Biggest Loser 7: Helen Phillips

Keep up with Helen’s journey on Biggest Loser: Couples all season long. Helen joins partner and daughter Shanon on the show’s seventh season.

Helen is the Season 7 BIGGEST LOSER WINNER!!!

Age 47

Hometown Sterling Heights, MI

Occupation Retired Retail Manager

Teammate Shanon Thomas, daughter

Team Color Pink

Trainer Bob Harper

Starting Weight 257

Final Weight 117

Total Loss -140


  • Week 1 β€” Biological age 48; “RealAge” 60
  • Week 17 β€” Biological age 48; “RealAge” 50
  • Reached 100 pound milestone in week 17
  • Completed a marathon in week 18 in 5:49:10
  • Competing as a finalist


  • “This is our Monday.” – Week 1
  • “I don’t ever want to go back to the way I used to live.” – Week 4
  • “If I fall down are you going to pick me up?” asked Ron, to which Helen replied “Yeah, I’m strong now!” – Week 7


Other Spellings Hellen, Helin, Ellen, Helan, Philips, Philps, Phelps, Phillip


162 Responses to Biggest Loser 7: Helen Phillips

Rosie says:

Helen is truly my favorite contestant this season. She has spunk and the courage to face her deamons that will take her a long way in life and with her weight loss goals. Go Helen, we need an “Older Woman” to win this one this season!

Pam says:

I must say Helen is my favorite also. We need someone like her to show all of America’s older women that age is not a barrier. I LOVE HER! she is strong!!! GO Helen were all behind you.

Sabrina says:

I don’t think I really like her…she seems selfish to me. Why not go and let your daughter stay? I think any other giving parent in that situation would want their child to stay…she is probably a very selfish parent too. I would hate for her to be my mother.

Scott says:

Helen ate a cookie to penalize another player, and cost her $10,000. What a cow.

Amelie Holbrook says:

100% agree. Plus she now resembles an emaciated scarecrow. She is disgusting, the worst Biggest Loser on record. Unlike winners like Season Six’s Michelle, Helen Phillips exhibited terrible morality and bad behavior every step of the way. She’s an awful human being, period.

Tammy says:

I don’t like Helen at all. She should have gone home instead of her daughter. And the fact that she ate that cookie to penalize Tara even though she had no chance of winning, just burns my butt!!

patti says:

Without a concern for her daughter who spent little time at the ranch, Helen chose to send her daughter home. Wow, NO Mom of the year reward there. Shannon only agreed because her Mom wanted to stay. Shannon needs a new family. Helen eats a cookie to penalize any one she can.
Every time she smiles I think of poor Shannon who never got a chance because of her greedy mother.

molly says:

I think Helen is a very down to earth careing person. I dont believe she has shown signs of being greedy at all, I’ve watched the show and see she cares for everyone not only herself. As for some of the sisters I see on the show now there lies nothing but trouble. And as for the cookie eating it’s a game I think they all should have eaten the cookies, anyway if Sione wouldnt have gotten that cramp he would have won anyway! I Like Helen she’s real.

Tracy says:

I agree with everyone about Helen. If it were my child there is no way I would make them feel bad so they would let me stay. Her daughter has not even lost very much weight. Remember the episode where they all went home for a week? Helen should be ashamed of herself! I cant wait until she goes home.

Kim says:

I think Helen is a terrible mother and person. Its all about her. Her poor daughter, she needed to stay more than her mother. What real mother does that??? I would have insisted that my daughter stay and have a once in a lifetime opportunity no matter how much I wanted to stay. BOO Helen

Kate says:

I thought it was one of the most selfish act of the season that she let her daughter go home in her stead. NO other parent/child team has done that. It’s very typical of a child of an alcoholic parent to feel the need to care for their parent. It is so disappointing. Her daughter should be out there dating and having the time of her life, but Helen stole that from her. It was truly an abhorrent act to let her child leave.

Neshika says:

I completely agree with everyone who thinks Helen is incredibly selfish. Not only is her daughter way heavier than her, Shannon has never known what its like to be thin. Helen has. Helen already had the benefit of a substantial amount of time on the ranch, and she robbed her daughter of the opportunity to have the same benefit. She didn’t even have a viable reason for her decision. A mother stole from her daughter the opportunity to increase her self-esteem, drastically improve her health and her life. Particularly when Helen had already lost a good amount of weight, and could have continued those habits at home, when her daughter had yet to even have an opportunity to establish them. I agree with Kim, BOO Helen…BOO!

Jamie says:

Extremely selfish and self-centered. I cannot believe how you screwed Tara and YOUR OWN DAUGHTER over!!! πŸ™ πŸ™ I hope you read these blogs and develop insight. Karma is a .

Sandy says:

I agree with all the comments about Helen being very, very selfish. I can’t stand that woman!!!

Lee says:

I’m kind of tired of seeing everyone say how selfish Helen is… You know what, the woman has done it week in and week out and quite frankly, if she had sacrificed herself for Shannon, I think it would have been for naught. In the few weeks we saw Shannon, she did not have the same drive her mom did and if she had stayed, there’s no way she would’ve made it as far as her mom has. Helen can still help her daughter when she gets home.

Rebecca says:

I couldn’t agree more … this woman is the definition of selfish. The daughter is younger and had never been thin. My husband and I talk about this every time we see the show…it truly sickens us to watch her. Karma baby, Karma. I hope it bites you in your still big .

Duke says:

@ Lee

You don’t really know if it would have been for “naught” or not because selfish Helen never gave her the chance. Shanon had to go home the first time and let her mom stay and then she went home for good the second time. Just like we saw Laura step it up before she got booted Shanon could have done the same thing but we’ll never know. Her selfish mom never gave her a chance. I cannot wait for her to be sent home. She doesn’t deserve to be there. What good mother would ask for them to vote their daughter home?

Stephanie says:

Am I alone in hating Helen? I have never seen such a self-centered, self-absorbed person in my life!! She sent her DAUGHTER home!!! As a mother I can say, without a doubt, my daughter’s health and happiness would definitely come first. Did you see her tonight making her snide comments to Tara? Honestly, every time I see her I am filled with fury over the kind of human being she is.

Anonymous says:

Helen is a very manipulative, greedy person. She not only set a bad example for her daughter, which resulted in her becoming overweight, but she also selfishly made her go home so she could stay on the show, not giving her a chance to lose weight. Now she continues to try to make deals with the players on the show so she can stay in the game. She ate a cookie to penalize Tara and costed her $10,000 and then she continues to manipulate her into thinking shes there for her. She once said “Tara, you and Laura are like daughters to me.” Imagine if you were Helen’s daughter, how would you feel if your mom was saying that to someone while she ruined your life and not only put you into a bad position in the first place, but also threw away your chances of winning early in the show. I honestly am totally on to her and I think she is bad news. BOO Helen!!!!! I am totally for Tara and Mikie!!!!!!<3

olderviewer says:

It’s nice to log on here and realize I’m not the only one thinking Helen is a self centered, selfish, horrible mother. Reading (almost) all of the comments above really makes me believe America is fine and always will be, because there are more people with good old common sense then our news programs show us. I love Kristen and Tara and I hope they make it until the end. They both deserve it, Mike too!

griffapottomus says:

I have heard that Ron is like the Godfather. Well what has Helen got on these people? They seem to be afraid of her. She should of been gone a long time ago. She wants the spotlight, she only has a few more pounds to lose. Kristin wants to have a baby help other people. Kristin needed this more. As for Mike he has always been able to stand up do the right thing. Last night he rolled over and showed up another side. I am very disappointed in him. Allowing Helen to continue after she sacraficed her own daughter, who has never had a boyfriend or who has never had a child or the life she dreams of? Totally unacceptable. Shame on you Mike and a thanks to Helen for showing us how not to be a mom.

Kate says:

Helen is the worst contestant ever. They didn’t even show poor Shannon when they all went home…probably because she can’t lose the weight! She needed to be there. I hope Helen loses. She is selfish and self-centered. What a terrible mother.

carol says:

I hope Helen looks at the tapes and sees the real person she is. She sent her daughter home (selfish) and she makes me feel not well.

