Biggest Loser 7: Mike Morelli

Mike Morelli Joins as Biggest Loser Correspondent

Biggest Loser 2nd Place Winner – Mike Morelli

Keep up with Mike’s journey on Biggest Loser: Couples all season long. Mike joins partner and father Ron during the show’s seventh season.

Age 18

Hometown South Lyon, MI

Occupation Student

Teammate Ron Morelli, father

Team Color Brown

Trainer Bob Harper

Starting Weight 388

Final Weight 181

Total Loss -207


  • Youngest player in the show’s history
  • Team lost most weight week 1, won immunity
  • Week 9 weigh-in did not air, episode “to be continued”
  • Broke a Biggest Loser, lost 134 pounds of fat in three months
  • Hit the 100 pound weight loss mark in week 10
  • Completed marathon week 18 in 8:58:02


  • “This is the worst possible scenario for this week.” – Week 4


Other Spellings Mikey, Michael, Mik, Mick, Marelli, Moreli, Morelly


168 Responses to Biggest Loser 7: Mike Morelli

Carli says:

is it just me or is he a cutie:]
i think i am right

lizz says:

Ahh he is such a Hotttieee cant wait to see how biggest loser changes everyone! but mike mmmmmm! : D

webgoddess says:

He is a cutie, but too young for me πŸ˜‰

KC says:

if he lost alot of weight..he’s gunna be sooo hott

Katie says:

He is so cute. You guys are right.

HAH says:

He’s a totally cutie pie:) love him!!!

Carla says:

oh god he is so hot. i cant even tell you. i cant wait till the results when he comes back all buff and what not.

Carli says:

no i mean…
i like the way he looks right now.
to me looks dont matter.
i would think he was cute at 388 or 588:)
call me a chubby chaser:)))

HAH says:

so tru I’d totally date him πŸ™‚

Gracie says:

I love Mike!!! i think he is sooo cute! and he is such a great guy, he seems really nice πŸ™‚

Mellissa says:

I love watching this show especially cause he is still on it.
I’m so glad that he and his dad didnt go home this week..

HAH says:

I was so scared that he might be leaving…I was so excited when he didn’t. I think I would stop watching if he left πŸ™‚

Carli says:

i sure as hell hope he is single.
or i might go insane:}


ps- go brown team;)

Carli says:

anyone here?
i need someone to blog with.
i feelll lonelllyyy!


ashley says:

he is sooooo hot whether he loses the weight or not!!!! i’ll date him eother way!!!!!

Jeff says:

Hey dude! From a fellow 18-year-old, I hope you win! I’ve never seen such a young person on a reality T.V. show before (not counting The Amazing Race: Family Edition). I pray that God will bless you and lead you to accomplish all of your dreams!

HAH says:

I’m so glad that Mike’s still in the game πŸ™‚ I’m rooting for brown team all the way!!!

elise says:

he is my best friend’s boyfriend’s old roommate at msu i think. lol.

Cate says:

I really look at him like a guide almost. I am 18 years old too and I am dealing with a weight problem. He helped me see that if he can do it, I can too!

HAH says:

GO MIKE!!! Last night was amazing!!! Keep up the good work– I’m rooting for you!

Charlana says:

I think he is ADORABLE. And such a sweetheart, he has a lot of heart.
I’d date him too. πŸ˜›

bem11 says:

i think hes adorableee. want to know if he has a facebook or myspaceee

I says:

Mike is SOOOOOOOOOO hot!

angela says:

I think that he looks like an over weight James Lafferty ‘Nathan, from one tree hill’. He is so cute and very nice. I’d date him lol

Carli says:

oh yah:DD
so im not the only one:DD
and he has a myspacee.
he hasnt been on sice like nov. though.


