Biggest Loser 7: Kristin Steede

Keep up with Kristin’s journey on Biggest Loser: Couples all season long. Kristin joins partner and mom Cathy during the show’s seventh season.

Eliminated Week 16 – Hear the Interview

Age 28

Hometown Greenville, WI

Occupation Business Owner

Teammate Cathy Skell, mom

Team Color Purple

Trainer Bob Harper

Starting Weight 360

Final Weight 193

Total Loss -167


  • Second heaviest woman in the show’s history
  • First woman to ever lose 100 pounds on the Biggest Loser ranch – Week 12


  • “Where do you come up with this stuff?” – Week 4
  • “Don’t waste anymore time. If you want to change your life, do it and do it now.” – Week 7
  • “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen, I wanted to run out of that kitchen!” – Week 9


Other Spellings Kristen, Krysten, Crysten, Steed, Stead, Stede


66 Responses to Biggest Loser 7: Kristin Steede

Heather K says:

Kristen did a great job sticking to her guns and winning immunity. It’s too bad that she gained two pounds and didn’t get to her milestone of being under 300 lbs. I really felt bad for her but it always seems when the contestants have immunity they don’t lose as much weight as in previous weigh-ins. I guess when you know you’re safe you splurge even if it’s just a little.

Ruth R says:

Kristin has such great determination and she seems to be very driven. She’s quite honest about her feelings and I’ve been very amused by her comments. I know she’s going to do super well in this competition!

danielle says:

why do they keep not letting kristen play in ammunity challanges based on her “medical health” whats going on?

Angel says:

What is the medical condition that prevents Kristen from participating on BL tonight?

MB says:


caitie says:

how did kristen win immunity??

mc says:

why did kristen not participate in challenges? medical reasons….but what????

Heather K says:

Kristen won immunity because she was the biggest loser on her team this week.

mel says:

does anyone know what the medical condition is that kept her from doing the challenge?

Rosie says:

I read somewhere that Kristen had a back problem and Dr. H. did not want her to participate in the challenges.

Jackie says:

When did that happen though? She always used to participate. Is this something new?

Warsaw says:

Kristin was seen in Warsaw, Indiana Sunday March 22 with her little dog and she was wearing a blue Biggest Loser T-Shirt. Still chubby though

Danielle says:


You are so freaking adorable. I honestly break up in tears every week when I hear your weekly interviews. This process is supposed to be about self improvement, and what brings me to tears every week is when you talk about how important this experience is for your mom, and for OTHER people. You are amazing. You are gorgeous inside and out, and I can’t wait until you can truly believe that yourself.

Heather K says:

Woohoo!!! Kristin broke the hundred pound record! I’m sooooooo glad it was her and not Tara. Kristin is an amazing woman and I hope that she keeps it up.

JOHN P says:

KRISTIN is by far my favorite. I watch every week cheering her on to the final spot!!! keep going!! she has the heart to win this !!

pansy says:

am i the only one sick of kristin? all she does is talk, talk, talk every single week. she keeps saying she hopes to be an inspiration to all other plus size women – however, she is still so chubby!

yes, she is the first woman to have lost 100 pounds. however, that is nothing compared to other contestants who went in weighing as much as her (over 300 pounds). what’s there to be proud of? she lost 100 pounds cos she is one of the heaviest woman to be in biggest loser. How does her making the 100 pound mark make her better than Tara or Felipe & his cousin? They too lost 100 pound. Tara lost more % fat than her and Felipe & Sione has lost more weight than her.

I have to admit she did GREAT on this week challenge!

Shannon says:

Kristen is awesome and for anyone to say other wise needs to check themselves at the door. To say that she is still chubby and has more weight to lose, what gives you the right. No wonder your name is “Pansy” because that is exactly what you are!!!!!!!! Never once has she ever said she was better than any other person at camp. She is a wonderful inspiration to all women every where. I am there with and for you Kristen all the way.

Jamie says:

I love your attitude and how you treat people. You are amazing! I wish you the best:):)

Neenah, WI says:

Kristen is a true example of Wisconsin pride and determination. We are all very proud of her and she does not need to say or do anything to prove herself to a sorry pansy like you. Keep up the great work Kristen !!!