Tina says:

I would have to agree with Kate. Helen does not deserve to be there. She threw her own daughter under the bus for her own greed. Now that she stabbed Filipe is the back I hope to hear those words “Helen I’m sorry to say but you are NOT the biggest loser”

Kelli says:

I can hardly stomach watching Helen on the show- thank goodness for DVR and fast-forwarding. She threw her daughter under the bus and it’s painful to watch her gloat in her power and success on the show. What mother would put themselves in front of their child for an opportunity like this?? Regardless of who might “do better at home”, you always put your child first. Always.

Michelle says:

Everytime Helen opens her mouth to toot her own horn, all I can think about is her poor daughter who really needed to be there, and whom Helen was paramount in sending home. shame on you, Helen. What kind of mother puts their own selfish needs before that of their child?

FreeStyle says:

I think Helen is both manipulative and phony. Sacrifying her daughter, Shannon, was beyond unforgiveable and totally selfish, but she’ll tell Laura and Tara that she loves them like their her daughters. She plays the victim when it’s to her advantage. I’ll lay 100:1 that she’ll regain all of the weight unless people tell her every day how wonderful and gorgeous she is.

Lynn says:

I hate Helen. I’m watching the episode as we speak, and she has lost 103 pounds and she is slim, and her daughter is just as fat as she was when she left the ranch. Who would do that to their own child? Ugh, it makes me so mad.

Nick says:

Helen sucks…I have been fuming since Shannon went home. Helen should have went home. Shannon is bigger that when she started the show. Sorry Helen. I hope you lose.

Anonymous says:

Helen stinks! I wrote here before under Anonymous and I tell you, I can not stand her and to the other people who agree with me, thank you for being smart enough to see past her phony ways.

jbb says:

I am so glad I found ths sight I have been thinking the same exact thoughts about Helen. I’m so tired of listening to her about how wonderful she is and how much she needs this what about her daughter. I hope someone will help Shannon reach her goal. although I didn’t like what Mike and Ron did to Tara I think it’s wonderful how concerned they are for they are for the other son, I love the trainers for helping him.

Realist says:

I hope Helen goes all the way and wins! She earned it and she “played the game well”. I don’t believe that Shannon was mature enough to meet the challenge of the game. Hopefully, she will be inspired by her mom. I can’t believe the mean spirited comments some have made. This show should encourage positivity not negativity.

Can't Stand Helen says:

I can’t stand Helen. She makes me sick. I can’t believe she sent her daughter home. It doesn’t even seem to phase her that her daughter is still the same weight. She should feel terrible about taking that away from her daughter. Instead she is so full of herself. I think she looks terrible…yeah she lost weight but she still looks like crap and she has demonstrated to all the viewers how little she cares about her daughter. Can’t stand her. She won’t win!

Can't Stand Helen says:

Yuk! I hate her!!!!!

Can't Stand Helen says:

She is a selfish you know what! Hate her!

JohnnyJenkem says:

2 weeks ago Helen said she had no loyalties to Ron or Filipe because they both had voted to send her home. Yeah, they did both vote to send her home but they were voting to keep her daughter on. So not only does this woman have her daughter beg the players to send her home she holds a grudge against those who thought the daughter should stay.

I do not know how Tara can be friends with this woman after she cost her $10K.

Helen is not as bad as last season’s Heba and Vicky, but she’s close

Heather says:

Helen is the most self centred “ME” person ever on that show. (although last season there were some horrible contestants) Masking it by the “oh I care about you” personna. Helen has been thin, never Shannon. This is where a mother puts her child first and gives her a chance. Helen just likes looking at herself on t.v. She is so full of herself it isn’t funny. I really don’t think she will be successful at home because the foundation doesn’t appear to be there. I can only imagine how she will strut around lording it over her daughter. What a miserable person. I hope she doesn’t win because I won’t watch again when someone of that calibre is on the show. I want people of integrity, not selfishness.

Donna says:

Helen is very selfish….. I hope she loses

Tracy says:

Enough already!! Helen, I am also 48 and have lost over 100 lbs. But, I didn’t have a trainer or anyone telling me or showing me how to do it. I still had to go buy groceries that I could’t eat, I had temptations all around me. I had to make sure my husband had something for breakfast, packed his lunch, and had his supper cooked every night. On top of that, I have daycare in my home for 10 children. I have to buy groceries and snacks for them, cook their breakfast and their lunch, have them snacks, then when the older ones get home from school, they are starving and I have to cook and make them snacks. So. quit tooting your own horn I did the sme thing you did in a much harder surroundings. And I did not and do not have any support system. You had everything handed to you to get you on track, I had coomon sense and a will to do it all by myself. Go help your daughter and shut up!


Good grief. Aren’t you all so quick to judge. Did you ever think Helen let her daughter go home so she could stay to learn how to take better care of herself and her family. She can pass on everything she learns and help the rest of her family. I think she’s a very brave 47/48 year old woman that I admire for her guts and grit. I wish I had half the strength and courage she has. GO HELEN!

JohnnyJenkem says:

Dear Leave Helen Alone
Quick to judge? Why because she dumped on her daughter and sent her home? Which time the 1st time or the 2nd time she sent her away? Helen had already been on campus 4 weeks longer than Shannon so it was Helen’s turn to go home.

You say Helen has guts. If she had guts she would have let her daughter stay in her stead. There is nothing “very brave” about not wanting to go home and losing the weight on her own like she asked Shannon to do. Shannon was the brave one asking to be sent home so her mom could stay.

MichiganTeacher says:

It made me sick the FIRST time she let Shannon go home. The second time infuriated me. I have a daughter and there would have been NO discussion about who was going home, just an I love you and a quick wave from over my shoulder as I was boarding the bus. Go Mike!

Jen in Ohio says:

I agree with everyone…Helen is so fake and selfish….anyone who likes her must not have kids…..I would sacrifice any and all to see my kids healthy and happy

Bulldog says:

Well i assume shanon wanted to go home to tend to her Massage business! i guess thats what you would call it . Keeping things on the lowdown seems to be the way shanon wants it to be.

Rita W says:

I am so glad 99% of everyone else has the same opinion of Helen as I do. Never ever, would I put my selfish desires ahead of my children’s best interest. Shannon is a beautiful gal and she definitely should have stayed and benefitted from this wonderful opportunity. Helen is full of herself and did her daughter a disservice by allowing her to leave. It is “too much” about Helen. Sorry, Helen, I give you credit for losing weight but you did your daughter wrong!

Spoley says:

I personally think they both are phony. Ill bet they dont now and never did have a real tight relantionship. They both can turn on a cry in the blink of an eye.

patti says:

Wow, I hope Shannon (Helens daughter) reads these blogs and knows that we do support her. Helen also was the ONLY one to eat the cookie at home and give the 5 min. to Tara causing her to lose that relay race. Why is Helen still on campus? I am so sick of her.

LIsa says:

Aside from the cookie thing, and the sending off of her daughter (both of which show her true colors) this woman is just intolerable. I feel a little ill everytime she’s on. Granted, Biggest Loser is a bit of an emotional sap-fest, but she is so over the top, and so completely self-absorbed. She comes off as phony, shallow, self-centered and pathetic. Everything is me me me me me with her… And hearing her give herself those embarrassing pep talks when interviewd… UGGG… BL should choose better human beings than this. She never should have been cast.

Maria says:

Helen is very selflish and I can’t stand to hear her talk! My son and I watch the biggest loser (this is the 1st season we’ve watched) and I am so shocked on what a horrible person Helen is!! I would put my son’s needs before mine! I thought any parent would! My son is only 10yrs old and even he said “wow, I’m surprised she didn’t let Shannon stay, that’s very mean of her”… those words came from a 10yr old…..even a 10yr old sees what a selfish act that was!!!!

jon says:

boo helen go to hell

bulldog says:

Well i dont think any of us on here really know either of them to pass judgement. My guess is when they auditioned maybe mom wanted to go through with it more than daughter did ? From what i have seen of her it seems shanon has done quite well on her own. All im saying is none of us really know what the circumstances were and only the two of them do. seems like it has worked out good for both of them. Peace all!!

patti says:

to bulldog, “worked out good for both of them,”
how do we know it has worked out for Shanon?
Most of us object to Helens disregard 2x’s for her daughter by sending her home. As parents we DO NOT understand.
Most parents of a overweight child feel some guilt and would do all we could to help that child. Most of us do not “see” that type of love for Shanon from Helen. Simple. Simple as that. Peace to you.

