Biggest Loser 7: Tara Costa

Keep up with Tara’s journey on Biggest Loser: Couples all season long. Tara joins partner and friend Laura during the show’s seventh season.

Biggest Loser 3rd Place – Tara Costa

Age 23

Hometown New York, NY

Occupation Finance Manager and Model

Teammate Laura Denoux, friend

Team Color Green

Trainer Jillian Michaels

Starting Weight 294

Final Weight 139

Total Loss -155


  • Reached 100 pound milestone in week 13
  • Most weight ever lost on campus by a female
  • Completed a marathon in week 18 in 4:56:24
  • Competing as a finalist
  • Try Tara’s Turkey Mini Meatloaf recipe


  • “That’s how I stayed alive, I kept throwing up in my mouth.” – Week 3


Other Spellings Tarah, Terra, Tarra, Kosta, Cost, Costas


123 Responses to Biggest Loser 7: Tara Costa

What a sweet, asertive & personable person. very pleast to watch her. will keep track of this one

webgoddess says:

Tara is warm and bubbly, and definitely motivated and competitive. I think she will go far this season. Even though she’s heavy now, she’s still pretty.

Brian says:

She’s really pretty and motivated. She’s got an awesome personality. kinda hard to find nowdays.

Jen says:

Tara is one of the most amazing spirits I’ve ever encountered…she’s warm, funny, beautiful, and more than anything, GENUINE…She’s extremely motivated, with a competitive edge, and I know she’ll be kicking and taking names throughout the season. I’ve never watched the show before, but I love Tara and I can’t wait to see her achieve greatness! Rock on, girl! May nothing but good things come your way! : )

DLute says:

I really like Tara alot. She has this sort of warm personality that I cant get over. And to be quite honest shes really pretty, her and her sister. I hope the best for her, and I know she will go far.

pisces1 says:

I to really like Tara, I hope she wins it all, i was not going to watch the biggest loser anymore because i was really upset with some of the people on season 6, but after seeing this season 7 so far i like all these people but Tara has my heart, she is a beautiful young lady inside and out and i wish nothing but the best she will win the biggest loser and she will go far in life, LOVE U TARA

Julie C says:

Tara I am so proud of you! Keep up the hard work, you rock!! Love, Jules

Nick says:

Definitely my favorite this season. She is really witty and has a really pretty face. And I liked the determination she showed in the challenge last night. I hope she goes far and I can’t wait to see how great she looks on the finale.

charlie says:

I started the Gym cup cake

diana melissa and joanna says:

Go Tara!!!! πŸ™‚


I’ve known Tara since she was an infant. What a great personality, determined girl, caring and loving toward other people especially those in need. I can only pray for the best for her and I know with her determination she will do it. And boy does she look hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Luv ya, Sue

Brandon Spalding says:

I am officially starting TEAM TARA for BIggest Loser 7. Anyone who can look at their own partner, not another player but their own partner, and want to say “toughen up cupcake – you’re not the only fat girl in the gym” gets my vote. TEAM TARA all the way!

RAM says:

She is just HOT.

Anonymous says:

hello tara, your really awesome!!!!!!!

loretta says:

hi tara you look awesome keep up the ggod work

brian says:

I’ve never watched the show, but chose to this year while I worked to lose my weight. I’ve started out in Nov at over 250, and now I’m at 180. I know I can lose another 20 lbs, and I’m getting strength from Tara Costa. This chick is sexy, smart, motivated and a hero. She must win this game!

Larry says:

What people see on BL is a truly remarkable woman! Tara comes from a great family-a terrific mom, brother, stepdad and extended family. We’re family friends since she was a young child-Tara has always been compassionate, intelligent, hard-working and extraordinarily kind, putting others’ welfare first. She’s upbeat, genuine, and you won’t find a more formidable competitor!
Good health, happiness and success be with you Tara! You always make us proud!
Larry and family

webgoddess says:

She looked great on week one even being obese. Yet every week that goes by she looks more and more like her modeling pictures as she drops the pounds. She’s also got the strength, focus, and determination to win this thing. She’s also got a lot of heart and cares deeply for the other teammates. I am rooting for her to take home the $250k. I really think she has a good shot at winning this thing. I’m also glad that Laura is starting to pull her weight, that will help keep Tara there until the end.

