Biggest Loser 7: Joelle Gwynn

Keep up with Joelle’s journey on Biggest Loser: Couples all season long. Joelle joins partner and best friend Carla during the show’s seventh season.

Eliminated Week 5 – Hear the interview now.

Age 41

Hometown Detroit, MI

Occupation Non-Profit Founder

Teammate Carla Triplett, best friend

Team Color Grey

Trainer Bob Harper

Starting Weight 309

Final Weight 229

Total Loss -80


  • Lost zero pounds Week 5



Other Spellings Joel, Joell, Joella, Gwyn, Gwen

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43 Responses to Biggest Loser 7: Joelle Gwynn


You should have taken the money. You are going to give up anyways. The sad thing is that you should have been in Jerrys spot.He is a good man.

Heather K says:

This woman better realize that she just missed elimination by the skin of her teeth and start doing what Bob tells her to do. Not “Fake til I make it”. That is such BS. A lot of people didn’t get picked for the show who are dying to be in her spot. She seems very ungrateful. I feel sorry for her partner Carla.

Chan says:

I just feel bad for her friend Carla who is at home depending on her to bring her back.

Veronica says:

Joelle is an embarassment to herself and to her family. She is lazy while running her mouth all the time. What is she saying.. She is soo strange. You can tell by her eyes she has mental challenges and really should not be on the show. The group should have surprised everybody and voted her “dumb” a$$ off instead of Jerry. I have become frustrated watching the show while Joelle continues to negatively demand center stage. She is always talking to “nobody”. Get rid of her. This is not what the show should be concentrating on.

Joy says:

I think that Bob really showed a lack of self control. Although Joelle was not giving it her all I sort of lost my cool when Bob told her to shut the F*&$ up. Ive seen in the past seasons many contestants that were not giving 100% and Bob was conpassionate and understanding. Especially after having Vickey and Heba on his team last season .(Give me a break ). Im sure alot of what went on was cut out of the final show but what was shown was a total lack to respect for his team and if he continues he wont ever have a winner.

Lindsay says:

Regardless of Joelle’s commitment level, she did not deserve to be blessed out on national television in front of a bunch of strangers like that.

webgoddess says:

I hope that Joelle gets her act together. She obviously has some sort of internal struggle going on where she doesn’t feel deserving of weight loss, which may be why she got fat in the first place.

That being said, I think that Bob went overboard with his anger towards her. I think Jillian would have done a better job of helping her find a much-needed emotional breakthru.

Just like Colleen had a fear of heights and Michelle was blaming herself for her parent’s divorce, there is a root problem that is causing Joelle to self-sabotage. Perhaps she was beating herself up over the temptation because she’s really broke and $25k is a huge amount of money for her to pass up on. I believe that consciously she wants to be there and make things happen but subconsciously she feels unworthy of being there. Unfortunately until she clears out her “head trash” she’s not going to succeed. I honestly wish her the best, and hope that she gets a breakthru soon, because if she doesn’t she’ll likely get eliminated in the near future, and I think for psychological reasons she needs to have the “permission to succeed” switch flipped on in her head before she leaves the ranch.

Lewsir says:

Ditto Webgoddess!!! .. your comments re: Joelle were absolutely right on point. I just viewed tonite’s eps. and couldn’t agree more with where I see her true challenges. I echo your comments in hoping that she gets “permission to succeed” prior to exiting the show – which, sad to say will be inevitable.

Hzhunee says:

I actually feel very sad for Carla but I also don’t think that Joelle is doing anyone any good at the ranch. She causes stress and tension for everyone on her team, in my opinion that does not help anyone else. I think she is selfish and unappreciative of the opportunity she has been given! Damien actually was good for the team. It’s still early in the game, I really think it is too early to start plotting against each other! Just my opinion!


