dan this week on the eating contest? or did I just miss him?

Carol says:

IDK where Dan was. It was odd. I’ll figure it out.

Rieke says:

Yea……where was he? and where was he in the gym? he was not around!

Brandi says:

According to our sources at NBC, Daniel and David had doctor’s appointments the day of the temptation and were not able to participate.

– Brandi Koskie, senior editor,

Andrea says:

I think the producers are manipulating the game. Clearly, the orange team would have won the temptation due to the over indulgences (hot dogs, fried chicken, etc) by the team member at home. Reality tv is manipulated by the show’s producers to create drama that they feel will get them their viewer ratings. I still am watching the show but it is annoying that they didn’t even address where the orange team was during the event – as if we wouldn’t notice the orange team missing???

yasy says:

heyy!!! im so proud of you, you have come so far and i just want to tell you to keep up the good work! You are such an inspiration for so many people. No matter what happen always stay strong!!!!!! love ya!

suzane says:

everyone is rooting for you
you have come so far and are the biggest inspiration
sooo proud of u
much <3

greg smart says:

as a former fat man I can say your in reach of your goal. I recently went from 320 to 190 at 37 years old. keep up the great work. your in the home stretch.

Jarod says:

Dan keep up the good work, my heart is with you, I cant wait and see you at the end of this show, I hope you take it all.

Nicole says:

Keep up to awesome work Daniel,
You’re amazing.
I’m sooooo angry that they voted you off the show.
I’m confident that you’ll get second prize though.
Plus you’re looking amazing!
Again, keep up to amazing work!!!!!

Jeff says:

You’re so cool! I hope you win the at home contest! Either you or Carla would be great to win that $100,000!

Linda says:

Do you have a facebook page? I’d love to keep up with you. I have a lot to loose too. 🙂

Stephanie Buteyn says:

no matter if you win or lose, I will always remember that you were on the biggest loser. I myself was 240 lbs. I am now down to 185 lbs. But I had reason to lose weight, I’m a pre-diabetic. Keep it up Dan! I wish you the best and I wish we could be friends.

Ashley :D says:

I love dan!

I would love to see him win the at-home prize!

He really needs it, and I think he will lose more weight than anyone on the biggest loser!

marcy says:


I am rooting for you to win the home prize. I have battled weight my entire life. I want you to have a wonderful life …you and your firend. you both deserve it. work together and you will succeed!

IloveTaraCosta says:

I’m rooting for you Daniel to win the at home prize! Take it home brotha!



Ruth R says:

Hi Daniel, Congratulations on losing 142 pounds! Wow, what an accomplishment! I know that you must feel so much better. I know that you will continue on the same path until you reach the weight that you want to be. Best of luck to you in the future!

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