Shan says:

To be honest, she’s the one that I think will win it, this season. In my book she’s already the Biggest Loser and no one else deserves it BUT her. She’s my favorite on the show and I hope to see her in the winning circle

Anonymous says:

keep it up!!!

KELLY K says:

Go Tara, I am rooting for you to go all the way !!!!! You are truly inspiring to me and I thank you for that. I am trying to lose weight for the 2nd time….the first time I started at 264 lbs and lost down to 118lbs but I have gained allot of it back. So this time I have started at 246 and now have lost 14 lbs so far…..But watching you each and every week is inspiring me to keep on going you are one of the biggest hearted people on the show….and I love watching you, and my husband has a cousin that you are identical to and I am not joking her name is Janet and she looks just like you and sounds like you and she has your same personality and they always say everyone has a twin somewhere, I truly believe that because you are her twin its facinating to me how much alike you guys seem. My husband is in aww at how much alike you guys are ,the things you even say he says ” that sounded just like Janet Sue” its crazy funny.

I wish all the best and I hope you walk away as the Biggest Loser , I am cheering for you every week. YOU GO GIRL !!!!!

Patrick Bood says:

Hey Tara, i love the show but i love your motivation and competitiveness to win. I love watching you the most and i TRULY believe that you will win because you inspire everyone and you know Ali from last season, you will beat her record of weight loss by alot. Hope for the best. I will continue to root for you. BYE πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

P.S. you won’t get voted off because i have a feeling that if it did happen, Laura might sacrifice herself. I hope it doesn’t happen.

Jason says:

I wonder how often she hears that she’s a dead ringer for Kate Winslet? And with a go-getter attitude. Hawtness.

Heather K says:

Tara bothers me a little bit. Yes she works hard and she’s determined but I feel like every time she competes in a challenge she has to have attention afterwords. She either throws up continuously or is “so exhausted” she has to sit down and have people crowd around her to see if she’s okay. She’s a little bit of a drama queen. Last night when she won the challenge to pick the face-off couples you would have thought she was about to die, but Mandi did wall sits for just as long and was standing up without any of this “I just have to sit down” drama. Tara is strong, but every time I see these antics I just think she’s ridiculous for needing attention like that. But that’s just my opinion.

Denise says:

Shes annoying. But i wish her the best of luck. She just thinks its all about her.

doozie says:

Jason, I agree with you. I forget her name is Tara because I’m terrible with names and from Day 1, she’s been “Fat Kate” to me. At this point, she’s now “Plump Kate” and by the time all is said and done, she’ll be “Curvy Kate”.

Been rooting for this hottie from the beginning. And while she has a flair for the dramatic, Tara seems like a great person. I hope she wins it all!

Linda says:

Tara, You have done awesome!! I am just amazed that you have lost 94 lbs in 10 weeks!! When this is over and you have won, you MUST write a book and tell us all how you did it!!!!
Good luck!!!!!!!

Derek says:

Looking GREAT Tara!!! Keep up all the good work! I’m pulling for you…although I hope everyone else does good. Knock ’em dead girl!!

Karen says:

Tara you look amazing, and I was so inspired by you when you was the fastest contestant to complete the half marathon. Keep up the good work, it is so worth it.
Your an inspiration. x

Anonymous says:

Ugh, Tara is annoying and full of herself. Sure she’s a good competitor, but she is wayyyyy too cocky for her own good. By far the most annoying person on the show. She says Aubrey has a loud mouth, but she should look in the mirror.

leah says:

Would love to tell this girl what a brick house she is… never in my life have i seen anyone who is stronger, more determined, and more inspiring then she is… Tara Costa… you truely are one of the most amazing people I have ever seen in my life… from someone who has never needed to be inspired… you have blown me away.