You are a dork Joellle. You disappoint the nation. Get it together.

c says:

Employers would have not tolerated the stunt BOB pulled and niether NBC should not be any different. Totally disrespected every family and the sacred 8pm hour. Where is the FTC????? It really amazes me how many of you people attack people you don’t know. No one has the right to speak to someone that way no matter what. Bobb is a straigt drama queen (a sissyt for sure),and no disrespect to the gay community (of which i belong). He would not dare speak to any person that way off camera (especially an African American or a real MAn ). I know Joell personally and she is a great person with high morals and values (fellow Alumnae) . Just because someone has a thing(s) they are fighting with gives you pharasees any room to talk. Many of you would’nt dare go on tv with you stomach to your knees or like the brown dad and show you chest like he did. But you critic everyone elese. Bob dug for Joell’s weekness and zoomed in that for ratings Did you ever think about that as a betray to people in general!!! Bob should be fired and Jillian. Thousand and Hundred of Thousands could do a thousand times better the pair.

webgoddess says:

I’m really happy to say that I think last night’s episode proved my original point. It was good that she went home and had Carla kind of kick her butt in gear. While she still has this kind of upset expression on her face, she really did work very hard this week and almost won immunity in the football challenge. Perhaps her fear of Carla’s wrath was sufficient or perhaps realizing she almost got booted last week scared her into action. But whatever flipped on the switch with Joelle, I just hope she stays strong and committed and proves to herself and everyone else that she really will do what’s necessary to make it.

webgoddess says:

@c – I don’t think Bob should get fired but I do wonder how he could have kept his cool with a player like Vicky last season but lost his temper so completely with Joelle. I really don’t see Bob as a drama queen, and I don’t think he exploded just to boost ratings. While he did go overboard and ought to get reprimanded for it, I don’t think his orientation had anything to do with it. It really shouldn’t matter to anyone that Bob is gay and Jill is bi; they are both good at their jobs and deserve their success.

StandingIn says:

Joelle, I hope the best for you & Carla. ON & OFF THE RANCH! For as long as you live life. Your mind may be saying one thing and your body doing another, as mine did when I first started exercising. Kick it in super-high gear now that your muscles have warmed up to the LONG DAYS & HOURS of STRENUOUS exercise. Smooches! ~ T

Kay says:

Sad example of sportmanship, friendship… just sad example. I was hopeful of the reunion for Joelle and Carla, but it is clear that Joelle saw nothing wrong with her actions/behaviors on the ranch. SAD. Sad that Carla had a partner that doesn’t know the meaning of the word. Accountability would have been good… SAD. It’s hard to root for Joelle when she doesn’t even root for her own success.

mslasheba says:

i think it was very, very, very disrespectful for bob to swear at joelle the way he did, let’s face it we all have personal challenges, and after that it change my whole perspecctive of the way the show is suppose to be, he need to apologize to the network, much rather america

Denise says:

There is something definitely OFF about Joelle. She doesn’t deserve a friend like Carla. That girl busted her butt and was eliminated, all because of Joelle! And when Carla took the high road, and tried to clear the air, “extend an olive branch”, she cursed and walked away from the friendship! Joelle should’ve never auditioned for the show and how she made it is beyond me. She is NOT a team player, and she brought everyone down at the ranch. I am so glad she’s finally gone, although sadly at Carla’s expense. A REAL SHAME!

Ronda says:

It think it is sad that so many are on Joelle. It is quiet clear that Joelle’s problem was her friendship with Carla. Not that Carla is a bad person or anything but they have conflicting personalities. Joelle has emotional issues and it is clear that Carla is a major part of it. Carla rode Joelle so much and that made Joelle withdraw. It wasn’t encouragement and edification it was more look what you did to me Joelle. You hurt me Joelle. You let me down Joelle. What Joelle was hearing was that she was worthless and a lost cause. Just when Joelle was coming out of her shell, Carla returns and Joelle is LOST. Carla seems like a cool person but Joelle is not the correct person for Carla. It was a toxic relationship from the beginning and that was so clear. Joelle needs one on one and encouragement not badgering. Joelle took the offense around Carla because Carla was very obnoxious toward her. I would have loved to see Joelle get more one on one for her emotional walls. Vicky last season was worse than Joelle. Joelle needed help and Vicky needed her $$$ kicked. Vicky was mean and hateful. Joelle was afraid to let people in or to get close to her. Look how her partner talked to her. It was evident for day 1 that there were major issues between them. I hope Joelle and Carla the best but I hope Joelle proves herself!