Rainne says:

I thought Vicki and Heba were bad last year but I literally have to change the channel every time Helen comes on. And after watching her poor daughter do badly tonight at the weigh in, just really justifies all the negative comments parents have posted here about Helen.

She’s a disgrace as a parent. I have a daughter and if she and I were both overweight I’d of course let her stay on the ranch. This was an amazing opportunity that Helen grabbed selfishly for herself. Her poor daughter just did what her mom wanted her to do… its so sad really. I hope Shannon realizes that her mother is a taker and she needs to demand that her mother live up to her responsiblities as a parent and stop thinking only of herself.

When you make the choice to have a child you give up your “me” attitude.. its them now… I wish no ill will for Helen only that she doesn’t win for one and that she see’s that what she did was sooo wrong and hopefully makes it up to her daughter.

janasly says:

She looks like a sea hag….yes she lost weight, but at the expense of others with her “behind the scene’s” remarks, adding weight to Tara on a challenge, talking smack and the worst….sending her daughter back when her daughter looks like she needs more help….still….

Natasha says:

I am here watching the finale and I can’t stand that Helen. She sent her daughter home and when she got out she didn’t even acknowledge her daughter. She is a selfish cow and I don’t care how much weight she has lost and how many trainers she worked with at home. It was clear in her conversation during the season that she did not display motherly love for her daughter, Shanon especially compared to the other parent/child couples at the ranch (Kathy and Kristin; Ron and Mike). Those two parents clearly put their children first. Helen was all about Helen. She makes me sick. All the weight lost in the world won’t make her a good person.

Sabrina says:

Ugh!! I cannot believe she WON! Gosh, there is no justice in the world. I hope she reads this, and even though it’s incredible to lose that much weight, I hope a little piece of her dies knowing that could have secured a better life for her child, which is SUPPOSED to be the PURPOSE of her existence. Again, I say congratulations but UGH.

Kris says:

I can’t stand Helen. I am so tired of hearing “wow! she’s 48 years old!!!!” Like she’s some kind of amazing freak of nature or something. She comes across as vindictive, selfish and seemingly instantly emotional. I’m disappointed she won. And 117 pounds at 5’6″ is unhealthy. Tara was the true winner.

Anna says:

I hope that Helene…You LOSE! You are a SELFISH mother. How sad that you let your overweight daughter leave the ranch instead of yourself. You are married and have lived a life & basically you stole one away from your daughter. I hope you watch the show over and over & see how your selfish act. Now, she will have to think of that through the rest of her life. You are SICK, SELFISH & YOUR STORY IS SAD! I hope you give your daughter every PENNY of the money you won……………because she is deserves it, not YOU!!

timothy says:

congrats to helen, yes she’s self centered and she sent her daughter home, but as jerry proved you CAN do it at home. shannon simply doesn’t have the determination and drive helen does. perhaps she just knew her daughter wasn’t capable of doing it and decided to put herself first. either way it does NOT take away from what she accomplished she looks fantastic. though i wanted tara to win, i’m happy as long as ron and mike didn’t get bumpkis. they’re terrible back stabbing creeps!

kay says:

GAG! BOO! HISS! I can’t stand Helen! Such a low class, selfish witch. Though she lost the most weight, which gave her the win, she looked horrid-wasted. She appeared to have starved those last days. Her body looked better in the previous show, but of course, she knew she had to drop a lot to beat Tara or Mike. What do you bet that Shannon doesn’t see a dime of the winnings? “Oh honey, I know I told you I’d share with you, but you know….I worked hard for this. C’mon, I’ll buy you a cheeseburger.” Helen, you took home the gold, here’s praying you will one day realize that the most precious gold should be in the heart of a person. Your daughter has it. You do not. A good mom puts her child FIRST. Regardless. Your motivation was greed and all saw it. GAG! BOO! HISS!

Kristin says:

I’m so disappointed that Helen won! As a mom, I would never, ever, ever put my own happiness before my child. Helen got to date, get married, have kids. Why on earth wouldn’t she want to do everything in her power to give that to her daughter. I would have been happy if ANY other contestant had won. Her selfishness was such a turn off, I can’t be happy for her. For God’s sake, she was retired. She was in a great position to do this at home. Her daughter is still working and has never been thin in her life. What was that woman thinking! She needed more of an inner transformation than an outer one. I hope she gives the money to her daughter.

Anonymous says:

I sooo agree! What kind of mother sends her daughter home not just once but TWICE!!! I cannot believe she won!! I would have been thrilled if either Mike or Tara won. Helen better share her money with her daughter!!

Lora says:

So depressed Helen won!!!! πŸ™

blviewer says:

Helen grosses me out! Seriously if the only criteria is biggest loser, then an anorexic person would win. She looked horrible and unhealthy compared to Tara who was glowing and radiant! She must have cheated and it looks like she has no muscle at all! doesn’t that count for something? It takes a lot for me to hate someone. I don’t just root against people. But man, Helen’s a ! Booo, booo. No congratulations Helen and your daughter does roller derby because she has so much rage for her mean mom that it is a good release.

boo says:

helen went anorexic

Cindy says:

I am so disgusted that Helen won. She is the most selfish Mother I have ever seen. She didn’t deserve to win. I pray that Helen will see this and the other comments and ask Shanon to forgive her for being so selfish. Yes you accomplished something great but you also took a great opportunity away from your daughter. Instead of you being on the stage it should have been your daughter.

overweightboy18 says:

disgusting..horrible mother..shame on u

bulldog says:

Too patti perhaps you can use some of that energy you have in a more positive way. Ill say again ,none of us know what the circumstances were . Ill say again it is now obvious that things worked out for both of them.Mom won and shanon lost what 92 pounds? People like you patti so quick to judge others and that usually means your doing things in life that makes you feel guilty about yourself! It is what it is! Have a nice day!!

blviewer says:

oh, and stop writing comments for yourself Helen. Nobody in their right mind would cheer for you “realist” and “leave Helen alone.”

Jeff says:

Congratulations Helen! I don’t think you were selfish at all. Your daughter realized that you were headed in the direction of death because you were smoking and gave up her place on the show so you could stay. Shannon even said that was the reason she did it. Honestly, if I were on the show with my parent, I would do the same because I would have my whole life to get healthy whereas my parent would have much less time.
Great job Helen! Pink Team has won every Biggest Loser Couples so far. Great job!

JohnnyJenkem says:

Congrats…..I guess. Awesome job losing the weight, now go help Shanon

lisa says:

i am heart-broken that tara didn’t win! i cannot believe that helen didn’t even hardly mention her daughter after shannon left the show. glad my mom was not selfish. i hope she will go back to inspire shannon to be as good as tara! she is truly a role model. wonder why they didn’t show her face when helen won..?

bulldog says:

Oh and Patti for the record im a PARENT also.

Annie says:

Wow after losing all that weight Helen looks about as good on the outside as she does on the inside.

kim says:

Helen won but I think she looks so old. I seriously think she looked better at the last weigh in. She has deep wrinkles in her face and a huge nose.
It does seem like she should have sacrificed and let her daughter stay in the game, but I think that she had a plan and was very serious about winning.
Helen is too OLD to weigh 117 pounds, she looks awful. Hopefully she will find a better weight.

Mamamea says:

Was turned off with Helen when Shannon went home and we didn’t like her since. All other “good” parents put their kids first, (get a clue, Helen). Tara or Mike should have won.. and we love the show.

