Biggest Loser 7: Sione Fa

Keep up with Sione’s journey on Biggest Loser: Couples all season long. Sione joins partner and cousin Filipe during the show’s seventh season.

Eliminated Week 14 Listen to the Interview

Interview with Sione and Filipe at the Biggest Loser 7 finale.

Age 28

Hometown Maricopa, AZ

Occupation Owner, Landscape Company

Teammate Filipe Fa, cousin

Team Color Blue

Trainer Bob Harper

Starting Weight 372

Final Weight 226

Total Loss -146


  • Lost 25 pounds during 30 days at-home.
  • Reached 100 pound weight loss in Week 11


  • “The only thing I’m thinking is there’s going to be two hits – me hitting the scale and her hitting the floor.” – Week 10


Other Spellings Sion, Simone, Siane, Sine, Sone, Faa, Fah

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