Cheryl says:

Kristen is still very heavy, unattractive and annoying. Sorry Kristen but there are way to many cry babies on the show this season and she ranks number one in that category.

LEE says:

I have to disagree with Cheryl. I think that Kristin’s attitude is great. She is a magnificent person and deserves to win this competition. Tara is the crybaby and so is Ron and Mike. Felipe and Helen are okay they’re great.

kathy says:

I think Kristin is a sore loser. With her attitude, I have no doubt she and her mother would have done the same thing as Mike given the opportunity.

Jen says:

I’m sad that Kristen had to go home tonight. Of all the women she deserved to be there. She has been a great inspiration. It’s time for Tara to go home…Talk about a whiner!

Kim says:

I just love Kristin’s heart and her attitude! She is wonderful! I am so sorry she got voted off tonight, but I know she will go on, and keep loosing weight. Keep it up girl!! You are the best ever on the show!!!

Anonymous says:

so sad that Kristen got voted off. I actually cried. She has been an inspiration to me. Seeing her at the end of the show talking to the group of women was very emotional. I am very happy for her. Wish her the very best. Thank you Kristen, for sharing your struggle with us. You deserve the best.

Susan says:

I hope the best for Kristin and all the contestants; however, Kristin has to understand that the name of the show is The Biggest Loser. If you are the only person to gain weight two weeks in a row, you should expect to be voted off. She left the show ungraciously, blaming others instead of logically thinking it through.

Sarah says:

I will STRONGLY disagree with Cheryl. Kristin is a beautiful girl and has the greatest personality. Never once did she cry and whine about things not going her way and threaten to quit like Tara did. When Tara felt she was getting ganged up on and didn’t like some things that were happening she was threatening to quit and just walk away… Please. Kristen is fighting and I’ve now lost ALL the respect I had for Ron and Mike tonight. I now believe that Mike is truly afraid of fighting for what he wants and is afraid of having a little competition. I’m hoping and praying Kristin wins the at home part. Cheryl – It doesn’t matter that Kristen is still very heavy. I hope and pray you never have to deal with such issues. If you do I think your attitude would change. I feel sorry for you and have nothing but respect for Kristin….

Rach says:

Kristin is, at the risk of sounding entirely cliche, an unbelievable inspiration. Losing weight, biggest loser style or not, is not only about *being* a healthy weight, but about *getting* there. Even Kristin knows, based on her end-of-the-show comment, that she wants to be below 200 lbs. by the finale and is still overweight. But to look at her as she is now and say that all you can see is “chubby” is ludricous at best. Kristin seemed amazingly genuine, despite a bit of ‘game playing’ as things came to a close. Still, her progress and desire to “pay it forward” is beautiful and yes, inspiring.

Here’s hoping that all of us who struggle with our weight can achieve our own successes and find inspiration wherever it may be.

joe says:

kristen i just want to tell you that y our are truly an amazing woman. i cried when u got voted off tonight. i wanted so bad for u to be in the finale. tara is indeed a big crybaby. you and your mom(cathy) are truly remarkable. u and carla have been my favorites since the begining. you dererve t o win. i have found me a trud friend in you
i am so proud of you and love you always

ncsoccermom says:

I have never watched this show before but started this season because of Kristen. Something about her personality touched me and I have been rooting for her ever since. Being that overweight does something to you emotionally that does make you feel unworthy. Kristen is not only losing weight but fighting her own personal battle that she is worthy. She was voted off tonight and I’m not sure if I will watch the rest of this season or not. I may tune in for the final episode. I think she has what it takes to make some significant life changes. She may not be a “skinny minny” but I think she can keep off the weight she’s lost and get below 200 lbs. for sure. I also respect Felipe and he looks amazing.