Nara Alivia says:

Wow, Helen is a very pretty Lady with that beautiful smile that she has. Helen has been my favorite in Biggest Loser show from the begining. I am very proud of her, she lost the most weight from the other ones there on the Biggest Loser. She worked the hardest and she deserved to win. I picked up a little Crush on Helen. She is the pretty Lady with the most beautiful smile on the Biggest Loser Show. Helen you looked very pretty when you where a little bit fat, but not very fat, now you look very slim, but if you want you could gain a little more weight now that the Biggest Loser show is all over with for you and you are no longer in it anymore. I love you even though you are too slim now. You being slim is what made you win. My 12 year old niece was dissapointed, she wanted her Tara to win and i wanted my Helen Phillips to win and you won. Your family must be very proud of you. I send you love, hugs and kisses from this Angel girl that loves you very much. Nara from Escondido, Ca USA

Jeannie says:


Tami says:

Congratulations Helen! I am so proud of you. Some people may say that you were selfish for sending your daughter home, but you know the truth. You love your daughter and you let her decide who would stay and who would go. I would have done the same for my mom, too. If people think you are selfish, they clearly don’t understand that the first step to becoming healthy is by taking care of YOU. Now you can help the rest of your family lose the weight they need to take off. Keep up the good work Helen!

Anonymous says:

I cant believe Helen won… they should of voted her off when they had the chance!

Orvette says:

I am sickened that Helen clawed her way to a win by doing whatever she did to drop 20% of her already low body weight between the last weighin and the finale. She looked gaunt and horrible, and when she left the rach she looked terrific – I even commented that she was looking young with every show — not at the finale. Tara and Mike glowed with health. If Helen fried her metabolism with pills or herbs, I just hope she gets busted for it, one way or another. What a narcissist.

Ruth R says:

I want to congratulate you on a job well done! A lot of people have criticized you for being self-centered. I realize that you had to concentrate on yourself in order to lose the weight that you did. I am so proud of you and wish you the best for the future!

Erica B says:

Hate that Helen won. She completely threw her daughter under the bus. I kept hoping she would get voted off. My husband and I made a game out of counting the number of times Helen said “I” or “me” when she was on. (It was a lot!) What a selfish person, and her win just doesn’t seem justified. I bet she will spend the money all on herself, because after all, according to her, she did all the work, all by herself, and deserves it. Gotta feel bad for Shannon.

Helen’s BMI is at risk of underweight at 18.9. BMI <18.5 is underweight so I don’t think she is healthy where she ended up. Mike and Tara had much healthier BMIs.

joyce says:

Sheesh! Looks like Helen is already spending some of her winnings by paying people for posting favorable reviews! (ha ha!) No one in their right mind could possibly believe Helen was only taking care of herself after years of taking care of others! YEAH, RIGHT!
As far as Helen saying that people didn’t see what was edited, we didn’t have to Helen! The one show where your daughter was crying and said, “I’m giving my mother what she wants,” said it all!!! Shannon was very sad, even grieving, but she stepped away because YOU wanted to stay. You were selfish, admit it. It wasn’t about your
“health”, it was all about GREED. You won the money, but you sure showed your true character. Integrity is much more valuable than dollar bills.
Helen also lost muscle tone and looks anorexic. Now that the money is in hand, I expect we will all see Helen start putting on weight, unless she has now joined the ranks of bulimics to control her weight. I agree with the others: Tara was radiant! Tara will GO SO FAR in life because she is such an inspiration! Mike has the world at his fingertips and I am very happy for him, though I was disappointed in him and his dad when they voted off Kristen. (Yes, THEY voted her off!) And Kristen looked awesome! Loved the new hair. Okay, I will hush now…

Allison says:

Helen, if you are reading this, have a sandwich. You def need one.

Her winning the show really has turned me off the Biggest Loser.

The best part of the show was how NO ONE cheered for Helen when she came out on stage when the entire audience chanted Mike & Tara’s names. Those two are the true winners; Helen can live with her anorexia and daily reminder how she screwed her daughter over.

jon says:

booo! I can’t believe Helen won! I am so disappointed!!! She looks like skeletor mixed in with Mr. Burns (from the simpsons) πŸ™‚ Skeletor better give that money she won to Shannon!!!

Anonymous says:

I think the Biggest Loser needs to change their criteria for the “winner”…it should not be about pounds lost, but rather, percent of body fat or something along those lines. And, the contestants should be better monitored at home to ensure that they are maintaining their healthy lifestyles learned on the ranch through a reasonable diet and exercise regimen. I agree with the posts that say that Helen looked unhealthy—I completely agree. 117 is VERY low for someone who is 5’6”. I thought Tara and Mike both looked amazing, healthy, and happy. This was a great season, but I am disappointed in the final message that was sent to America—anorexia and exercise bullemia will make you the biggest loser.

Alex says:

I totally agree with Allison, Helen needs to not only eat a sandwich…. but needs to eat an extra large cheese pizza and much much much more!! And I also agree with jon, she does look like skeletor!!! lol

Anna says:

If that is what America thinks is beautiful, please think again!!!! She looks like she belongs in a hospital and has a grave illness. Plus, hated her from the day she sent her daughter home. Her daughter even said, “No one really wants to go home”, but her mom still sent her packing!!! And Jerry, who lost 177 pounds. I say please put back on about 40 pounds. You went a little overboard there!!

Lynne says:

I thought Helen looked AWFUL last night!! I didn’t realize what a BIG nose she has, but it’s very obvious now. Her flappy arms looked horrible, and it looks like she should have done more upper body exercises. The problem is…Helen “thinks” she looks good…LOL. She’s so full of herself. She’s the WORST Biggest Loser ever!!!

mary says:

hate that Helen won…………poor Shannon!!! I hope Shannon gets the money because it was earned at her expense!

fridalola says:

Has anyone thought about how Shannon was feeling when the decisions were placed to send one of the teammates home???? As a daughter of a mom who is very overweight and whom I love very much (most children do, people)…I would ABSOLUTELY force my mom to stay and have the opportunity to have her around longer…as a younger woman, Shannon had the ability to do this easier at home, truly. The human body ages dramatically with all the excess stress on the heart and joints. SHE wanted her mom to stay and that was a personal two sided decision. So all you haters need to realize that little fact. And God bless Helen, do you know how much pain she went thru to get to her (definitely agree with the “way too thin”) goal…Hopefully she will put some back on, cause Helen, you got yourself a lollipop head going and that is not very attractive….but 48 years old, folks!!!! Tara was a complete self-indulgent, immature drama queen. Glad she got knocked to second place. Will teach her what it feels like when she battles the urge for a donut and not the desperate need to beat the boys!

Monica says:

Jerry and Helen looked like they have been starving themselves. I know the doctor said that Jerry is healthier now, but he looks bad, and a lot older than 64. He might look better if he didn’t stand there with his mouth hanging open all the time (but I doubt it).

Helen can say that she was there for health reasons, but when she sent her daughter packing, everyone could see what a greedy, selfish person she really IS.

Tara and Mike looked amazing and I wish them the best. Helen needs to stop being so self-centered, and then maybe she wouldn’t look so ugly!

shanda says:

I was so disappointed last night when Helen one. When she came through the paper, the first audible sound from the audience was gasps! She looked awful! It was immediately evident after the way-in that there is NO WAY she could have lost that much weight without outright starvation, drug use or both! I have disliked Helen since she SACRIFICED her daughter so she could stay on the ranch. What kind of parent would do that?!! Look at the example of Ron and Kathy whose obvious concern was that their children got all the help they could get. I was absolutely DISGUSTED at the results of this years Biggest Loser. It’s too bad, Helen has shamed an inspiring an uplifting program. Tara, Mike, Kristen and the others are wonderful examples of people who have put in the time and dedication to change their lives the healthy way, they are the real winners! I hope Helen is exposed and the prize is given to those who really deserve it!

MeMa says:

I thought Helen looked bad and old – but what really got me was how she was “so full of herself”. She really thinks she is something, doesn’t she?