Mike says:

I love the spirit and strength she has. Beating out all the contestants in last nite’s challenge, with the extra 257 lbs., just shows how strong she is. Keep it going Tara!

Wendy says:

Tara is so amazing! I am so motivated by her spirit! You keep going girl!

Heather K says:

Tara is really starting to wear on me. This week it was just more of the same drama. Everyone hates me! Why doesn’t anyone like me? No one hates her. She’s a threat and everyone knows it. She should take it as a complement like Aubrey said but no she’s got to be all dramatic and storm out of the house and not let anyone talk to her but Laura. And shame on her for even thinking about throwing the weigh-in. People go on BL to change their lives. It’s not something that you just throw away. I’m tired of her and her need for attention. And I’m really glad that Kristin beat her to the hundred pound mark. Because Kristin deserves it.

Sarah says:

Tara has become an amazing athlete. She never bad mouths anyone and she is always happy for other people’s success. People gang up on her because she’s the biggest threat and she still manages to come out on top. I hope she wins the entire thing because she deserves it. She deserved to win the $10000 for winning the half marathon but she didn’t win becuase Helen and Aubrey were such selfish pigs.

Ashley says:

Peopl need to lay off her. She is the best one their. And i can completly relate to feeling like people gang up on you just because your better or your a threat. I hope she wins this cause like everyone else says shes strong and she has the drive.

Heather K says:

This girl trash talked with the best of them at the beginning of the game. Like when they were competing to have a visit from family for 24 hrs. She jumped into the pool and started splashing around and trash talking until Allison made her get out. Tara can obviously dish it out but she can’t take it.

Kelly C says:

Tara is my favorite contestant, i watch biggest loser every week to see what gonna happen next. She is such a role model to other people, i wish biggest loser was on more than once a week! I am so happy Tara picked Jillian as a trainer again, she is awesome too.

Kelly C says:

Tara you are totally & completely amazing!!! I know you can win this! I had to post to comments to show how awesome she is and to show you how how much i love biggest loser!

Donna says:

Tara you are the best competeter ever!! You go girl, you doing great you can win tihs

Hurley says:

Tara, you rock! You just blew me away when you won that pulling car race. You beat all the guys and you had almost 300 pounds on your car. Your amazing and when I grow up I want to be just like you! Exept I just don’t want to be on the biggest loser. I hope you become the biggest loser.

Anonymous says:

I cannot stand Tara. I hope she goes home REALLY soon so we can start enjoying the show again!

biggestloserfan says:

OMG you gotta be kidding? Tara’s the real reason I keep watching the show! She’s smokin’ hot!! She’s also driven, intelligent, and shows emotional depth and maturity. I would love to date her! : -)

Alexandra says:

Girl, you are awesome to watch. It’s like nothing can stop you! Never lose that spirit. πŸ™‚

Maryann says:

Can’t stand TARA!!!!!! I hope she loses. She thinks she’s all it. I’m pulling for MIke.

Leah Cross says:

tara although it seems that everyone is out to get you just rember one thing it is because you KICK BUTT and there all scared that if you keep going the way you are that you will win and they wont have a chance so i think you should just try to hold your head up and rember your there to get heathy just like the rest of them and if they cant handle you then thats there problem keep kicking butt k girl stay strong

Joanie says:

Tara, you’re awesome! You are very, very inspirational and I am soo happy for all you have accomplished. Just keep your eyes on the prize and forget everything else! What you have done with your body is phenomenol and you are breaking through girl! You just keep on doing what you are doing, I think you’re smokin’ hot! xxx

toast says:

Tara…YOU are incredible! You are truly one of the most inspirational contestants to be on the show. I have watched the biggest loser since season 1, but I have never pulled for any one person more than you. You are an amazing individual with a drive and passion that pours out of you. Best of luck, you and your success are in my prayers!

Ashley :D says:

When I started watching the biggest loser when I was about 10 and ever since, I always have had an all time favourite person. Season 4 was Bill. Bill won that season. Season 5 was Ali. Ali won that season. Season 6 was Michelle. Michelle won that season. You see the pattern?
This year, Tara my ALL TIME FAVOURITE contestent this season, and quite frankly, one of the only ones I actually like! (Other than Laura, Dan and Jerry) If Tara gets voted off, I’m going to be really sad, and I’m not sure I’ll even bother watching anymore.