Maurizia says:

ahh ofc mike is cute! i want him so badly! im 18 too =D cant wait see his result this tuesday

JEFF says:

I think that Mike has what it take to win.I also know that if he was to win ,that he would inspire so many young people and children.The are so many children and young adults that struggle with there weight,Mike is an excellent example on how with determation and the will to do so that weight loss can be accomplised. I aslo believe that there are alot of people out there that are routing for him.I know that mike does not think that he can do it without he father on his team,but know he should have more determination to win than ever before,he is strong enough.I also believe that if he is sent home that the rarings for this show will go down,I wish that Mike could read this,he is a excellent example for all of us.

hanna says:

I thought it was just me! I think he’s so cute…I can’t wait until the finale when he is EVEN CUTER

carlina says:

mike is such and inspiration
hes a great person on the inside and out
and i even thought he was cute before but hes even cuter now! πŸ˜‰

Dawn says:

i totally love this guy, he is so sweet and so cute even at 388. i would date him for sure…<3

aly says:

He is sooo adorable…he is so sweet, really cute and a true NICE guy (which is so hard to come by) and any girl would be lucky to have him…including me <3

Krys says:

Yeah I noticed mike was cute since the beginning

He’s a nice guy and now he’s gonna be real health conscious?! Good stuff! πŸ™‚ <3

Mike . ….. Give me a call

Dima says:

Love Mike. In the last few episodes, it’s been nice to see him smiling a bit more. It seems like he’s feeling a bit more comfortable and confident now, which is awesome. What a great, sweet kid.

lovemike says:

he’s too young for me but he is a cutie!! and a sweetie as well giving his years groceries to Aubry. I was so proud of him… be 18 again…

adrianna says:

omg. mikey i love u. after the show i think we should so go out. u r my favorite on the show. ur sooo sweet and awesome and ur totally cute.

Rachel says:

I’m glad to find more people who think Mike has the cutest face! I haven’t watched the show from the beginning, and honestly, I think I watch it just to see him. He’s very inspiring and you have to admire his determination to drop the weight at such a young age. I can’t wait to see him at the finale… he’s going to be a hottie!

Laura says:

I feel exactly the same way! I feel silly because I can’t believe I actually have a crush on somebody on a reaity TV show. He’s a very kind, generous, adorable and attractive guy…and I’m 18 too! Ohh, one can dream, right? His dad seems like a sweetheart too and he raised him very well, it makes me smile to see the brown team succeed!!!

Crystal says:

after reading all these posts, I’m glad all of you feel how I do about Mike.. from the beginning I thought he was sooo cute and as the weeks progress, he not only looks hotter as time goes by, but he is one of those few young guys out there who have a good heart. Giving his groceries away was so selfless and admirable, and his confidence has been boosting within the past couple weeks. Seeing him smile is rewarding. He’s an inspiration for all kids struggling with their weight. On a final note, I can’t wait to see how sexy he looks at the finale!!

Ashley says:

ahhhhhhhh! hes hot
i love himmmm!
i want to marry him!
my dream is to meet him!
ahhhh mike i love love love you!

Barbara says:

when i saw mike on the first episode i thought he was cute but as he continued to lose weight he has just gotten cute and cuter!!! i really would love to meet him!! he seems so nice!!! and a super plus is that he is my age!!!! =)

Brooke says:

Well, lol, yeah, so I totally have a “t.v. crush” on Mikey, too. In the beginning of the show, I thought, he’s a cutie, but he’s too young for me. haha and then I got to see his true colors and amazing personality throughout these months, and I couldn’t deny my little crush. I mean, I’m only 20 so it’s not a big difference or anything, but yeah. Sometimes I wonder if I watch just to see him each week, I know that’s silly. Mike, you have captured our hearts! Looks like you have a few girls chasing after you, lol. You are adored! You’re parents did an INCREDIBLE job raising you as a truly honorable and humble man!

HAH says:

Mike has done so AMAZING so far, and I just saw a comparison photo of how he started and how much weight he’s lost and he looks GREAT!!!! If I thought he started off looking good, he looks HOT right now!! Plus he’s so kind and generous! I’m rooting for you MIKEY!

lori says:

he is such a good kid…..they have such a wonderful relationship….his father should be so proud….he is going to make some woman very happy…what a true gentleman and class act…congratulations ron!

miranda says:

he’s such a cutie. i love him to death. can’t wait to see what he does in the future.

