Biggest Loser 7: Mike Morelli

Mike Morelli Joins as Biggest Loser Correspondent

Biggest Loser 2nd Place Winner – Mike Morelli

Keep up with Mike’s journey on Biggest Loser: Couples all season long. Mike joins partner and father Ron during the show’s seventh season.

Age 18

Hometown South Lyon, MI

Occupation Student

Teammate Ron Morelli, father

Team Color Brown

Trainer Bob Harper

Starting Weight 388

Final Weight 181

Total Loss -207


  • Youngest player in the show’s history
  • Team lost most weight week 1, won immunity
  • Week 9 weigh-in did not air, episode “to be continued”
  • Broke a Biggest Loser, lost 134 pounds of fat in three months
  • Hit the 100 pound weight loss mark in week 10
  • Completed marathon week 18 in 8:58:02


  • “This is the worst possible scenario for this week.” – Week 4


Other Spellings Mikey, Michael, Mik, Mick, Marelli, Moreli, Morelly


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