YOU GO GIRL!! β™₯β™₯

sunny 1 says:

I totally agree with Ashley πŸ˜€ if Tara gets the boot I think I am not even watching anymore….. Biggest loser needs to stop having the voting off process and actually go with the one that lost the least amountg for the week…. All this game play is frustrating…. Sometimes the Biggest loser gets voted off and it sucks

mom of 3 says:

Tara has been an inspiration to me since day one since we started out about the same weight…. I don’t work out like they all do but I have lost 30 pounds so far and I know I can do this….I am eating low carb and being way more active… I already have tons more energy. And to all you haters out there- everyone wants attention and does annoying things sometimes…. it is called being human. I think she was gorgeous when she started and I can’t wait to see the after photos… With Tara standing in the confetti!!! GOOOOO TARA!!!! IOWA LOVES YOU!!!

ags says:

Tara is the hero of Biggest Loser season 7. “Maryann” is right, Tara thinks she is all that. But she’s right. πŸ™‚ Also, I agree with “biggestloserfan”, she is hot, intelligent and I would totally date her.

GoTaraGo! says:

Tara is awesome! She’s the reason I’m actually watching this season. After last season I was just going to give up on this show, but I watched the 1st episode and I loved Tara. I really hope she wins the whole thing.

All these people are like “oh blahblahblah she thinks she’s all that.” Uh… are you not watching the show? She is kicking everyone’s . When you’re in serious competition, there isn’t much room for modesty. You have to go in each challenge convinced you are the best.

Ash says:

I agree..tara is a go getter. I think she has the drive to go all the way. and some people give her crap about how she presents her self, but if you really think about it shes actually pretty nice. remember when she one the right to call a member and she gave that up to a contestant? come on now.
i think people need to lay off the trash talk, she’s obviously one of the best their.

Marcus says:

I am in love. She has a great attitude and is an inspiration. I am voting for her. This is the first season I have watched every episode.

Andrea says:

Tara, you are the ultimate competitor. I am not even a sports fan and every week I am SCREAMING and jumping up and down cheering for you, as if my team was winning the superbowl! I have never encountered someone who is such an inspiration. You are fierce and I am so proud of you for persevering through the negative attitudes of your competitors. NEVER lose your incredible fire and spirit, and never let the haters get you down. You friggin rock and you put the rest to shame through sheer willpower. You are so awesome I only wish we could be friends! I wish you nothing but the best and I am rooting for you to WIN!!!!!

mike says:

who was voted off tonite?

Louise says:

Hi Tara… I said, from the first show, that you were going to win BL this season. I think everyone is doing awesome! CONGRATS!

IloveTaraCosta says:

Tara reminds me of me! She’s my inspiration. Tara has movated me to do a Ironman and a full century ride@

mike says:

Tara is hot and could have my child!!!

Giuly says:

Tara you are awesome you lost so much weight you are my idol i always vote for you on every challenge every time i want to grave a cookie i always think of you of how much weight you lost and so i stop and run around my backyard yes if you ask i’m a teenager and once again your awesome πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Samantha c says:

I love tara! When she won that car challege I just could not stop jumping up and down that is why I need to know her address. Pls email me at please I need to write a letter to her.

Cardamon2009 says:

I like Tara, but I am sooo tired of her winning all the challenges. Give someone else a chance! She is beautiful and strong, and I have a hard time believing she needed to be on this show to lose weight, I wonder if it’s a fraud.

Jamie says:

Tara you are CLASSY, smart and a great friend. You handle yourself so well. I love how you fought for Laura. Every week I am rooting for you. You are an inspiration!!!:) πŸ™‚

The Dogg says:

She is HOT! Maybe Playboy awaits her?!?