Starley says:

I myself wish I could do what everyone on this show is doing…I’m 26 and need to lose weight. So every week I tune in and watch, but this time I find myself watching Mike and he is inspiration to me. I know he is way too young for me, but you can’t help but look at him and have some kind of feelings. He is a sweet guy and makes me wish I could only find a guy my own age who is 10 percent of the man he is(would love to find one who is 100 percent, but won’t push it). Good Luck Mike! To Ron and your family you raised a great son.

Brooke says:

Hey Mike! Got done watching this weeks show a little bit ago, Im dropping in again to show some love and support. way to go, 11 pounds this week, you rock!!! I know that you have probably been home from the show for quite a while now, and I cant imagine how great you must look and feel at this point. in any case, im so proud of you! Ill keep in touch on here to show my support!

Jen says:

he is the cutest!!! really handsome, he makes this one face when he closes his eyes like hes so shy…its adorable, and when he smiles it makes me smile right back.. so proud of you mike, good luck to you, your father and your family.

iliana says:

haha… you girls are hilarious. He is cute! My aunt and I always talk about how he’s going to look so good when he loses all the weight. I’m hoping he wins but he needs to concentrate on the weight loss and not on the game. And it clearly showed on last night’s episode that if he doesn’t concentrate on losing the weight and starts stressing about the game, he does not pull a big number.

Leah says:

Mike is actually my cousin, so it’s kind of funny to see all the comments here. But it’s so wonderful to know that all these people hope he’s going to win! I really think he can win and I think he is a wonderful inspiration to everyone, and Uncle Ron is too! I know they have both been inspiring the rest of my family and me! I can’t wait until I can visit him and catch up with him! So as everything progresses, I always look forward to Tuesday nights so I can figure out what’s new! Can’t wait to see how Michael and Uncle Ron look at the finale! Great work guys! πŸ™‚

hanna says:


I’m so happy that someone else finds the remarkable resemblance between Mike and James Lafferty from One Tree Hill..

Pooja says:

mike is GORGEOUS! i cannot wait to see what he looks like at the finale! and he’s only 2 years older than me! mike, if you ever read this, PLEASE contact me. i want to go out with mike so bad! he truly seems like a nice guy with a good heart, and he cares about his father and everyone else. even when he was 388lbs, he was so hott!!! i love mike!!!

Anonymous says:

Sorrrrrry girls he is taken. I love Mike, ever since the 1st show i thought he was GORGEOUS… and so sweet and nice, and he is italian just like me πŸ™‚ He is my man!!!

Veela_girl says:

Mikey is soooo cuuuteee! i love him.. he loooks like the man of my dreams…:-* πŸ˜€

Elizabeth says:

Mike, you need to know how inspiring you are to everyone who watches this show. If there were ever a situation where we could actually speak, I would love to tell you how much of an inspiration you are to me and this world. Email me anytime,. You are truly amazing.

Liz says:

Italian, sweet, HOTTIE (even before the weight loss)– we’re meant to be.
And we’re the same age. =D
This week’s episode just showed how kind and manly he is. He can be sympathetic and cry and STILL keep his masculinity. He’s amazing.
He’s beautiful. I hope he wins– for all of us young folks out there.

Liz says:

By the way, Mike, if you ever read this– I’d gladly take you on as a personal trainer. πŸ˜‰

Esther says:

i want to have mike’s babies.

Megan says:

OMG He is so so so so so so so FREAKIN cute!!! His smile seriously makes me just want to melt. Love you Mike!!! You look so handsome in your suit too. πŸ™‚

Louise says:

lol you guys are so cute. yes, mikey is a cutie (i’m already married AND twice his age lol), but I have the highest respect for all of these contestants. it’s really hard work! GREAT JOB to all, especially Mikey and “Uncle” Ron :-)))

Calley says:

I love Mike,
I seems like the coolest, sweetest and nicest guy.
He always seems to have a positive attitude and I just love him
I wouldn’t mind dating him.
I seems so sweet.
**I hope he WINS!!!

Bee says:

I just watched this weeks episode, Mike is getting hott. Haha.


Calley says:

Mike is going to make some girl very happy one day.