As for the rest of the remaining crew —
Ron and Mike — I don’t know what to think of these 2. Ron is a charmer but he is not a nice man and does not have any integrity. He has used his son to save his own skin and he will throw anyone under the bus to save his son. I understand wanting to do whatever to save his son but his ends don’t justify what he is teaching his 18 yr old son about integrity and about being the sort of man that other people will respect. I predict Ron will gain all his weight back — Mike may have a chance with the weight and perhaps once he is living on his own at college, he will have some better role models with regards to personal integrity. I just couldn’t believe Ron lied so easily on camera tonight!
Tara — what a head case. So glad Jillian blasted her about her whining. I am tired of her winning all the challenges. Of course it is easier for her to lose the weight – she hasn’t been heavy her whole life. Something went wrong with her to cause her to be able to gain 100 lbs in a year and I personally don’t think she has done anything to tap into that. Her motivation for losing is not health or self-esteem, or whatever — she wants to win. I predict she will gain her weight back when there is no contest.
Helen — what kind of mom will send her daughter home in the first place and then after bringing her back sacrificed her again so she can stay. I don’t understand her at all — with a mom like that, hope you have someone else that will have your back!

sheree says:

Very sad to see Kristen go. She deserved to be there and Ron and his son planned this together. It’s too bad they did that to her. You go girl.. you are smart and an inspiration to women of all ages!

Tim says:

All I have to say is that this is “UNBELIEVABLE”. She is so dramatic when it talks I just want to turn off the TV!!!

If I hear Kristen say that word again I’ll go crazy!! She is completely annoying and talks way, way too much.

I like her mom, she is not annoying.

Cydney says:

I had been ambivelant about the other contestants for the most part, but always liked the way Kristin and her mother Cathy stuck to their beliefs. They did not change allegiences during the show to better their position. I truly enjoyed watching Kristin attack each challenge with the heart of an athlete. Watching Kristin losing weight and approaching her goal weight of 200 (my weight) made me feel I can get my weight under control. It is about a life choice; do you choose to be healthy or do you choose to take a risk with your life at your current weight.

I am truly disappointed in the outcome of the vote; I felt Mike would do the right thing. I hope Kristin persues a career in motivational speaking as I believe she has the spirit and the internal fortitude to make a difference and stay healthy. Too many contestents gain weight after the spotlight goes out. I believe Kristin is in it for the long haul. I would like to see a “Biggest Loser” Reunion show and evaulate past contestents to see if they have maintained their lifestyle. If this were to happen, I believe Kristin would win that challenge.

Kristin, please keep your spirit high and keep motivating people! I will be routing for you to take the At Home Challenge

Mandy says:

GO Kristen GO! We love you! You are an inspiration to the WORLD! YOU ROCK GIRL! Keep up the good work! Everytime you did a challenge.. you faced it head on.. and made it farther than most in all the challenges that you did! You kick girl!

RON ###T$%^@#$W^@#$%^&#$%^@$%&#$%

lorelai says:

Thank God Kristin is FINALLY gone. Good lord, that girl never shut up. Yap, yap, yap, yap, yap. She was so annoying. I give her kudos for dropping so much weight, but man, SHUT UP!!!!

Michael in Toronto says:

I am so sad that Kristin got voted off.

But Kristin… you are an inspiration and class act. Your smile, your attitude, your goodness… it was such a pleasure seeing you succeed each week.

It’s a shame Ron and Mike are so dishonourable.

Vicki says:

So sorry to see Kristin go home, but what an inspiration she has been! Way to go Kristen! You are the Biggest Winner in my book!

Tammy says:

Kristin! I just saw tonights episode and I’m so bummed that you were voted off. I wanted you to go all the way! I think that you are my favorite contestant that the show has ever had. I relate to the “unworthiness” that you have touched on this season. The comments that you made after you had a break through were so deep! We all deserve what this life has to offer. We all just have to put forth the effort and positive energy which is exactly what you have been doing since you walked onto the Biggest Loser campus. You hung in there all these weeks and kicked your own butt. That is what matters. I can’t wait to see what you look like and hear about how much more you have lost at the finale. Good luck and God bless!

Ruth R says:

I was saddened to see that Kristin was voted off last night. She is my favorite because she is so positive and funny. I think it was wrong of Ron to be underhanded when her got Kristin’s hopes up about Mike possibly voting for Helen to go home when he just turned around and encouraged Mike to vote for Kristin. That made me angry. Kristin is and will continue to be an inspiration to all who are struggling with weight issues.