Cheri says:

OMG!!! Leave Helen alone about Shannon going home!!! Shannon was the one who said in the beginning that she wouldn’t stay there without her mom, so let the cry baby go home. I am proud of Helen for winning, although I agree that she looked a little anorexic, but at that point, she was playing for $250,000.00 and can regain about 20 pounds and be healthy. Also, did anyone forget that these people used to be fat so their skin was stretched to the limits….so when they loose the weight that their skin doesn’t shrink at the same rate? Too bad for Mike and Ron, if they wouldn’t have stabbed Kristen in the back and been so selfish, Mike would have one. Helen was the one sitting next to Kristen on the day of elimination…I am glad Helen won, Tara was the favored one, but I was tired of her winning every challenge and got tired of hearing her boast about it. CONGRATULATIONS HELEN!!!

Linda says:

I too am so disgusted with Helen winning. The more I thought about it last night the more irritated I got – her allowing her daughter to go home 2 times during the season really sticks in my craw! On top of it – Helen looked like she had takenher weight loss way too far – she did not look healthy at all! She did work very hard but unfortunately I think her daughter went home to please Mom cuz Helen did not leave her much of a choice.

Cheri says:

@ fridalola

Actually Tara was in third place. I did the math to figure out what percent Tara lost since it was never said on TV. She lost 155 lbs., which was about 52.72% of body weight lost and Mike lost 207 lbs., which was 53.35% of body weight lost and then Helen lost 140 lbs for a 54.47 % loss. Like I said before, if Helen would have been eliminated, and the end result for Kristen would have been the same, her weight loss was 167 lbs for a 46.39% loss and Mike would have won.

Kristen says:

just disappointed in the finale.. While Helen did an excellent job on the show and at home… She stepped over her daughter to get that prize. It make me sad for Shannon. Helen gave her daughter the gift of obesity and whether anyone says it or not… I bet Shannon resents her mom for all of this! Just wish it went differently

Rob says:

I’m on the anti-Helen bandwagon. Not only did she send her daughter home, but it seemed like she got over it pretty quickly too. After that episode, does anyone remember Helen once mentioning her daughter AT ALL!? I forgot she had one. Now, as expected, Shannon is still overweight and selfish Helen is basking in the spotlight.


Cardamon2009 says:

Go Helen!!!! I’m so glad you won, you are inspiration to everyone!

Cardamon2009 says:

Also, why the hateful comments??? She lost the most weight and she won. I agree, she’s very tiny, but she was in it to win it and she did.

spoley says:

No wonder society is so screwed up today. Helen lost the weight to win now shes too thin ,shes ugly, her nose looks too big, she needs to eat more to get bigger and numerous other insults spewing from such perfect people.Shanon loses 92 pounds and looks a hell of alot better than when she got there and seems noone is giving her credit for that. Gee people make up your mind . Helen played the game and ultimately thats what it is, a game. Money at the end of the rainbow. i was hoping for tara to win but it is what it is.

Duke says:

This was my first full season and I was really enjoying it until the Master Manipulators (Brown Team) and Queen Selfish made it to the finals. Not sure if I can take another season like that. I really wanted anybody but Helen, Mike or Ron to win. Poor Tara and Shanon. πŸ™ I will always wonder if Jillian, Bob and the host ever saw through Helen… but at least they called out Mike for his arrogance.

Anne says:

Shannon was never asked if she wanted to go home. Her Mom sent her home. I thought Helen looked way too thin too. I have not liked her since she sent her daughter home.

Kate says:

All i ever want for my children is that they are HEALTHY AND HAPPY! Their well-being comes first. She represents all the characteristics of a selfish mother. It made me sad to see that even though Shannon lost some weight, she still has a way to go to a healthy weight. I hate watching Helen celebrate her weight loss when i think of her sending Shannon home. Shannon needed to be on the ranch. For those of you that celebrate Helen, you must not have children. My children’s pain is my pain. If my child had struggled with her weight most of her life and had the opportunity of a lifetime to change that, i would do anything to support her. Obviously, Helen can’t think past her own needs! Though her win doesn’t diminish the accomplishments of the rest of the participants, it’s dissapointing to have a winner with such lack of character!

MadRosey says:

Helen, the biggest loser? Yes, in more ways than the obvious. YUCK, YUCK, YUCK.

Angel says:

I am not happy with Helen winning…I did not like her from the time she sent her daughter home THE FIRST TIME…I agree 100% with what Kate said!! You said it all sista!!

Renata says:

Congrats to Helen, but on the whole, just about everyone looked GREAT.

My absolute fave all season long was Kristin. I was heartbroken when they gave her the boot- but I knew she would come out looking great on the final show.
Kristin, don’t know if I like the hair, but I always knew there was a real knock-out behind those xxx-lge purple shirts! Way to go kid!! Your Mom too!!

Jana says:

Add me to the list of those who are repelled by Helen. Initially, she disgusted me by throwing her daughter under the bus, but as the show went on, she just became more and more repellant. My husband and I wondered if she had been dabbling in crystal meth to secure her “win” Her gaunt, haggard visage was absolutely horrifying! Her yellow and rotten teeth looked huge, as did her aging male counterpart’s (Jerry). Fairly apparent that those two went into starvation to clinch their titles. Tara and Mike, on the other hand looked fit, and lean.

Jerry and Helen, two ancient skeletons (ewwww). As selfish as Helen is, I’m sure she will use up all of the money to get plastic surgery (God, please get your enormous nose whittled down), and lose those ghastly rotten teeth.

SoCal28 says:

Totally agree about Helen! I’m extremely disappointed and disguested that she won (not to mention, completely shocked!) She’s back-stabbing, self centered, and manipulative. She was constantly stabbing Tara in the back and I cannot believe she never got sent home prior. She does look old and has a bunch of saggy skin, it’s part of the Karma. ha ha! πŸ™‚

nancy says:

I think Shannon would of went home any ways, she wasnt tring that hard.

Tennessee Girl says:

I thought Helen looked awful. She needs to take her winnings and get that saggy skin taken off her arms.

Rosie says:

Helen you are amazing, Congratulations on your amazing weigh loss. You are a role model to every overweight older woman in America!
I completely understand why you stayed and the Ranch and your daughter chose to go home.( by the way I am a mother too, commement for Kate above) There is a thread ( Live Interactive Interview with EDITOR) at the NBC BL Site which states that Shannon wanted to go home and it was edited to look like she didn’t.
Shannon you did an amazing job at home as well. Wow 92 pounds! I be you are really proud of your Mom for not only her weight loss but because she gained a now smoke free life for her lungs!

boo says:

mike is the true biggest loser. not this fake helen

ME says:

Helen looked disgusting last night, not someone I would look up to for weight loss. She looked sick, and no its not because she’s older than mike and tara, overall no woman her age and height should weigh 117. NBC should speak out against this and her trainers should be fired. It’s obvious to the human eye she wasn’t healthy and based on her personality throughout the entire show it’s easy to see she would live off of water and cigarettes for 30 days to win her money. A huge disappointment for me as this was my 1st year watching this show. Helen is a loser

unknown says:

You all are complaining about what Helen did to her daughter ok I see for parents it was an offense but.. ultimately she is the one who has to live with herself and her daughter. I am disgusted that NBC would allow that sort drug addicted waffer look to be represented at the finale of their show! NBC should drug test these finalists if they truly want a show that tells people you can lose weight healthfully and without the 6 hrs a day in the gym. Just because she was trying to win money is no reason to harm your body – Helen looked old and tired, gaunt and dehydrated, that is NOT what we should want for anyone!! Those so called “trainers” she had I hope were not affiliated with NBC, if they are I agree with ME they should be fired!! If NBC keeps pushing there show BL into the toilet with horrid editing and vindictive cut throat television then myself and the group of about 50 watchers will not further support them by watching. I know of at least 50 others who say the same thing. This was NOT good for BL or NBC everyone lost last night including us viewers.

nuts says:

Helen hired not one, not two but THREE personal trainers when she got home from the ranch. Quit her job from Macy’s so she could win this thing. That is so unrealistic if you ask me. She is very ME centered and in my humble opinion does NOT look healthy at all. What were the producers thinking? I’m not impressed.