Emily says:

I thought he was adorable when he first got on the ranch. He immediately became my favorite contestant. I am so proud of him.. he is such a cutie pie, and I can’t wait until he wins the title of The Biggest Loser. Keep up the good work, and congrats on breaking Roger’s record! πŸ™‚

Isa says:

I totally agree. Mike is very cute. He’s just seems to be a likeable person. I would also date him. My “tv crush” grows every week. <3

HI says:

ahhh hes such a hottie now!
and he really seems like a cool guy.

alexandra says:

I thought he was adorable when he first got on the ranch. He immediately became my favorite contestant. I am so proud of him. he is so sexy.I can’t wait until he wins the title of The Biggest Loser. Keep up the good work, and congrats on breaking Roger’s record!

16 years

Samantha (; says:

So cute.
But looks like I got some competition(;
Tara and Mike are soooo gonna be the final two

Katlyn says:

Mike is so adorable, ever since i first saw him i thought he was cutest thing ever. I really want to met him. πŸ™‚

Sara says:

I’m absolutely in love with him. I keep trying to find him on facebook/myspace or w/e… I plan on marrying him someday. lol he’s perfect. He looks amazing and he keeps looking better and better each week!!!

sammi says:

mike your my dream guy!!

joe says:

mike u are so amazing and i hope you win!! you are truly a good kid and deseve the best. i cried when you gave your 1000 food to aubrey who has 5 kids. you are what makes us true americans. also i cried when you your brother max saw you and i praythat he loses as mu ch as you once you and your dad get home. the emotion between you and max is wh at true brothers are. i see you truly love and care for your li ttle brother. you are by far a good friend and big brother. take care of max!!!!!

nikki says:

26-and married for 6 years, but still thinks mike is so hot! he really can win too. and be so happy:)

nisey says:

When I first saw Michael on The Biggest Loser I thought he was cute, even if he was a fat man because that’s okay, I’m a little chubby myself but as the journey went on, I was always with him and his father plus Kristin, no matter what, now it’s down to the final five and I’m with him. At first I was cheering everybody on but as it dropped, I stuck with Mike and his father because they really did needed to lose the weight. I’m a seventeen year old female and is in my two hundreds so watching the show inspires me, all players have because they never quit. Now that Mike has lost a whole lot of weight, he’s no longer cute or the cute fat kid, he’s a handsome man. I really do believe he’s going to win, it will be down to him and Tara. I hope he wins, that way him and his dad will be able to help his brother. They still can help him but that way they can help him without struggling. So good luck Mikey boy! You and the others have inspired me, love yall! =)

Alexandria says:

i wish i knew what college he was going to! maybe i’ll meet him in class one day….. πŸ™‚

Connie says:

Man, he is such a lil hottie now, but he has always been adorable. Too bad i am like 10 yrs older than him

Philip says:

OMG!!! Mike is soo sexy!!! I would so date him in a heartbeat

Rene` says:

It’s funny how now that he has lost wait,females think he is the hottest thing ever…..(even though he is.. πŸ™‚ )


Rene` says:

haha totally was suppose to be WEIGHT*
you guys know what i meant…oopsie hehe!

dana says:

he is so hot =) im so glad he lost weight.

me says:

I love Mike so much! I really hope he wins. I know I’m kind of young for him (14) but it’s only 4 years, right? It’s good to see him coming out of his shell. Mike, if you read this, I love you so much and want to marry you some day! You are my favorite contestant ever!

Ashley A. says:

Buahhahha. He’s mine!!

Although I am routing for Tara to win, I would like to marry him >;]

Hehehe I seem like a stalker.

Before I even knew about him I wanted to marry a hot Italian. Who better than Mike?

He is probably the legendary chick magnet now. :]

Alaina says:

Mike you are amazing! You’re such an inspiration to young people everywhere! If you win then that’s fantastic but even if you don’t you’ve accomplished so much! You are an incredible person bud πŸ™‚

wendy says:

Mike You Are SO HOT!!!!!

Stephanie says:

i started watching this season at week 12 and when i saw him i had to watch all the episodes and i think i just watch the show to see him. he is so nice especially when he gave his groceries to aubrey. i thought that was really nice. and he is really hot. i’m so happy there are other people who think this too.

