Biggest Loser 7: Sione Fa

Keep up with Sione’s journey on Biggest Loser: Couples all season long. Sione joins partner and cousin Filipe during the show’s seventh season.

Eliminated Week 14 Listen to the Interview

Interview with Sione and Filipe at the Biggest Loser 7 finale.

Age 28

Hometown Maricopa, AZ

Occupation Owner, Landscape Company

Teammate Filipe Fa, cousin

Team Color Blue

Trainer Bob Harper

Starting Weight 372

Final Weight 226

Total Loss -146


  • Lost 25 pounds during 30 days at-home.
  • Reached 100 pound weight loss in Week 11


  • “The only thing I’m thinking is there’s going to be two hits – me hitting the scale and her hitting the floor.” – Week 10


Other Spellings Sion, Simone, Siane, Sine, Sone, Faa, Fah

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23 Responses to Biggest Loser 7: Sione Fa

webgoddess says:

I hope this doesn’t come off as racist, but all the Tongan men I’ve ever met seem to be 300+ pounds…it appears that being “big” is a common part of that culture. Therefore I’m happy to see some Tongans finally on the show, because that will help shape the perception for others who also feel trapped in the confines of their culture. It’s not about vanity but about health and obesity is a serious health problem.

pasiaka*fahina says:

tongans may be big people, but we can move for our size…we may be over 300 but we can move just like people under 300 pounds..and tongans are quite athletic as well

coco676 says:

You know what, good for Sione! He’s representing not only Tongans but all Pacific Islanders, especially those who struggle with maintaining a healthy weight. I am always excited to see people in our community overcoming the stereotype and ofcourse representing us 🙂 Malie Sione!!!

Heather K says:

This guy is a machine! He almost reminds me of Bill The Biggest Loser from season 4. I don’t think that there was a week that Bill didn’t throw up double digits. I think that with the way that Sione pushes himself he just might be the next Biggest Loser. I think that Filipe needs to push harder. He’s been doing great in his quest to bring Sione back to the ranch. But it seemed like when Sione won them immunity this week he didn’t push like he had been. Regardless, I’m officially a blue team fan! Go Blue!! Bob deserves an all out win.

mom2asurvivor says:

I have known Sione and his family for many years, they are wonderful people. He is doing an amazing job and GO BLUE!

Casey says:

Does Sione have a wife or G/F, if so she a lucky lady? I have the biggest crush on him!!
I give him and his cousin so much credit for the job they are doing.. I Totally support both of them!! Go Blue team keep it up!!


Casey says:

.. let me type that again 🙂 , I think Sione and Filipe Rock I support them 100%. I hope they continue to kick butt!!

yipeeeeeee says:

Casey he has a wife so back up back up…. LOL and kids so don`t be a homewrecker hunni clothes your legs to married men ahahahah jk

jOEY says:

hey watts up? have u been voted off yet

Casey says:

Haha I would never be a home wrecker!! Never, It was just wishfull thinking! 😉

Dima says:

Sione and Filipe are the BEST. I love their attitude and work ethic, and positive personalities. I know everyone is an individual, but all the Tongans I have met have been the warmest, most friendly, likeable people. Good luck guys, and congratulations on all you’ve accomplished so far! You have tons of fans! 🙂

I met him at the Biggest Loser audition here in AZ yesterday – he looks AMAZING! I posted a picture of him – I doubt he weighs over 180lbs now…

Aunty Sia says:

lol @ casey. i love sione and filipe too. they have such an awesome attitude! i’m so proud of them. they are def my faves this season! (and tara, too…she’s bad ass!) filipe and sione’s wives are going to have themselves some super hot hubbies by the time this season is over! yay for the tongan cousins!

Eddie says:

I’m a guy, and I’m not embarrassed to say that I also have the biggest man crush on Sione. He physically looks like a friend of mine from Argentina. They could be brothers. The difference is that my friend has blue eyes. Sione is determined and very focused. I hope that he win the Biggest Loser! He certainly deserves it.

Rhonda says:

Sione congratulations on being winner!!!!I know you didn’t win but you and Felipe are positive and we all need that right now. Ron is ridiculous…

Bridget says:

I have a huge crush on Sione, too! He looks like my ex-boyfriend/best friend. I’m so jealous of his wife! He looked so good last night! They should make a Biggest Loser calendar with him, it would be his month all year! I’m so proud of him and think it’s awesome he’s trying to help his family and community get healthy now! I wish I lived in AZ so he could be my personal trainer! I could just look at him all day. Anyway, Good job, Sione! I know you’ll win the second prize!!

Marsha says:

Good luck at home, Sione – it was hard to see you leave the show. I hope that when you get your personal training business going, you will have some kind of notice or ad on the internet for those of us in the Phoenix area. 😀

anonymous says:

man my tv when out last night right before weigh-in and today when i looked online to see who was sent home and i see sione! i was completely shocked!! can someone please tell me what happend?

Laverne says:

I’m proud to say I’m half Samoan and Tongan, and I’m extremely happy for someone like Sione who is now become an inspiration and motivation to me and my mom.

married to a culture says:

yeah–I am married to an obese Tongan–wasn’t that way when I married him–over the years just the build up…despite encouraging healthier intake…the excuse is always “I am a Tongan”–well let me tell you once this warm, loyal, friendly culture wakes up to realize heaviness is contributing to early death via obstructive sleep apnea, loss of sleep, heart complications not to mention irritability projected to those around him, I will be more attracted to remain in this marriage. I was venting to a friend and she told me Tongans were on the show—great!!! Peer approval/pressure is a big thing in this close-knit group with a proud nationality-based identity–individualism is frowned upon–so the more who get exposed to this show–the better and maybe will save my husband and marriage. (I should be on Oprah)

Tonya says:

I love Sione!!

Does anyone know where he trains in AZ??

gym girl says:

24 hour fitness in Chandler…Pecos and Arizona

Tracey says:

I would love to meet you Sione and compare notes….I have lost 200lbs in the last year without surgery. I have been keeping a blog all about it. Email me and I’d love to meet up!

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