Jeff says:

I feel so bad for Carla. I really think Joelle should have given it her all for her friend. I’m so frustrated about that. But Joelle, you can still turn your life around. But you have to give it your ALL!
And I can’t believe how Bob couldn’t keep his cool with Joelle when he had Vicky last season. Vicky had worse behavior than Joelle. But, I’m a Christian, and I say God bless to everyone. No matter how far down and helpless somebody may feel, God can turn that person’s life around in a heartbeat. All you have to do is turn to him for love and support and trust in him.

shelly says:

Don’t they have a shrink for the biggest losers? The way Joelle acts and TALKS! I’m no shrink but she seems to have REAL mental problems! Why aren’t they trying to figure out the cause of her ‘wrongness’ instead of just talking about it???

cctraveller says:

Joelle is the most emotionally dead, cold, stoic, selfish and in denial contestant I have seen on any reality show. What has happened to her in her life that makes her so closed?!!! She’s frustrating to watch, I’m glad she’s gone. I feel really bad for Carla though. She is a woman who gives a about herself and others and was truly honest in her efforts. I hope Carla knows she has alot of support out there in the world and keeps on keeping on. Losing a friendship is painful but it seems to me the friendship wasn’t that healthy to begin with and maybe she needs to explore that and accept her part in it’s demise.

crystal says:

i’m so sorry about the way you were treated. What you were subject to was nothing less than abusive. it felt similar to a public stoneing. And… i’m sure we only saw part of it. i hope for you so much goodness for it is clear that you have a beautiful heart. I can only imagine how much it has taken you to get to this point and do the hard work that you did on and off the ranch.

be proud of yourself and hold your head high.. this time will pass.

if anything.. there are people out here that know you were treated horribly and people that are cheering for you!

you can do it! do it for you! you are worth it!

Bubbles says:

I remember last week when Joelle met back up with Carla she was suprised to hear that the tension at the ranch was her fault, “Is it me?” Yes it is. This perpetual half sad/half bored look on her face is not reflecting the positive attitude she is espouting. She doesn’t seem to want hear the truth. Which, is too bad. She has brought the wrath of the house upon herself. Although the cameras and the editing probably do manipulate the drama–how can the zero weight loss be blamed on that? At some point she has got accept the nonchallant attitude towards excersize, the inability to push herself all contributed to her now being at home. Playing the victim has caused her a friendship and has left her with a chip on her shoulder. Though I had been wishing she would be voted off for weeks now, I do hope that she is able to resolve her demonds and finally get the weight off. NO MORE EXCUSES!

Z says:

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Joelle. Have you ever lived in a fishbowl and just worked out for 8 hours a day? Ever think you would go on tv and have your reputation sabatoged for ratings? Do you have any idea some of the things the other contestants may have said to her? She was probably ready to curse most of them out for their fakeness and instead of playing the game they wanted her to play, she invented her own and look at how far it has gotten her. She is a household name and did not do any advertising. I can’t stand to look at the rest of the contestants so I will stop watching now that she is gone. She was the true game player and they could not handle it. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. I support you all the way!!!! Don’t lose weight because you can be part of the “in” crowd, do it at your time and pace.

Hzhunee says:

Ok so I have read what everyone has said and what I have realized is that first and foremost everyone needs to remember this is a reality tv show for entertainment! Not one of the players on this show are shown in a way that is completely and totally themselves. Unfortunately Joelle came off as weird and lazy, this is the person she portrayed hence the audience not liking her or shuning her! Everyone watching this show is judging these contestants not by who they are but by who they portray on tv. Although judging someone isn’t the right thing to do, again this is for entertainment! Joelle had several chances to change how she portrayed herself to be able to stay and she chose not to….she must expect the reactions she is receiveing now! I wish her well in her adventure at home and hope that she and Carla can rise above this unfortunate misunderstanding in the end!

Lisa says:

I wish Carla the best… she’s a beautiful determined woman. I just wish that could rub off on Joelle. I won’t take away from her the fact that she lost 31 lbs. Great job. But in the end you came on the show as a team & didn’t really act like one.

Ina says:

Last night episode made me so angry at Joelle. I was tired of her excuses and I just wanted her to put more efforts into her workouts. I’m so upset that Carla was voted off because of her teammate’s actions (or lack of), when in fact she deserved to stay at the ranch. This being said, I do feel a little sorry for Joelle because I don’t think she’s stable. She definitely appears to have some real emotional problems and I hope that she gets help for it.

The saddest part for me is that a friendship was lost. On the first episode Joelle and Carla seemed to have a great relationship and they really looked happy. It was so sad to see them seating at that table like two strangers. It was awkward. I’m sure they’re both hurting by this. I hope that with time they’ll be able to settle their differences and be friends again. I wish them much success in their weight loss journey and I hope they reach their goals.

