Biggest Loser 7: Jerry Hayes

Keep up with Jerry’s journey on Biggest Loser: Couples all season long. Jerry joins partner and wife Estella during the show’s seventh season.

Jerry Hayes – At-Home Biggest Loser Winner.

Age 63

Hometown Wheaton, IL

Occupation Retired Engineer

Teammate Estella Hayes, wife

Team Color White

Trainer Jillian Michaels

Starting Weight 369

Final Weight 192

Total Loss -177


  • jerry-biggest-loser-winnerCollapsed in first moments of week 1; taken to the hospital, but returned to be a top contender in the first weigh-in
  • Eliminated Week 2 – See the interview.


  • “I know it’s going to be a challenge, but it’s got to be done.” Week 1


Other Spellings Gerald, Jery, Gerry, Hays, Hay, Haye


13 Responses to Biggest Loser 7: Jerry Hayes

Barbara Mosher says:

I am rooting for Jerry Hayes. I use to work with him at GE. Way-to-go Jerry. Best of luck you have inspired me to do the same thing. I will be watching your and your wife’s progress. Goood Luck! Barbara Mosher

webgoddess says:

I’m also rooting for Jerry…I’m hoping his change this season is as drastic as Coleen’s dad’s changes were last season. Perhaps having the same name will help? LOL

iheartjerry says:

You won my heart and are such an inspiration!! I saw your update after the show and you look GREAT!! Way to go!!!!
My kiddo thinks you’re the “coolest grampy”! Denver, CO loves you!!!

Go Jerry! says:

I can’t believe you were elminated. You are the coolest grandpa ever! I’m gonna miss you on the show! You are such an inspiration. I hated last night. You look great though! I was crying when you lost. I mean, you should have stayed. Hope you continue with a healthy diet! I’m rootin for you all the way! GOOOO JERRY!!

Gary Lyons says:

Cousin Jerry! This is Gary in CA, Congratulations. Call me or my mom. Hope to talk to you soon.

Alice says:

Jerry, you are such an inspiration. My heart went out to you during the weigh in and elimination. The way that you handled the situation was amazing and demonstrates what a truly amazing person you are. I was so happy to see your follow-up and how well you are doing. I can’t wait to see your continued success.

Jeff says:

You’re such an inspiration! So is your wife!

Ruth R says:

Hi Jerry,
You looked super fantastic yesterday! I am amazed how much you were able to accomplish in the time you had, especially with your being at home for most of the competition! You are a true inspiration to people of every age struggling with their weight. Congratulations on a job well done!

Jan C says:

Congratulations from all the “Block” Heads!!!

Good Job Jerry!!
You worked so hard and the pay off is all yours!! 🙂

Terri R says:

You and Estella were my faves from day 1, and so I am thrilled that you put the “pedal to the metal” and did so well on your weight loss! This had to be difficult at best considering your health problems. Winning the at-home prize may be great for you, but it is the best thing EVER to happen to all the seniors out there, who never even thought they could aspire to turn their lives around and get fit and healthy again. Super kudos to you for doing it!!!!

kim says:

Jerry….I want to know how you did this while you were at home??? What was your diet plan…what was your work out plan? You have given me hope…if you can do this at your age, from home…maybe I can too? Help me learn how you did it please!!!!

Ed Yohn says:

Congratulations Jerry.

The Dunlaps, Houcks, and Yohns have been rooting for you the whole way.

You look incredible!!!

Ed Yohn

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