Maddi says:

Mike is so cute! He has helped me want to go out and work out as much as he does..
I can tell already that when he goes back to school he will have all the girls:)

kris thames says:

hey mike morelli i pray that god will this for you and he will doit for youjust pray my friend i know that you cancan do it.. what ever you do just. pray trust. their are lot of people are over .weight on to night show their want you to win. one day god will bless you . i can not wait for the next bigger loser if any one out their dont want you to win i will for you from kris thames lives in mississippi take care my friend mike morlli so icall for you to win toight show all ways trust god my friend dont cry if you louser this on next time i dont you to go home. just be happied my friend and dont for get that god love you a lot i pray their hope love joy happied in your life so take care my friend now you have a friend names kris thames my family is pray for you mike morelli from the thames family from florence ms in rankin countrey we love you good………………………………………………………………………………………………………. luck mike good bye

lisa payton says:

hey mike i hpoe you win to night go mike what ever you do just pray that god will be with you go go mike

tamiko says:

good luck mike we all love you i pray that god will do it for you

Melanie says:

I hope that all of you guys are going to vote for Mike. I don’t ever vote for things like this because I always figure that everyone else feels the same way I do and the votes will reflect that. Last year Ed and Heba were the two people that America had to decide between. They both pleaded for America to vote for Heba, but Ed was the one voted in. It doesn’t seem like anyone would vote for Ron, but people are funny. Just out of curiosity, I dialed the number to vote for Ron and of course it was busy. I suppose those are Tara and Helen fans. Anyway, Mike we all love you and are hoping for the best for you. You absolutely deserve it!!!!

Jessica says:

you inspired me
you should keep in contact with me πŸ™‚

Melanie says:

Oh, I just happened to read on another website that it’s Mikes birthday today. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessica says:

Mike is one of a kind. I would love to meet him one day, and just talk with him. He seems so intelligent and caring, that it baffles my mind that there are guys like him out there. Just when I think I only like bad boys, someone like Mike comes along and shows me that I really do like sweet, sensitive, shy, emotional guys. I hope someone like Mike graces me with their presence one day, or even Mike himself. I must say, I have a huge “TV Crush” on him and I hope he succeeds in everything he wants to, and he’ll make a wonderful, compassionate surgeon someday. And there aren’t a lot. I know, I work at a hospital. So Mike, if you ever read this, good luck on all your future endeavors. You’re an inspiration and you’re stronger than you’ll ever know. I really hope I get to meet you one day, just to talk. I’ll be content if we don’t get married either. πŸ˜‰

cougar says:

Mike is very cute.. has the nicest smile!!!!

Eyda says:

Very proud of you Mike, good example for the younger generation, they can do it. They just need will power I will say thank you because you had change my life I had loss 30 pounds, thanks thanks thanks.

God bless you

Justi says:

He is such a HOTTIE!! Hope he makes it to the Finale! He did great!!

Keith W says:

I think most of the weight Mike lost was in his male genitalia because Tara keeps whooping his sissy butt. The men this season are an embarrassment led by Mike. I can’t wait for the finale. I bet Mike will be voted off by America and Tara will whip ’em all for one last time.

love says:

he is sooo cute!
he is so sweet to his father!

and he’s not too old for me;)

Alexandria says:

Awh. (: So I’m not the only one who thinks he’s adorable. Good. i was laughed at, but I’ve like fallen in love with this boy. Not only does he inspire people, he’s just amazingly sweet. And he’s so handsome. I’ve loved him right from the very beginning. No lie. He’s one of a kind, and I want so badly to meet him.

Dewwacker says:

Gotta be a better way for us to vote at the end like texting or something as I never got buzz buzz busy single

Kristi says:

I agree Mike is adorable. He wins more hearts of young ladies the more weight that comes off, lol. But, I think throughout the journey he has been genuine. People say he was trying to play the game by kicking off Kristen, but I disagree. I’ve been rooting for Mike since day one. His smile is a ray of light. πŸ™‚ I’ve two years older than him but still find him cute. I guess I’m not too old, lol. I hope his hip is repaired so he can lose as much weight as he can. I understand losing weight at the ranch vs. at home is totally different. There is a whole lot of stress at home and some people even gain weight at home. Just look at past Biggest Losers who have almost gained ALL their weight back. Anyway, I was disappointed that Mike had to walk the marathon. I really hope his hip is better by now. πŸ™‚

Mal says:

Mike is AMAZING, he is soooo inspiring, and is pretty much freakin’ hot! I thought he was cute before the weight loss too…but OH MY GOSH, very good looking now, I have SUCH a crush on him!