I can’t wait to see Carla at the finale. I’m sure she’ll look fabulous! 🙂

Heather K says:

Yes it is reality T.V. and yes it is edited down and in a certain way. I ,however, don’t think that you can edit the emotion that the contestants feel in the elimination room. You saw it in the way that the yellow, blue, and green teams wrote their votes. JOELLE in all caps and taking up most of the written space and then Carla’s name a lot smaller with “We love you” and “We’ll miss you” and arrows pointing to just Carla’s name. So yes, they can edit the scenes down to Joelle wondering the gym, and all the other contestants’ comments about her being lazy. But I think that those votes and the way that they were written speak for themselves.

Rahaza says:

After viewing last nights episode I cannot believe how cold Joelle was and apparently how cold her soul must be. It was very evident just seeing the interaction between the contestants after the elimination….a sure proof that Joelle was not a team player in any sense of the word……too bad for Carla; that WAS liked and deserved to be there. I’m in agreement with some of the other writers here on this post….Joelle has deep seated issues that even after all this time (follow-up) she’s still has problems and has not apparently dealt with them. Which brings up the next issue….I have read Joelle’s business pages and personally knowing her background I would steer clear of any business having ANYTHING to do with her!!! CEO??? It’s surprising she is capable of running a business when she can’t even take care of herself and cuts the throat of her “best friend.” If I were involved in ANY aspect with her business I would cut ties with her completely, she is a loser from the get go, she’ll stab you in the back and think nothing of it. As a nurse of almost 45 years my advice is: Joelle you need help……if you don’t everything will come crumbing down including yourself!

Jdna says:

I understand how easy it is to use the ever so popular “they edited it to make it look that way” excuse for how Joelle comes off. But truth be told, they can only edit what you give them. Joelle WAS lazy and WAS full of excuses….and she did it so often and SO much that they had so much footage of it to use!

Joelle just doesn’t get it! I’m tired of victims. Own up and fix it!

Kim says:

I feel bad for Joelle. I think her personality is just different from everyone else on the ranch and I think what she needed was support and kind words instead of all the yelling from her so-called “best friend” Carla and all the insult from other contestants. I wouldn’t want to be friends with Carla, either. I think it’s interesting how Carla blames everything on Joelle. If she is strong enough, she will do it on her own anyway. I am SO glad that they got eliminated from the show. Both Carla and Joelle started to get on my nerves. No more drama.

Debbie says:

Joelle was totally trashed by her “best friend” who is a verbally abusive, aggressive & controlling personality. Joelle, in my opinion, just shut down. She did not lower herself to the level that Carla took her to. Joelle held her composure throughout the constant tongue-lashing and denegrating, overbearing abuse from the “best friend” Carla. Joelle, you showed wisdom when you dumped Carla. No one deserves to be treated like that. Can you imagine being her husband/child? Joelle, you can accomplish your goals in spite of the humiliating treatment you received. Best of luck to you girl. You are strong when you don’t stoop to that level.

Lynne says:

I agree with Kim. I also feel bad for Joelle because of the way everyone belittled her at the elimination – especially Aubrey from the yellow team (who only lost 2 POUNDS in a month while at home). I’m sure Joelle felt bad enough, and humiliated enough at the weigh-in, without listening to Aubrey’s big mouth afterwards, and at the elimination! Who does she think she is??? I like Mandi, but can’t stand Aubrey, and I hope they get eliminated next. She kinda reminds me of VICKY, with her big mouth.

How many times have you seen a contestant have a good loss one week, and no loss the next? That’s what happened to Joelle, she lost 10 pounds last week! So cut her a little slack!

I think she has very low self-esteem, and encouragement would have gone a long way to help her. But instead, she hears all this yelling and cussing from her trainer! These people haven’t worked out in YEARS, so it’s gonna take them some time to build up strength, some longer than others. I know Joelle could have tried harder, but belittling her wasn’t the way to get her to do it.

Good luck Joelle – I hope you knock them all dead at the finale!!

gina godwin says:

I am just curious but does Joell have mental health issues? Unless there is manipulative editing on the Biggest Loser and Joell was “falsely” potrayed as out of touch with reality and lazy, then she really does have problems with “Insight” into her actions. I am just totally baffled at her behavior and explanations for said behavior.