Shannon says:

I’m so sad that Kristin is gone. This is the ONLY season of Biggest Loser that I’ve ever watched, and it’s all because she hooked me. I am shocked by Ron’s behavior, and how easily he lied! What’s with these people? If you’re going to play the game, fine, but OWN up to it! Don’t hide behind a sheepish face like “Oh, i didn’t know he was going to vote for you.” BS Same thing goes for Tara! All her whining about “Oh I need my partner, so sorry I can’t vote for Helen because I need her here with me!” OWN IT Tara, you’re eliminating Kristin because she’s your competition! We all see through it! And for God’s sake, pleeeeease stop whining!!
Kristin and Cathy, I love you both dearly. If you ladies lived in Ohio, we’d be BFs!

louise says:

Dearest Kristin,
Do not loose heart! Keep working like you have been. You have come amazingly far and most people want you to come out the winner. Your spirit and gumption and desire have really sustained you, to say nothing of your wonderful attitude. GO or it!! Win this whole thing in three weeks. Do not give up!!! We’re all pulling for you.
I’m sorry to say that Ron has one thing in mind..he has been quite manipulative from the beginnng, and wants the $250,000 for his son Mike. Who wouldn’t?
I’m glad Mike was able to confront his dad last night.
Shame on parents who let their little ones become obese by age three!

Julie says:

You have been my favorite contestant since the very beginning. I was drawn to you by your cheerful personality, dedication, and your good heart. You’ve always been true to yourself, and that is something you should be very proud of. I have to admit, I actually cried last night when you were voted off. You deserved to be there, but just remember that everything happens for a reason. You have such a HUGE group of people supporting you- I can’t wait to see what you look like at the season finale! Knock ’em dead, Girl!!!!! You look FABULOUS!!!! Thanks for the inspiration- You’re the “Biggest Loser” in my book!!! 🙂

As for Ron and Mike- what a HUGE disappointment. I never really liked Ron, but I am glad he at least kept his word and didn’t vote for Kristin. He knew that Mike had the deciding vote, and it is disheartening that Mike would be such a coward and vote for his biggest competition. I’ve lost total respect for both of them. I will be even more disappointed if Mike wins- the others better step up their game!


HI KRISTIN- Sorry you were vote off last night. I still think you should have won the challenge with the fish sandwich. It looked exactly like the new fish sandwich from a fast food restaraunt and it only has 470 calories.
You have been so determined since the beginning and you inspire many people to follow in your footsteps. More power to you. Keep on losing so we can see you under 200 at the finale!!!

TaraFan says:

Obviously I’m a huge Tara fan. I really could not stand Kristin. She just always had this attitude that she was better, more self-sacrificing etc. etc. Even when she was up for elimination she just makes it seem like she’s so hard done by. “I hope Mike is a man and does the right thing.” WHAT are you talking about??? It’s a game, it’s how you play. He wants to win, so he’s going to kick you off. Don’t even lie and say that if it was Mike and Helen below the line you’d vote for Helen.

She was annoying, and bossy, and just always thought her way was the best way. I was tired of her self-promoting speeches where she puts everyone down. This is why I dislike Helen. I wish both of them had got sent home =P

Go Tara Go!!!

Lou says:

Kristen, I am so sorry you were voted off last night. Ron and Mike (well, mostly Ron) are trouble. I think you deserved to win. I am so tired of listening to Helen whine and cry over everything. Tara is tough but you are tougher. Like so many of us, I can relate to many of the things you must feel being heavy. The most impressive thing you did was the 1/2 marathon. I was blown away at how well you did. You deserve to win – I would love to have the opportunity to hear you speak one day. I do hope that will happen. Keep up the great work and…you are the biggest loser in my book!

Rachel says:

I’m a big Tara fan too. She works hard especially when it matters. All of the contestants have had their doubts and thought about quitting – whether or not the camera caught it. Almost all of them were morbidly obese before the show started – of course there are going to be doubts and fears.

Kristin was so annoying – the cameras kept giving Kristin a chance to give her opinion about everything. My God, you’d think she would eventually have to breathe and let someone else talk! Kristin was almost always quoted saying something boring and meaningless – I’m so glad she got voted off. She was such a sore loser about the Good Housekeeping contest and about getting voted off.

Joanna says:

I love Kristin she has been such and inspiration. To the Tara fans you apparently dont watch the show that much cause I see Tara whining and being the most annoying. I really had no hard feelings toward her UNTIL she begged for everyone to keep Laura. The poor girl couldnt even walk and all Tara wanted to do was keep her there. How did she know that she wouldnt end up not being able to work out at all the next week and chance going home again. She was completely being selfish. I agreed with Jillan totally.