Alexis says:


Charlie says:

Mike you are the coolest guy ever, very inspiring and bro keep up the hardwork =) Would be cool to meet you, I have a inspiring story about myself…

Milanna says:

Mike this is Milanna. I want to tell you that I voted for you to be in the final three. I hope you got in. And I want to tell you I’m proud of your accomplishment. I’m trying to lose weight also. So please feel free to email me anytime you want. here is my email address. [email protected]. and plus I live in Indiana so were not that far away from each other. I hope you can email me. I need some help losing some weight.
Your,friend Milanna

Michelle says:

My mom wants me to marry him haha. He’s such a great guy.
I totally would (;

Hannah says:

OMG I TOTALLY love mike! he is very inspiring and shows me any one can do anything for example he is only what 18 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!….so ya…its between mike and Tara?…hmmm…who do i want to win? think mike but idk?

Scott says:

He is one hot stud. He is so sexy

Anonymous Spouse says:

He is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

natalie says:

he is such a cutie!!!!!! and he looks so amazing now!!! my family wants me to marry him lol i really would haha

Valerie says:

He has always been hot!!! =)

Allyse says:

Congrats goes out to Mik. I was hoping that he would win but making it to the final three is a great feat! He is an inspiration to anyone and might i add, it would be a great honor to meet him. any chance he’s going to Central in the fall? =]

Madisyn says:

Hey, I think that Mike is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He has one of the greatest smiles and an amazing personality. I would really like to meet him. With much love and respect, Madisyn

bmel says:

mike woo!!!! shucks that’s amazing.

Rachel says:

OMG! Mike looks sooooooo hot! Too bad he didn’t win, because he’s gorgeous. I thought he was cute from the very beginning, but now the guy is unbelievably hot! I bet all the girls from school dig him now, I know I’d totally date him ’cause he seems like such a sweet and nice guy (no matter I’m 5 years older than him). Go Mike!

Ruth R says:

Mike, you have so many fans now! You look fantastic and you did an amazing job losing your weight. I know you will continue what you have learned and will help your brother as well. You are a true inspiration- best wishes to you!

Nila says:

Congrats to all the players who lost the weight they all looked great. I have to agree with everyone on here. Mike is totally smokin hot now. He had a cute face before and a great smile, but now he has a very good looking face and a sexy smile. I am a 37 yr old mother of two kids ,and not ashamed to admit that an 18 yr old is hot. I always looked forward to the Biggest Loser every Tuesday night. Every time he would smile I would smile. His smile would just make anybody melt. He will have to fight off the girls now.

patty says:

I really had hoped that Mike would win the show. he was truly a sweet young man with a good heart. he deserved to win the money.

melissa says:

way to go mikey! i was hopin ud win it but i know to you and your father you already did… ur an insperation to me i love u! – mel

jin says:

he’s only 18 but i think he is adorable.. i was hoping that he would win the entire show and become “the biggest loser” but i’m sure he has no complaints with his new life and good-looking face and body of his.. lol.. way to go mike!

GS says:

I just think Mike is the cutest thing! I am a 37 yr old married mother with a 9 yr old but have been watching on and off b/c of him. Totally crushing on him. When he walked out last night all I could think was that girls were gonna be on him like white on rice b/c he’s so hot now! Good for him! He lost the weight and I hope he keeps it off. He’s got his whole future ahead of him now! Way to go Mike and Ron. Ron at least had his kid’s best interests at heart with his manipulations. Helen should not have won. She looked AWFUL! Tara and Mike should have been at the top!

Deena Marie says:

he is sooooo cute!!! I wish he lived near me!

leemjr says:

What an inspiration. I wish he would of won. But actually he did, he won a battle for himself an should consider himself a WINNER!! Very cute too!!

candace says:


Kim says:

I LOVE MIKE!! He is such a sweetheart. Go mike!

arrielle says:

he is SO sweet and omg he has gotten HOTT lol

arrielle says:

hey mike im only a year younger ; ) lol

Erin says:

Mike looks soo good now!!!
I think he is truly a role model for kids that may be over weight and think that they can’t do anything about it…. If you try hard and are motivated to change your life you can….
Way to go Mike keep it up!!!