Team Taristen says:

This girl is a machine! I mean, she is just so strong and competitive – it’s amazing! Not to mention – she is flippin HOT! Tara, I know you don’t have a boyfriend at home so maybe a girlfriend (as in, me?)

Samantha c says:

Pls I need to know her address so pls give it to me. You can reach me . Pls!!!

Dtrain says:

Tara’s a warrior! I think she could do anything she put her mind to. Amazing and inspiring.

dave says:


My thoughts exactly. She dropped 100lbs so quick, it really makes me wonder if it is a fraud. I could just imagine somebody sitting eating gallons ice cream, intentionally gaining weight in order to cash in on 250k, not to mention the fleeting fame that comes with it. She even has a nice backstory that I’m sure appealed to the producers/casting directors. Think about it, seriously. Has any woman on the ranch had as many double-digit weeks as Tara? There have been bigger women on there that didn’t drop weight as quickly, so I’m confused. I’m glad Laura was voted off, since it will hasten Tara’s departure.

Keith W says:

Cardamon2009 and dave…I read in a few places that one week on the BL ranch may in reality be more than a week making the weight loss more inline with reason. In that sense BL is somewhat deceiving and probably frustrating for those trying to lose weight in the time frames that these people do it but then again all these people have to do with themselves each day is eat right, sleep, and exercise. Tara is very young and likely athletic in her youth making it easier for her to take off the weight than some of the older contestants. She also has more heart and drive than the other players. I am most disappointed in the men especially the Tongans and Mike. They keep getting beat by this girl. Mike is in his teens and it is like he has no testosterone or competitive spirit. Probably got the lazy genes from his father. I hope Tara wins because she is the only one with a true fighting spirit.

Daniella [[Tara's Fan]] says:

Hey tara, you rock.

the makeover was the hottest thang they did to you

i hab been watchin beggest loser for eber

and dis is da best season eber!!!

Tommie says:

Hey Tara,
You will be “The Biggest Loser”! Keep up the good


Mark says:

I have been voting for Tara frmo the start. Her personality is the best I have seen since the show started. She went back down the hill to help a team mate climb up the hill. She will win the show this year.

Emily says:

Tara I love you!!!!!!! Your my hero and Im your biggest fan!!!

Louise says:

Tara, I enjoy watching you every week loosing all that weight. You are definitely an inspiration for me and you will be the Biggest Loser. Keep going, I am cheering for you every week.

Annie says:

WAY TO GO, TARA! πŸ™‚ Never before have I been able to relate to someone and be so inspired as I am with you. I usually look at people who are losing (or have lost) the weight and see if I can relate to them. Personality and body shape are very similar. You inspired me to know that I CAN do this and that I will do this! THANK YOU! God Bless!!! πŸ™‚

kim saylor says:

tara go tara hope you win .kim

Kim says:

I tell you what, I see myself in this girl. I have watched every episode of BL, and never really related to anyone on the show till TARA. But I used to be DROP DEAD GORGEOUS like her, before I had 2 kids and got married and stopped caring. Tara, is almost like me! Same weight gain and looks, if she can do it so can I! Thank you Tara for the inspiration to get off the couch and get moving!! Girl you look good keep it up and keep winning those challenges!! Take the Money, I think you can take the chances and gamble on yourself, you are doing great!!! I hope you see this, take care and good luck!! Kim

Anthony says:

Hey u look so good i watch every week, ive always thought u were hot, i wish i could go on the biggest loser im 5ft 10 in 228 lbs i feel fat can u help me. My email is : and my phone# is . My friend is 5ft 3 and 305 lbs. Thanks pls write or call me

Charity says:

Hello Tara,

I’m a wife and mom in my mid thirties, and I am fat!!!!!!!! I use to like BL in the past, but because of you, I now love it! You don’t get caught up in stupid girl pettiness. You, like all of us, have your moments, BUT immediately learn from the drama, and mistakes! In everything I always tell people “If you don’t like the way something is do something about it or get out, if not, than shutup!” I’ve done that with so much in my life except for my weight. However, watching you is drawing me to address my own weight in a more powerful way because you actually have put your money where your mouth is regarding your life, your choices, and your health! I’ve lost a little weight, and am still @ 252 lbs, but I’m not stopping this time! You have totally inspired me to get focused, and not to get caught up in the details! I am hoping and praying for you to win this season because I believe that you deserve it, and are ready to keep up with the change! God bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!