Stephanie says:

I didn’t like the fact that Helen was so full of herself…even on the Today show this morning. It was really sad. I didn’t think she looked healthy at all. Mike and Tara looked healthy.

smiles says:

Helen is selfish! She sent her daughter home who was too intimidated and had no confidence to say she wanted to stay. Did Helen even mention her daughter at all on the ranch?! I know she mentions her husband on the show and to reporters, it’s like Shannon did not exist.

Tara is the true winner, she dominated the whole time!

Annette says:

I have to say that I am sooooooooo pleased to find fellow Helen haters. You all hate Helen for the very same reasons I do. Actually hate is too mild a term, I DETEST HER. I detest her for walking over her own daughter who was so obviously hurting and needing to stay just so she could fit into her skanky outfits. It is all about Helen and how she looks and how she feels and what she can wear now. I never heard her allude once to her daughter even so much as to say, I hope my beautiful daughter, Shannon, is doing well at home and losing weight too. When Helen went home at the end of the show, she was grandstanding in front of friends and family with Shannon off in the background still shamefully bearing her baby fat and her mom never once puts her arm around her or gives her the slightest notice.
DETESTABLE!!!! Ron actually alluded to Helen’s selfishness. He did say he thought Shannon needed to stay because she had never been thin and needed to lose more weight and that he was shocked that her own mother would not offer to sacrifice herself for her the way Ron would for his son. Helen did an awful thing to Tara and the weak and ineffective Laura kept her when she should have voted her out. Big Mistake! I knew that Helen would do anything to bring it home even if it meant starvation, anorexia, bulimia etc. so I was not surprised when she came out with her huge ugly witch nose in her much too skinny sagging mug of a face sporting what she thought was a fit physique but was actually a pitiful stretch of pallid sickly skin stretched over osteoporotic rotting bones.
Well I have to say that her daughter, even though she has a way to go still looks better than her mom does right now, LMAO, and by the way Shannon has one adorable face, is that really her mother?

Lynn says:

I kind of wanted Tara to win because she’s done so darn well the entire show, and Mike to win cause he’s cute ;)… BUT unless there’s some hard evidence that Helen did something wrong in order to win, I say GOOD JOB!! Stop tearing her down because she wasn’t YOUR choice…THAT is selfish! As for the comments about how she looked at the finale: older women = wrinkled skin. Older women who has lost a ton of weight over a short period of time = wrinkled EXCESS skin. The point of the show isn’t how people look or whether you can make the skin of a 48 yr old woman who was obese look “good”. OF COURSE Tara and Mike are going to look better…they’re young! The point is she’s not carrying around excess fat that’s going to kill her prematurely! Hopefully they’ve ALL learned a better way of life…which is worth much more than a prize or a title!

joyce says:

I agree with ME (above). Helen is NOT an inspiration to women! Not by any means! Helen’s body looked disgustingly skinny and very unhealthy. I am angry at the Biggest Loser for sending these last 4 home to do as they wish with no accountability to anyone! Helen was in it for the cash, thus she either resorted to bulimia, exercise and bulimia, water only, or?????? Whatever it was she did was obviously unhealthy, but she did it to drop all the weight she possibly could because all she could see was the cash.

This show should consider their viewers and make the contestants follow their typical routines/meals, etc. which would make it fair for ALL players at the finale. Helen was able to manipulate the program
which made it unfair to the ones who have pure motives and care about doing it the right way. Boo again to Helen. I think anyone who posts positive about Helen is actually Helen herself doing those postings! Oh, and one more thing: I think poor Helen thinks she is a celebrity now! GAG! Did anyone see her this morning on the Today show (I think it was), where she said, “Oh, the viewers don’t understand how it is in Hollywood….there was a lot of editing…of course I love my daughter…Shannon WANTED to go home…blah, blah, blah..” (Yeah, right, that’s why Shannon was bawling her head off in the one segment when her mother was saying that she was the one who needed to stay)! Anyway, the “how it is done in Hollywood” comment almost caused me to smash the TV!
PLUUUUEEEEEEZZZZZZEEEEE, Helen, give us a break!

Two weeks from now and you are HISTORY! So, go eat some cheesecake, okay?

Joy says:

Tara , you were the one I picked to win from the beginning. You are a REAL inspiration to all. I have watched Biggest Losers from the very first show. You may not have won money, but you won so much more than that. You won the respect of a lot of people, including me.That means so much more than money. You look so much better than the winner. You can and will exceed beyond measure. Good luck in the future and God bless you in all that you do. You will go far. Please stay in contact with the world and let us know how you are doing. I have lost 37 pounds, and working to lose more. I feel so much better, but I don’t look as good as you do. I am an older woman ( lot older than the winner of the money), but I don’t intend to live the rest of my life fat. I have lost 6 sizes in my clothes, but you are a real motivater and a great inspiration to me. I wish someday I could meet you in person, than I could say I have met MY HERO. Again, may I say, God bless you and keep being the inspiration that you are. Oh, yes, Ron is a wonderful person too. He was always so considerate of his son. They made a good team. Congratulations to you and to Ron!!

Jane says:

Too hilarious….most of the things I read on this site is exactly what my husband and I were saying last night. Pathetic Helen starves herself to win biggest loser. She had to have… 147 pounds, (which she was at the ranch) loses 30 pounds in that short of time? She’s such a pig bitch. She really thought she was somethin though didn’t she folks? I couldn’t believe she was that rude to Tara and Mike when Alison asked her if she had a good chance of winning….”well, by the looks of these two…yah”! Stupid cow. She looks like a man now! Seriously…dressed in drag! She looked WAY better at the ranch before they left…but, she’d never look good anyway, because she has a tendancy to open her mouth and ruin it constantly!

Lynn says:

Joyce (and all others who have made similar comments): you call into question your objectivity and the rationality of any opinion you express when you say things such as “I think anyone who posts positive about Helen is actually Helen herself doing those postings!” While I can’t speak for any of the other positive posters (unlike you, apparently), I happen to know that I am not Helen. If you want to be taken seriously, try sticking to the facts. Personally I hope Helen never reads any of your degrading comments. If she did in fact do something unhealthy to lose the last few pounds she needs help not ridicule. Sounds to me like it’s YOU who are caught up in the game. Do you care whether she’s healthy or do you care that she won and your favorite didn’t? How about some encouragement for her and all who might look to her as a role model to pursue health over weight, image, money or fame.

laura says:

Helen may have lost the weight but she looked very ill and selfish. I am very disappointed she won either Mike or Tara should have won as they both are truly GREAT.

watchdog says:

Trust me folks shanon would have been voted off due to her lack of ever working at anything. I will bet she will be a contestant that you see in a year who gains it all back. All and some more.

griffapottomus says:

I give snaps to Helen for losing the weight, she worked hard, but she looked horrible. Whatever she did during that month at home should be investigated. I think she should be drug tested, for diet pills, thyroid meds something… BL was about healthy lifestyle, she looked almost as bad as Jerry, there has to be more to this story.

Helen is a fakey, media starved drama queen, back stabbing, self centered person I have ever viewed. Mike should of booted her when he had the chance and he would of been sitting pretty on $250K. Kristen should of been there as she was not as big as threat.

I was not a Tara fan, I thought she was harsh,obnoxious and mean at times, but face it she kicked butt, she won all the competions and was a pit bull that never gave in. I also have to admit she looked terrific, toned and glowing.

Lets hope Helen takes the money and disappears. If sponsors read this blog they will see people will shun their products if Helen’s face is on it.

I beleive she is going to struggle with her weight maybe becoming anorexic. Normal life does not allow 6 hours a day to workout. So good luck Helen and good riddens. Remember what goes around comes around, keep on trucking Shanon we will see if your mom is true to her word.

tyler says:

Screw all of you people you know nothing about her. She is one of the nicest kind hearted people i have ever met. She really is an amazing person. How can you talk trash about someone you dont know. You people are horrible. She did the right thing by staying obviously she just won 250,000 dollars. All of you need to shut the hell up

webgoddess says:

Shanon didn’t have her heart in it. I don’t care that mommy sent her packing.

Helen looked anorexic and like she starved herself for the finale.

