Biggest Loser 7: Filipe Fa

Keep up with Filipe’s journey on Biggest Loser: Couples all season long. Filipe joins partner and cousin Sione during the show’s seventh season.

Eliminated Week 17

Interview with Filipe Fa and Sione Fa at the Biggest Loser 7 Finale.

Age 26

Hometown Mesa, AZ

Occupation Lube Technician

Teammate Sione Fa, cousin

Team Color Blue

Trainer Bob Harper

Starting Weight 364

Final Weight 229

Total Loss -135


  • Friction with Jillian in week 10 sent Filipe back to Bob
  • Reached 100 pound weight loss in Week 11


  • “I’m actually here, at the 24-hour Fitness gym, where Bob and Jillian kill people!” – Week 1
  • “Never do anything with all your heart unless your reason is big enough.” – Week 2
  • “I’d spend $4,000 on fried chicken, and $1,000 on cable so I could watch the show.” – Week 2
  • “I’ll be ‘Jean Claude Van Damn I’ll Be Fine’.” – Week 7
  • “Am I still going to beat Kristin? I could eata whole pound of chicken tenders and still beat her.” – Week 10


Other Spellings Fillippe, Fillipe, Philip, Phillipe, Faa, Fah

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23 Responses to Biggest Loser 7: Filipe Fa

Christina Getchell says:

Hello my name is Christina or known as Cee-Cee. My Dad wants to be a contestant on The Biggest Loser. But there is only one question we need to know as a family. I was wondering if he gets chosen to be on the show how will he support his family while being on the show?! I would greatly appreciate if you could answer this one question I have for you. I have been online all night trying to get this question answered and I just can not find the answer. So if you can help me, I would appreciate it very much! Thank You for your time and attention!! ~Cee-Cee~

Brandi says:

Hi Christina-

It is our understanding that as long as contestants are on the show they receive a stipend to help with finances at home. Here’s information to apply for season 8. Good luck!

Christina Getchell says:

Thank You so much for the help, Brandi!! I really appreciate it!! I will make sure he registers for Season 8!!

webgoddess says:

Hey Brandi, if you get into the finals but don’t win, do you still get some sort of consolation prize? I heard it was like $50k or something. It would seem that making it all the way should get you something because you might have won the at-home prize if you had been sent home before the finals.

Brandi says:

Hi Webgoddess – The only cash prizes are for “the” Biggest Loser amongst the finalists ($250,000) and the at-home Biggest Loser ($100,000). The contestants do receive a stipend for their time on the ranch.

Denise, Michael, Jason, Josh, Julie says:

Hey Filipe,

It’s the Vancena family, you would visit us when you served your mission. We miss you lot’s and we know you can do this! Good luck!
Dont stop trying!!


Toni Arbogast says:

Hi Filipe – the Arbogast family from Muncy PA wish you well – we are so rooting for you!!!!!

jane says:

Does anyway recall the name of the diet plan that Sione and Filpie are on while on the Biggest Loser. I recall them sitting at a computer with Bob but now I cant remember the name of the website.

Any help appreciated




Mrs. Drama says:

Quit being a drama queen. Your little hissy fit tonight was that of a 4 year old.

Elder Burke says:

i was wondering if you are LDS

Linda says:

You should be ashamed of yourself! Didn’t your Dad teach you how to treat a woman, because you’re sadly lacking in that department. They should kick you off for the way you talked to Jillian! You act like a child and with your horrible attitude you will never keep weight off.

Heather K says:

I think he had a point. Yes, he threw a hissy fit, but Jillian did ignore him. She said it herself if she likes you she likes you and if she hates you she hates you. She can’t fake it. Apparently, she doesn’t like Filipe. I don’t think that this should have kept Jillian from giving him a work out. She is a professional. She is the one who is acting like a child by not helping someone who came on the show better themselves. Filipe gave her a chance after the split from Bob and Jillian proved that she plays favorites. She didn’t even try to talk to Sione or Filipe about the issue she just put it all on Bob for not sending them back to work it out. If anyone recalls season 4 she didn’t send Amy back to Kym to talk it out she just gave her a black shirt and trained her.

Rosie says:

Please show more respect for women! Shame on you Filipe!!

Go Filipe says:

Linda you need to hold your tongue as much as you think Filipe should have. Telling someone they will never keep weight off is a horrible thing to say. Filipe could have discussed it in a more private and calm manner perhaps but we all have moments. I think Jillian definitely was playing favorites to Tara and that isn’t fair.

Dima says:

I can’t stand Jillian. Don’t like her “too-cool” attitude, like she’s such a bad . Too drama. Hated how he was so upset and whiny when they couldn’t use the gym, saying “I hate working outside. Waaa.” That’s a crappy message to send to people – that working out outside, IN NATURE sucks. Bob was so creative and his team had so much fun AND showed that you can work out anywhere, no matter what resources you have. Is jillian a failed actress-wanna-be? Her “acting” on the show is so over-done, like a lead in a high-school play. Hate her perma-scowl face and flared nostril look.


Silly People says:

Jillian is out there helping people. She’s helping me through her work out video’s, her podcast, her books. She’s not fake! If Filipe didn’t get a long – it would of been better not to blow up! Its rude! and the producers only show you the drama, and not Jillian trying to ask them to talk. I think its silly – we all make mistakes – and yeah I think a trainer does help – but in there case they are working professionals that know how to get results….

Aunty Sia says:

good on filipe for sticking to his guns and voicing his opinions! if jillian behaved like a lady, maybe filipe would’ve treated her like one. i can’t stand jillian!!! bob might baby his team, but it’s HIS team that’s losing more weight and winning more challenges! (with the exception of tara, who just rocks!) i love filipe and sione!!! keep at it, fellas!

Tina says:

I have the biggest beyond biggest crush on filipe.. that is my babe!! its cute because my mom thinks sione is fine, and im in love with filipe. Love watching my tongans boys on the BL. Sad, sione went home last night.. but he’s accomplished soo much. Now filipe, better make it far .. im rooting for him all the way baby!!!!

April says:

Filipe, I love watching the show every week because you are so hot. Your wife is very lucky to have you & I loved seeing you with her. You guys are a great couple and I hope you make it to the final four. I don’t know if I will enjoy the show as much if you get voted off. Keep up the hardwork!!

Omnicron Solaris says:

I saw you on the “Biggest Looser” as right away I thought.. “this guy is so cool, I like his fire”
Keep it up.
You can do it.
See you self thin and fit for life and believe in that vision.
You can.
You will.
You already have.
You are my inspiriation to get up in the morning and work out.
Thank you Sir.

Rachel says:

I was disappointed to see Filipe eliminated last night. He worked really hard. He had his less-than-stellar moments but he deserved to be part of the final four much more than Ron. Ron’s pretty Machiavellian and sadly that is being rewarded this season. It’s good to see that Filipe is inspiring his community to change and working with the children so they learn a new way of living their lives.

Ruth R says:

Hi Felipe, you looked so fit yesterday at the finale. I know you are proud of what you have accomplished. I think it is great that you Sione are helping others in your family and community. Keep up the outstanding work!

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