svavancouver says:

Hey tara!! you are such an inspriration to me. You will be the biggest Loser. Your only threat is Mike, now kick his butt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vancouver says:

Hey svavancouver!! I totally agree with you!!GO TARA!!!

svavancouver says:

Hey Tara you are such an inspiration to me. I want you to win so badly. Now your only treat his Mike, now kick his butt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheryl says:

I luv ya Tara and have been blown away by your grit and determination since the first week you were on. Congrats for everything you have accomplished. You rock.

kim saylor says:

tara please help loser weight to kim i like you win the biggest loser

kim saylor says:

tara i like to see you in magazine cover. diet sects kim saylor

kim saylor says:

tara fan like she kim saylor

Donna says:


I know you have heard this a thousand times, but I am going to say it again! You are phenomenal……… husband says you are a beast!!!!!!! Thanks for kicking the men’s butt and giving them a taste of where real strength and determination come from……your will!!!! It has been a pleasure seeing you succeed and I hope with all my heart (and my family as well) that you win. You, out of all of the cast deserve it. You have worked the hardest! What a beautiful girl you are. One word of advice,……..being that you are Italian……..stay away from the gnocchi and ravioli.

Nora Barkley says:

Tara is fantastic. I will miss her next season. I really wanted to eat a chicken wrap the other day – and there has to be at least 15 points (if you are a WW member – you know that is high!). I swear I heard Tara with that great smile say no you don’t. I thought yes I do, and then I heard, but you are so worth it. I DID NOT EAT IT! Thanks Tara! I truly hope you win – you are dedicated and believe in yourself. You are a winner, and a real inspiration to others who fight the battle of food! Good luck.

Jenni says:

I hate her. She’s a stuck up snot. I hope she goes below the yellow line and Mike wins.

Christi says:

I just have to say. I’m watching Tara run a marathon tonight and there showing her pics before and after. All I can think of is that Madonna song “Who’s That Girl”. YOU ARE SO AWESOME AND BEAUTIFUL GIRL. KEEP UP YOUR AMAZING WORK AND DON’T EVER STOP!!!!!! YOU ARE A HAUS GIRL AND THAT IS ALLLLL GOOD! WHO’S THAT GIRL!!!!!?????? :):):):)
MadonnaNew MusicMore Music Videos

Christi says:

And Jenni needs to quit hating. Get out and run off some aggresion. Who the hell are you anyways?? dang, your the reason people get depressed and eat there way to this show. Calm down! Don’t be jelous giiiirrrlllll!!!!

Lisa says:

Tara needs to lose. She has been very selfish this competition by having to win every single time. It’s time to give someone else a turn. What would it have hurt to slow down just a little bit and let someone else have a shot at a prize?

Mandy says:

I think tara is a nice person. but she is kind of a baby she can’t stand losing. That is the kind of people i can’t stand. Some of the other people desevered to win sometimes. I don’t care rather she wins or loses but i know if she wins the biggest loser is fixed cause they let her win everything.

Heather says:

Tara you go girl!!! You have amazed me this whole season. While there have been some weeks I felt you didn’t give Laura enough credit and you whined a bit, you have been a constant during the show. No reason to give others a chance. Competition is just that – competition. You need to win to give yourself more confidence in your successes. There was never a doubt in my mind that you would come in first in the marathon. It was about finishing, not winning. I know you will continue with your journey and share with others. You will undoubtedly go a long way in life if that determination and strength you have shown during the show on your weight loss is continued in your personal life goals.
I hope you win the big finale but you are a winner in everyones eyes no matter if there is $250,000 at the end.