I don’t know how people can defend Helen but hate on Tara. LMAO. Helen ate the cookie to spite Tara, and Tara lost $10k as a result.

Helen also smoked and drank heavily on the “day of luxury”…while everyone cheated, she cheated worse than the others.

I respect the fact that Helen put in a lot of effort, but she is not that great of a role model because her head wasn’t in the right place and she decided to win at all costs instead of become healthy.

β€œI think anyone who posts positive about Helen is actually Helen herself doing those postings!”

Com’n people, that is just silly. Everyone has fans, just because people disagree with each other doesn’t mean it’s Helen being a sock puppet. She’s too busy being a media whore and spending her $250k to be bothered with defending herself on a blog. Seriously, that was a stupid statement.

Val says:

Helen sucks! What kind of a mother would vote her own daughter off and plead to stay. Her maternal gene is missing. If it was between me and my daughter, there is no question I would do anything for my daughter. We don’t need to personally know Helen to know what kind of person she is! Once she did that to her daughter, you knew exactly what kind of person she is!! Helen is very selfish and evil. It is all about her and no one else. She would do anything to win, including going underweight, probably taking drugs, laxatives, starving, whatever it took! Biggest Loser is about changing your lifestyle to be healthy! Not going anorexic just to win money! Helen looked horrible with one foot in the grave. Definitely not the picture of health. Now, Tara looked beautiful. She is the picture of health. Mike or Tara should have won because they lost more weight and did not do drugs or whatever evil Helen did to lose and they looked healthy.

Mike was in second place which was a shocker because I really thought Tara would have it. So MIKE – if you are out there, I wish you would have voted off that evil Helen and you would be taking home what you rightfully deserve! Also, did they say Helen was 48?? She looked about 63! That is what happens when you lose weight the wrong, unhealthy way! I hope she does something constructive with the money because she doesn’t deserve it. And anything with Helen’s face on it, I will never buy!

Dusti says:

I am done with the biggest loser now. I hate that she won!

rockcat says:

wake up America!you all want someone else to do it for you.the best way to lead is to set a good example.helen did that!now its up to her daughter to take care of herself.with the money it will help!you complainers are whats wrong with america.always wanting someone to care for you.shutup and put up!thats what helen did!

Tiff says:

Do they drug test the contestants before awarding them $250,000 because Helen looked like she’d just snorted a line of crack before she came out. She looks sick… and I agree, she needs to eat. This will probably be one contestant that was into herself that she’ll end up with an eating disorder because she’s too obsessed.

Get off the treadmill and eat a Big Mac honey, you need it!

Rebecca says:

Helen may be a nice person but she is selfish. And I will admit she looked like hell. Who wants to weigh 117 pounds…that is unhealthy and I cannot believe Biggest Loser allowed her to show her sickly face. Tara and Mike looked healthy. Fit and glowing as they so much deserved to. I applaud them for their hard work and I pray to God Helen uses her money to help her daughter. Shannon still has weight to lose and if that were me, I would have gladly stepped down for my daughter. I know she just won $250K but you can tell who was in it for a healthy lifestyle and who was in it for the money. Those who were in it for the lifestyle change are the real winners. Last time I checked you can’t put a price on your life. Helen is going to battle big time…its easy to work your of for four months on the show and then bust out one more month at home but come on, lets be real. She is not going to be able to keep that up for the next 40 years. If you ask me she looks older…not younger. Good luck Helen.

Popi says:

Congratulations Helen for a job well done!!!!!! I knew you would win when I saw you in your skinny jeans. You are an inspiration for me to keep going and not to give up. Everyone on BL did great, but you did super.

leef says:

Well I dont understand why Helen didnt do everything in her power to make her daughter stay. During the season she seemed like a trouble maker the only thing I can say is that she was determined and a force to reckon with but do I like her NOPE! I wanted Tara to take it all. Oh well maybe Helen will help her daughter have success.

kim says:

Leef, I don’t think you can make other people lose weight. Shannon had to do it her own way. Shannon looks so much better and is a lot healthier although her numbers were not as high as some of the others.
I have to give Helen credit for losing the weight and sticking to her plan. Unlike Tyler I do not know her. She did what ever it took to win, and she won.
But she looked AWFUL and anorexic. Her body was the age of a 60 year old before she started losing weight and at week 17 her body was the age of a 50 year old. Well on the outside her face looks like a 60 year old now. From behind a lot of guy will be like oh a want to talk to this blonde size 2 babe, and when they look at her face they will run. She looks like a old witch with that big nose and scrawny little face.
I think she was dehydrated on the final weigh in, her skin was sagging and very ruff. I think she quit drinking, ran in a plastic suit, went in a sauna or took drugs to lose the water weight. But she looks a lot better in the Got Milk ad.
I do not know if she took any drugs or medicine to aid her weight loss but hopefully Biggest Loser will test people and make it a violation. I do not blame the program or the trainers because Helen looked great when she left the campus.

Annette says:

OMG! I cannot believe it or I should say, it is exactly what we could have expected. I just saw an interview with Helen and when they asked her what she will do with the money, she says she is going to take her husband to the Belaggio in Las Vegas and then proceeded to say that she will buy more clothes and that she wants to go to Italy to buy Italian shoes. She, once again, never mentions her daughter, Shannon. SHE IS NOT GOING TO GIVE HER A PENNY. If it were my mother and I on that show, my mom would definitely have split the money with me. If it were my daughter and I on that show, I would probably give my daughter most of the money. She could at least mention her daughter and that she is going to give her something.
Helen is DETESTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thea says:

STOP making mean commets to Helen. She is a great person. Shannon wanted to go home.Now stop making fun of Helen. She is a winner!!

GO HELEN WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

watchdog says:

I think stevie wonder can see that they really never had and still dont have a good mother daughter relationship. Helen did what she had to do but Shanon is non motivated and lazy.Shes only 29 she didnt put all 283 pounds on overnight. She started at 283 lost 92 total and seems like she was at the 89 pound loss number some 2 months ago. She will gain all and some within a couple years.

Valentine14 says:

Wow, Helen is a selfish human being…. All she cared about was herself! Did you see her daughter at the finale, she looked the same as when she left. At least she is going to blow all of her money on the shitty Michigan economy. I hope I never run into her, what a trashy person… Dont worry everyone, karma will come back and bite her, when she runs out of cash, she will be sliding back into her size 40 jeans.

Annette says:

That is a nasty thing to say about Shannon. You have no idea what her physical challenges are. You are right when you say that her 283 pounds didn’t happen overnight. It started in her youth and under her mom’s care. It is so typical of people to blame overweight people and call them lazy when they have trouble losing weight.
I have never been but slightly overweight in my life and I was able to lose it all the time but I still can understand that others may not have the same metabolism or the same ability to process carbs etc.
It is wrong to criticize Shannon. Very wrong.

Allegra says:

i was also shocked when she was rude on the finale but we really have no proof that she starved herself or anything else. yes she looks unhealthy now but you cant say she was just in it for the money. but honestly if you were on the biggest loser and you were already in the final 3, ofcourse your ultimate goal would be the 250,000. think of it logically, people. they’re already all thin now they have 3 months to get rich?? i’d be strict about the things i ate also if it meant i had a chance to get the cash. On the other hand, saying that she starved herself or was bulimic is really irrational. you dont know her, you don’t live with her, you havent been watching her everyday for the past 3 months so you’re just being ignorant. ofcourse we all wanted Tara, the ex model, to win. She had the best attitude, she kicked ass 100% all the way through and she was a sweet heart to boot. Let them be, everything happens for a reason — none of us know exactly what went on or whats going on.

watchdog says:

Hey Annette nasty? no ,TRUE! I see shanon quite a bit. wish mom would give her some loot to move her ass out of the Hood. her and all the shady characters that frequent her pad.