Jill says:

Mike looked great and so did Ron. I’ve always pulled for the brown team. Cant stand Tara – always crying and touching everyone after they weighed. Whats up with that? Helen is just too thin. I dont even think Ali weighed that little when she won and Ali was short. Helen is 5’6 or 5’7 isnt she?

Anyway, Mike can either wait on my just turned teenaged daughter to grow up or I can be his sugar mama! LOL – just kidding. But he is a doll.

Dick says:

Hope Mike will be able to help his brother. Was sad to see the way his mother was looking at him.

jamie says:

Wow, omg yes mike is super hot! I’m 27 and not ashamed to admit that he’s smokin’! You can tell he’s always been a great person (like when he gave his groceries to Aubrey), but I think the weight was holding him back, making him shy and unhappy. I can definitely relate to that. All season they’ve been saying he grew from a boy into a man, and I totally agree. You can see the confidence beaming out of him, and check out that smile! When I saw him onstage last night I literally had to catch my breath. Way to go, Mike!

And yes, I also hope he and his dad will be able to help Max…looking at him in the audience he looked like he has lost some weight, and you can tell he wants it, so I’m hoping they (and hopefully Biggest Loser) can help him too.

Rena from Indiana says:

I would like to say a HUGE “Thank You” to Mike. Mike and Filipe and Sione were my inspiration. I am 26 years old, I weighed 239 pounds. I wasn’t “pleasantly plump” or “big boned” I was disgustingly fat. I have a shirt that says “chubby and dangerous” and here recently I bought a shirt that says “fat people are hard to kidnap” after watching Mike, Filipe and Sione, I decided it was time to do something about it. If I could publicly humiliate myself by wearing these shirts, I could publicly humiliate myself by walking into a gym. So, here we are…29 days later, and I have already lost some weight. I step on the scale once a week now…but up until last night, it was once a month. Last night is the first time I stepped on the scale since April 15th when I weighed 239. Last nights reading was 218 and I was so happy, all I could do was cry. Thank you Mike…I wish so bad I could meet you in person to let you know how much you have inspired me! You are making me feel more confident in myself!

Amielia says:

He’s kinda, stealing my heart…

I have fell in love<3

Allison says:

ugh i love this show πŸ˜€

lori says:

I think mike stole everyone’s hearts <3

KEN says:

am so jealous he lost all that weight in 4 mooooonths? i lost 60 lbs in 11 months. thats saaaaad

KEN says:

o i was 260 back then too but i lost 60 lbs already. and need to lose 20 more lbs to reach my ideal weight. i wonder if mike would give me his meal plans… πŸ˜€

Lacey says:

Wow Mike this has to be such amazing feeling for you…and look you have the looks and personality that every girl and woman will drool for… man it was because of you I watched this years Biggest loser…once i seen you my heart stopped when they announced you and your father….I mean look how far you came and your dad….believe it or not but I was crying every time you guys did:P Especially the end of the marathon man did I just cry…with your inspiration I will help my brothers to become what they want…I will show them videos of you and they will look up to you…or punch me out haha….one last thing your such a heart throb not only to Americans but to Canadians;) and other countries watching

griffapottomus says:

Ya should of voted off Helen,and did us all a favor. She was the biggest threat. Oh, well what goes around comes around. You looked great, healthy and you worked hard. Keep it up and I hope you can help your brother turn it around.

sunita says:

I am so very happy for mike and his dad.. MIKE is looking so cute !! I wish that he would of won !

Hoopchic says:

Mike is now a hotty!!!!! i screamed when i fricken saw him on the finale!!!! Mike you are such a cutie!

bubbette says:

mike pulled at the hearstrings of america. was pulling for him to win the top prize. he earned it. he is gonna make one hot surgeon. am really proud of himand his father. they are why i continued to watch the show. hope his brother max is able to do what mike and ron did.