Kate from WI says:

I LOVE YOU KRISTEN!!! You are amazing and I so wished that you had won. All of the people saying that she had so much air time, thats not her fault. The production people did that. Dont blame her. Also, Tara is the whinner and so full of herself.

L says:

I agree with pansy! I was thrilled when Kristin got voted off FINALLY. Now others will get a chance to talk.
She is finally doing what she does best – talk. She might lose more weight if she would exercise her body more than her jaws.

James says:

Kristen, did an incredible job of losing the weight. I recently read that she was on the brink of high blood pressure, and diabetes. She was too young to carry 360 pounds, and I said she did the right thing to be in the show, and I took my hat off to her for losing 140 pounds, and hopefully, she would be a model.

Mike lost nearly 150 pounds, and he was too young to carry almost 400 pounds, he’s 18.

My predictions to win either: Tara, Mike, or possibly Filipe

Recognized the "God Father" from day one... says:

All Ron wants is for his son to win money. HE SHOWED NO SYMPATHY toward his son Max when he broke down…Mike had to step in and do that. I HATE RON….based on what I’ve seen.

Ron has been the down fall of this series….he is a disgrace.

Tiana says:

Kristin was, and is, such an incredible inspiration – a beautiful, genuine girl who is now showing on the outside who she is on the inside. i have never cried watching tv, but her elimination did it for me. week 15, where she asked to stay because she wanted to be healthy enough to have a baby – oh my lord, that broke my heart.

i hope mike’s game goes down in flames. he was such a sweet boy in the beginning, but has become such a jerk. guess my brother’s right – fat people are usually nicer. now that mike’s getting his physical act together and doesn’t rely on his personality to get by, he’s an ass!

felipe is my #1 now, but i almost wouldn’t mind tara (who i can’t stand) winning, just to shut mike & ron up.

nicole k. says:

Kristen you have been a great inspriration to me. You are a great person and deserved to make it to the end. I can’t wait to see you at the finale. I know you are working out and are going to look great at the finale. I know you can do it, iI have seen how you ar on the television and you are a fighter and a strong women.

Kelly G. says:

Centerville, IN

Kristen you have been such a blessing to watch thi season! You have an attitude like I have, never give up because you know you can accompkish what you set your mind to. 2 1/2 years ago I started the South Beach Diet. Then I started taking Adipex to help with hunger. I have now lost 102 lbs. and I feel great. I am at 156 and I started at 258. It is hard. I maintain a 1500 calorie diet and eat less than 44 grams of fat per day. I exercise and never want to be heavy again. You motivate me to keep going! I wish you and your mother luck! You will hit your 180 lb. goal! I think you are a beautiful person inside and out and your personality shines! You are what the “Biggest Loser”is all about! You are there to get healthy so you can start a family and I was sad you were voted off. I can’t wait until the finale when you come back and kick some butt!! I pray that you beat Tara!! You are an inspiration! I talk about your success to the high school girls I work with, many of them have low self esteem and seeing your accomplishment have been a blessing. YOU GO GIRL!! You are gorgeous and you are an individual that likes to be different no matter what others think! Good luck at the finale!! Kick some Butt!! GO BLUE!!

Denise S. says:

I wasn’t so disappointed to see Kristin go home. There were four obvious people that should have been on the Biggest Loser to the end and Kristin – you are one of them. What an inspiration you are. I’ve heard this so many times “If I can do it so can you”, but I never believed it until you said it. Keep going Kristin – I wouldn’t be surprised to see you win the at home competition. One question – what kind of business do you own?

Jessica T. says:

Hey kristin I hated that you was voted off. you reminded me of myself. am a mom of two boys and I weigh 265 lbs I for some reason can’t lose weight. I have tried everything I have been heavy all my life I am ashamed because all my sisters weigh under 10 lbs I hate going to visits when we have get togethers because I am the biggest person there. I have no hope We live in a two bedroom trailor and there is not much room to do anything in here. and I have no support on losing weight. I am all alone when it comes to that. But I hope you when the 100.000 good luck

Lisa M says:

I am soooo proud of you! You are certainly an inspiration to all. You fought the fight and did a great job. So sad you aren’t the BIGGEST loser, but you are one of the best! You will always be remembered as one of the Biggest Losers!