Missy says:

Fist I would like to say Aubrey have no words to say when you only lost 2 pounds after 30 days at home, like the trainers said quit making excuses it is what it is, so to that note you didnt do if not nothing at home you didnt do enough. Joelle think she brought Carla back.well news flash, the team mates brought her back when she didnt get eliminated they knew at least Carla had a chance, and wanted to see Joelle succeed. But Joelle has to work on Joelle and whatever other issues she has going on. And keep eye on the purple team, I think that daughter is another Vicki.

Missy says:

I cant believe Bob the way he cursed out Joelle, I was trying to call the show.I dont even think Julian, tuff as she is ever cursed anyone like that. I think they can be serious and tuff with out all that cursing,because their going to curse the wrong person, and that person is going to slap the hell out of one of them,and just walk off the show. I just see it coming, they really need to tone that down a little if they want to continue with the Biggest Loser. Like the girl said they havent worked out in years.

Joseph says:

If there was ever a show that placed someone out of their element I’ve just witnessed it watching both Joelle and Carla on the biggest looser. With all of the illnesses that black women face here was a chance to right the ship with doctors, dietician and a trainer and it all went up in smoke. I never sensed the chemistry that true friends have and share between these two. It appears that each have been codependent on the other to supplicate their food addictions. When that was replaced with a balance diet and exercise the relationship ended. This was hard to watch because it failed in so many areas. Shame on each of them for failing to avail themselves of such a great opportunity.

Cupcake says:

Joelle needs to look in the dictionary for the true meaning of the word friend and partner. I am more than certain that she has watched the other seasons of the show and was fully aware of what was expected of her. It didn’t seem that she wanted to be there and her excuses were down right stupid. She needs to get off of ‘denial’ island and make amends to Carla for totally disrespecting her. The truth will be seen at the finale!

webgoddess says:

I know a lot of you rip on Joelle, but honestly I have no ill will towards her. I think three things were going on. One is she’s not very well-suited for reality TV. Two she doesn’t take criticism very well, she needed to be nurtured more instead of just yelled at by everyone. Some people respond to anger, but Joelle responds to it by hiding in her shell and withdrawing emotionally. I think that Jillian would have been a better trainer for her, because Jillian would have gotten to the root cause of her self-sabotage instead of just yelling at her like Bob did. Three, she and Carla were not good choices to be partners. They have a toxic relationship. Carla is a good person, and I believe Joelle is a good person too, but they were not the right “fit” for being teammates, or even friends for that matter. Anyway, I’m very happy to see in her after videos that she’s getting into shape and staying very focused and on track. While the ranch may not have been the right place for her, it does appear that she is geniunely committed to weight loss and is sticking with it, so I am proud of her for doing in. No need to hate on her, she’s kind of the anti-Vicki…Vicki was all about gameplay, and Joelle was just kinda going through the motions with no regard to the game whatsoever. Vicki was a class-a b****, whereas Joelle just had some unresolved issues.

olderviewer says:

Everyone of you who felt something was mentally wrong with Joelle were correct. If you would look up the characteristics of a sociopath you will find Joelle is textbook. Her behavior was so closely monitored in such a short time period she could not hide her true self. It is normal for people to try to “fit” her into what we believe she needs, compassion, a good swift kick, understanding, a chance, true friendship, therapy. But nothing will help Joelle, she is absolutely not capable of truly feeling emotion for anyone but herself. It is very difficult to understand how these people operate but they learn to “act” the emotions that others genuinely feel. Carla, Bob, everyone there were just trying to break through to her, she didn’t shut down, she just honestly didn’t care down to her core. Not her fault she’s not wired right, but not safe for the rest of us.

Ashley :D says:

Although Joelle wasn’t one of my favourite contestants, I dont think people should be so mean to her. I mean, I can look on message boards and people are saying like “Wow Joelle is such a stupid retard” or whatever. I think people should give her a break.

Keep going Joelle!

Ruth R says:

Hi Joelle, Congratulations on losing 80 pounds! I know you worked hard to take off every single pound! You’re looking good- keep on the path that you’re going and you’ll make it to your goal weight!

Mindy says:

I feel the accusations have ruined the show and people like me still need the biggest loser. If loosing weight changes your life why does it matter how. This is sad news I will remain 250 because I don’t have the means or support offered to you.

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