Lisa says:

I’m glad to see I’m not the only one to think Helen is a horrible mother! And those who don’t think what she did to her daughter is bad obviously does not have children of their own. Ron and Cathy were an example of a great parent. Too bad Helen didn’t learn anything from them. I feel so bad for Shannon. As a mom my heart goes out to her. I don’t know the interpersonal dealings of her relationship with her mom or details of her private life but I could see a sadness in Shannon’s eyes. When she decided to “let her mom stay” it wasn’t Shannon’s decision, she was doing whatever it would take to win her mother’s acceptance and approval. It’s sad because all Helen cares about is Helen. I do believe she did something extreme to get to the weight she was at for the final weigh in. She just did not look right. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t leave a person looking like a Nazi death camp prisoner. Shannon if you were my kid, I would feel blessed and would have stepped aside without a moments hesitation so that you had a chance to change your life. Ron and Cathy both got it right with their kids. Tara…you rock girl! You should be the biggest losers poster girl. They would sell more advertisement and get more sponsers with you! You’re healthy and you look great as does Mike!

watchdog says:

The show is over! move on folks. None of these people from the show give one hoot as to what our opinions are about any of them.I read postings from folks saying how sad they are about someone like shanon being kicked to the curb by her mother. But in the next breath the same person his spewing hatred saying that Helen looks like a Nazi death camp prisioner.I am a parent and all this hatred is usually coming from folks that will say, if you think what helen did to shanon was right then you must not have kids of your own. So many folks try to type words to make them seem like the model parent and perfect person in life. To me kinda scary to think that these folks are admitting they are parents themselves. Again i am a parent and maybe they never really did have a good relationship ya know it does happen . I wonder do you teach such cruelty and hate to your kids? I have to beleive when people like to say how perfect they think they are and point out to others their flaws, they themselves have many more flaws than most. IT’S OVER MOVE ON!!

TG it's Over says:

It’s good to know that many people here have an ethical compass that has not been swayed by money. I am also very happy to hear that many parents here would also put their children before themselves. To have a child should be the most “Selfless” act one does in their life because after you do life continues in the “It’s not about Me” category.
I too have been very disappointed in Helen all season from the very beginning. What really gets me is why didn’t the other contestants on the show Speak Up about what she did to her daughter. Especially Ron who was so outspoken that he would do “Anything” for his sons and Cathy for Kristin. I guess they were more focused on loosing weight but come on. They knew Shannon obviously was very insecure and not confident in her own abilities to loose weight on her own she was down right scared. You could see it in her eyes when she was sent home the second time. The other contestants should have given her the cold shoulder the rest of the time on the ranch. Also another “Jaw Dropper” was when Helen came to support Tara and Laura or was it Kristin can’t remember and told them they were like her daughters and she would protect them. That should have sent up the warning flag from Hell. Ok so Helen will throw us under the bus liker her own flesh and blood. Reminds me of Trading Places in the very end when they loose all their money and the one brother has a heart attack. One of the bystanders says “Your brother doesn’t look so good should we get him a doctor?” The brother says ” F— him turn the machines back on”
I hope Helen does read what we all have been writing. I hope she gets the Mental help she and her daughter both need after this. I think this calls for a time of healing. The greatest thing she could do for her daughter right now would be to tell Shannon ” I am sorry and it was wrong what I did”. Take some RESPONSIBILITY for your pitiful actions Helen. Get some help Seriously and wipe the “White Trash Mark” you left on the Biggest Loser name. I am actually feeling like I want to Vomit thinking back to how and even why you would do that to your daughter. Maybe vomitting would help me win the biggest loser too!

Skelly says:

All the people saying Helen is a bad mother must not be parents. Shannon is a 30 year old women that can make choices for herself. At what age does a child start taking responsibility for themselves. Is a 16 year old responsible for weighing 400lbs or is that the parents fault? Is a parent responsible if they become an alcoholic? Helen looks great!! It’s sad to see so many people jealous of her success!!!

Jo says:

Well said Lisa. For the life of me I don’t understand this logic people have saying “well, she had to take care of herself first so she can take care of her family and show them how to lose weight”. That is the biggest BS I have ever heard. I am a mother and there is no way in hell I would send my child home so I could stay because I would know darn well that was the place they needed to be to lose it and have that once in a life time chance to train with world class trainers. You can just hear the heartbreak in Shannon’s voice when it was decided she goes home instead of her mother. I just hope Helen does take her knowledge and her money and give her daughter the help she needs to lose weight because her daughter needed it more than she did. Helen could use some parenting lessons from Ron and Cathy. Now those are two people who put their children first. They way it should be!

LIsa says:

Well, that’s it for me with this ridiculous program. I feel betrayed. Perhaps Hellish was still in the range of a healthy BMI, but just barely, I think. And she looked ill from it. The trainers are both very fit and thin, but they look healthy, toned. She looked railish – not like a person who’s spent a lifetime caring for and training her body to maintain that weight in a healthy way, but like a woman who fasted and over-excercized. And in the end the show promoted this. Obesity is an eating disorder. The opposite is as well. And this program pushed that image – ultra-thin at ANY cost and we will give you money for it.

That said, they should have done a better job screening these people. She never should have been cast. No one wants to see some vile villian win it. She was selfish in the lowest way possible right till the end. She came off as self-absorbed, self-obsessed, weak, back-stabbing, conniving, vile… All her self-pitying moaning and self congratulation… Vain, nasty… That they allowed such a person on this show is equally disturbing, especially considering all the wonderful, inspiring people with serious weight problems who are out there, and who deserve this kind of help.

Unfortunately, as it is a reality show sap-fest, it will carry on, and not die the death it deserves after this season.

nat says:

Helen looks awful, I think she took some kind of drugs to win this game. She aged. Looking like a 75 years old lady. I do not liked her either. She was such a fake

james says:

I thought Helen looked good and yes she did lose the weight. Mike and Tara were so close to her and they could have gotten that little bit more off and won. Yes Mike and Tara look healthier and have much more muscle. BUT I HATE HATE HATE HELEN!!!!! What a selfish mother. It was not just forcing her daughter to leave — SHE NEVER MENTIONED HER DAUGHTER AGAIN ON THE SHOW. Never once. Not once did she say she wished she could still be there as well or like she even gave her a second thought. It was always ME, ME, ME, I, I, I —- yes she did good — but how about a little humility. She is the worst one to win ever. Good job Jerry on winning at home.

watchdog says:

Well James sorry to say, but thats exactly what society has become today. ME ME ME!!

Cindy says:

Get over yourselves with your holier than thou mentaliy. Being a mother does not mean that you do EVERYTHING for a child. They made a decision together and Shannon is an ADULT not a young child. Jeesh, you dont become a non-entity simply because you become a mother. People are entiled to persue a dream- even a mother. This was Helen’s time to do something amazing in her life. That is not her fault nor is it Shannons fault- it is what it is. Helen going on and winning the final gives so much hope to women out there who have hit middle age and think it is too late to become fit and healthy. She is an inspiration to millions of women out there and to her daughter as well. Get the hell off her back. She did the hard work- and worked harder than any of you who have felt free to condemn her- So get off your butt and lose over a hundred pounds and then, just maybe, you will have earned the right to criticize her and her choices!

watchdog says:

How about just get over the show. ITS OVER!!

harkin says:

Cindy even if one loses over 100 pounds then why would you say that they would have the right to pass judgement or criticize others?You had me right up to the point you said that. Made you look just as judgemental as the others on here that you were going after.

Becka says:

ugly skeletor better not be on any BL products….. I don’t want to see helen’s face anymore!!! I hate that she won

Lisa says:

Okay I know it is kinda late on this but I forgot to check back on the blog since I last posted 2 weeks ago. This has been a great dialogue and place to freely express opinions. So “Get over it” well then what would we blog about? Seriously I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s point of view. BTW has anyone else noticed there has been no magazine covers with good ole’ Hell? (I stole that name spelling from a previous blogger). I just saw one on US magazine and it had Tara and Helen. Seems the sponsors may be listening after all.

Rosie says:

You know I really think that your opinion of Helen just doesn’t matter to her at this point in time. Who cares if she is on a magazine cover or not…. She’s is $250 K richer and the “Biggest Loser Winner”, can;t take any of that away from her. You go Helen… you deserved to take the win for all the women 40+ out there!!!!!!!!!!!

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