Goings says:

I go 2 the same high school as him jet a couple years behind him. I was when he didn’t win. His brother is nice, I hope he dropsthe weight.

Jenna says:

Yeah, Mike is a total hotass. I saw that from the git-go. He makes me feel like the cougar (32!) that I am. πŸ™‚ I think he’s so handsome and grounded and mature. He will make someone very happy one day. I love his accent. πŸ™‚

sandy says:

i just adore mike. when he came out on the stage tuesday night there was a big change from the last episode. i wanted him to win so bad cause he is such a terrific role model and generous. gave all that food to aubrey. helen didnt deserve to win she looks like a skeleton plus she is so selfish. begged to have her daughter sent home instead of her and wanted kristen to go home and she needed to lose more weight. helen had already lost enough. oh well, guess that is the way it goes. i hope that the biggest loser will follow up on max, mikes brother. that would be wonderful to see him after he has reached his goal.

Katherine says:

OMG He is such a cutie!!!!

manda says:

watching Mike on the show made me start to work out. he is so handsome and seems like a loving wonderful guy good luck to him and his dad. I was praying he would win he did outstanding

Alice says:

I thought that i was the only one who thought he was super hot! I even thought he was adorable at 388 and he just kept getting more and more cuter as the pounds shed off. Go Mike! I love you so much!

Monica says:

Just want to say that I am so happy for you! you are truly an amazing person and a great brother and friend to Max. I have two boys and I hope that they are as close as you and Max. You are inspiration to everyone, good luck in college πŸ™‚ Best wishes to Max in in his journey! Hope Biggest loser keeps us informed.

Eva says:

okay…. i saw him first!
hes sooooooooo cute:):):):)
<3 youuuuuuuu

bubbette says:

hope mike and his father are continuing to do well. hope his brother max is as well.

Autumn says:

Wow….that is AMAZING!!!! He looks so adorable. Keep up the good work!

p.s. I’m single!

Becky says:

Look, I feel that most of the posts I read were not what this show is about. Granted, yes, Michael is good looking, but what matters is that he was willing to change his ways for the sake of his father and brother. I feel that Michael is a responsibleperson and that’s why he got so far in the show. I was hoping for him to win, but unfortunately it didn’t turn out. However, I extend my congratulations because he has achieved so much! I am proud of him.

Alicia says:

I think that mike did an incredible job. i really wanted him to win. he woked so hard and he looks so good now! He seems like a really great person and i thought that it was so sweet that he wanted to help his brother. i hope that Max is able to get the weight off too. he completely changed his life an i heard that now he wants to become a doctor. I hope he’s able to accomplish that too. Go mike!
P.s. I love you mike!!! i’m so proud of you!!! πŸ™‚

sarah says:

I love mike. I can not believe how HOTTT he looked at the finale. I am in love with him and I want to have his babies

tamiko says:

i am so sorry that iam so late but i stell pray for you so good luck i am so prode of you you did it goood

pierre says:

good for you my friend so you did it

chance says:

good my friend you did it i pray that you fine sexty girl friend soon

Alicia says:

did mike get in 3rd or 2nd place in confused?
What ever place i’m still proud of him.

katee says:

I’m absolutely in love with mike, he is so cute and i admire him so much from seeing him on the show. He looks so good now! I can not believe how hot he looked at the finale. I wouldn’t mind having him as my personal trainer.

Daisy says:

HOLY CRAP! just watched the finale….HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!

loied says:

I love Mike – is he available?

daisy!! says:

I Love Mike!! He is so awesome and i live in Michigan too!!! πŸ™‚

Lacey says:

OMG! Mike looked soooooooooo hot at the finale. I love him so much! Will you marry me Mike?:*

amber says:

I would much rather be seeing mike on the cover of all of the magazines than helen … he is adorable πŸ™‚

Kate says:

Mike,I’m so proud of you! you made to finales,and i cried!
You lost all the weight you possilby could.

rainy says:

Does anyone find that Mike like tara?

When they left the weigh-in house,mike touch Tara’s shoulder,like a care for her.

Anyone agree with me?

Megan says:

mike was the only reason i kept watching this show.
he is soo cute πŸ™‚

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