Kellina says:

Kristen rocks! I started to watch the show maybe 4 weeks ago and just adored Kristen from the start. She is an amazing person inside and out. Unlike the other people still on the show.

Ron and Mike – EW! Talk about backstabbers. Ron should stop focusing on Mike and actually take a look in the mirror. Mike is a big boy, he can handle himself and lose weight all on his own. Then again I don’t think it’s the weight they want to lose its the money they want to gain…

Tara- It’s great she has lost so much weight and congrats to her! After watching her beg for everyone to keep her “broken” friend on was UNBELIEVABLE! That’s when I decided I didn’t care much for her anymore. Soo selfish.

Helen- Don’t know why, but I just don’t like her LOL. It’s like she attached herself to Laura and Tara just for a secure vote at the ranch. She doesn’t need to be there. She weighs the least and frankly doesn’t deserve it.

Ps- ::Kristen haters:: If Kristen is so annoying then you should of just muted the tv. All these comments about her being “annoying”… is ANNOYING! SHUT UP!

Amanda says:


I think what you have accomplished is amazing!! During an episode of the biggest loser you stated that you would like to share your knowledge and experience while on the ranch with others. I would love the opportunity to speak with you about diet tips and exercise. You have been an inspiration to me. I hated to see that you were voted off of the show. I think you deserved a chance to be in the final three. Even though I am not classified as obese, I have weight issues that I struggle with. Good Luck! and keep up the good work!!

dana says:

Anyone know how to contact Kristin? I’d love to send her a personal ty!

Ruth R says:

Wow! I have been a big fan of yours for the whole season. Your new hair color/style really shocked me at first but you looked fantastic yesterday! I know that you are proud of what you have accomplished. It came really close there vying for the at home prize. I know that you will continue to inspire others with your words of wisdom!

Jo Bak says:

Kristen, I was rooting for from the start, I cried when I saw you last night on the Finale. You looked great, you go girl….What drew me to you was your personality, and your drive. And the ability to face game play, you did great, keep up the good work, and never forgert where you have been!!!!Congratulations! Jo Bak

cindy says:

this was the first time i watched biggest loser& im so sad it over!!you were my fav & i wanted you to win so bad!! but you showed them all last night. you looked so great& i love your hair!! im a 38 yr old housewife from indiana and im 5 feet& weigh 200. you are the reason ive been walking& watching what i eat. you are such a down to earth person & hopefully soon i can feel good about myself too.thanks so much kristen!! i wish you had a myspace or facebook!

griffapottomus says:

You are the Biggest Loser in my book, the total package. If America could of voted, you would of been the winner!

Donna says:

Kristen was and is still my Biggest Loser Winner. She’s intelligent, motivated and is an inspiration to me.
I’ve never weighed 360, but I did weigh 301 at one point in my life. It wasn’t a good place to be, so from my personal experience, I know what she went through, physically,mentally and emotionally.
Helen appears to have lost too much weight; in my opinion she needs to gain 15 pounds. At her time of weigh-in at the Finale, she looked gaunt and too thin; she’s lacking muscle tone in her arms and torso. No disrespect intended, because I like Helen. I thought she looked radiant and healthy at the Final 4 weigh-in; in my opinion, that should be her ideal weight.
Personally, between Helen and Tara, I would have preferred Tara to win, simply because she overcame a lot of her issues that were indeed going to hold her back
(i.e. when she was feeling that she was being “ganged up on”; Laura gave her an amazing pep talk! When Laura was being voted off because of her fractured hip, Tara had a meltdown, but Jillian gave her hell and Tara snapped out of it very quickly!)
I actually liked Felipe in the beginning; I loved his drive, his laugh and sense of humor! Then, mid-way through, he became an emotional, pouting grown man, because Jillian didn’t spend any time with him in the gym that day. He wanted nothing to do with Jillian from that point on. Whatever. It didn’t cause any animosity between Jillian and Bob; they’re professionals and good friends. FYI I love you both, Bob and Jillian; I’d be honored to have either one of you to be my trainer!
Nonetheless, I wish them all well and continued success

Edna says:


Out of all the biggest loser seasons that I have watched, you have been my biggest inspiration. It has inspired me to try harder, exercise and eat right, and quit expecting my extra weight to magically fall off. I am so proud of you.

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