Ashley says:

You go tara. im pulling for you cause i know you can do it.
Just because tara is a winner and she dosnt back off and she gives it her all dosnt mean that the show is fixed. Shes also lost to, it just so happens that she wins more then the others. so maybe instead of her slowing down maybe they should step it up.
you can do it tara, i know you can. So keep up the awesome work and WIN!!!

Valkyree says:

Tara!!! You Go Girl!!! You are my biggest inspiration right now. I too am a former Plus size model that has become more plus than model the last few years… many things have contributed to it… surgery, laid off, etc… but watching you on TBL has so inspired me to get happy again. Went out and purchased an elliptical with the Jillian i-fit work outs so I can have Jillian in my home to help me.

You are so awesome!!! I can’t wait for the finale, because I know you will do it!

Going to make your mini meatloaves for dinner tonight. yum!

Keith W says:

Lisa and Mandy are delusional. “She has been very selfish having to win every time” and “some of the other people deserved to win sometimes.” Are you kidding me?!! BL is a once in a lifetime opportunity so why wouldn’t she try to win everything she can while she has the chance. As I have said before, she is the only one who has heart and knows how to compete. Nobody “deserves” to win unless they earn it. Tara earns it every time. She did not manipulate her way to the final three. She got there by hard work and achievement. Some people can rise to the occasion and some just don’t. Mike, that Nancy-Boy, should be embarrassed – he is younger than Tara and gets spanked by a girl every time! Go Tara!!!

Mack says:

Tara is awesome! How is winning most of the challenges being selfish?? This is a competition! A game! You are supposed to try to win! People who say she wins too much are just jealous. And to the person who said “Its rigged because they let her win” I don’t see your logic in that. She is a hardworking girl who is determined. Were you mad that Michael Phelps won all those gold medals?? Shame on him! He should have been humble and let other people win! (sarcasm) Or what about that guy, Ken Jennings? He won 70+ straight games of Jeopardy, winning over 2 mil. Was that rigged too?? I hope Tara wins this thing! She has worked so hard and deserves it! I can’t beleive people can have so much hate for someone they dont even know!

Marilyn says:

TOTALLY SELF OBSESSED, NARCISISSTIC and testosterone driven….hope a real guy wins, not lantern jawed wanna be .

Alicia says:

I hope Tara wins! I think she is the BESSTEST!!

blviewer says:

Tara, you should have won. You looked awesome and Helen looked unhealthy. But everyone loves you, and you will get tons of modeling gigs!

Ruth R says:

Tara, you looked fantastic and so happy yesterday! I know that you are disappointed about not having the highest percentage of weight loss. However, remember this: you are an inspiration to everyone struggling with their weight. You never gave up. Please don’t lose that confidence that you have gained. You are a beautiful and determined young woman with your whole life ahead of you. Continue to make the most of it!

Ashley says:

You are the biggest loser to me. I know you will continue to do awesome with your goals in life and like the others on here said you will most likely get a BUNCH of modeling gigs. Your a beautiful person inside and out.
You WON in my eyes.
~good luck~

fridalola says:

Good luck with maintaining the weight loss. To me what motivated you most was “beating” everyone else. You constantly said how everyone was against you, “wanted you to fail” and other sad comments that I guess kept you fighting for what you thought was your rightly deserved prize. They all fought just as hard as you. I am glad Helen won, but you absolutely won your life back and that is what is the most important thing. I believe loving yourself enough is what keeps us from becoming obese and at 23, you were heading toward a short sad hard life. Good for you that you turned it around. Now its time to take on the challenge of fighting that other Tara, that led you to that. Again, I wish you the best of luck.

Ashley says:

You won in my eyes.
And like another person has said, I am sure you will get a bunch of modeling gigs, its just a matter of time before everyone see’s how beautiful you are. keep up the good work because im not lying when I say that you have made a change not only in your life but in the lives of the people who have followed your journey.
You are the biggest loser to me!!!
Good luck tara, your awesome

AF Guy says:

I know you are probably disappointed by not having the biggest percentage but in my mind you were the winner! I have never seen anyone dominate a competition as much as you did on this years show! You simply didn’t have anymore weight to lose. You looked very beautiful (you were always pretty), sexy, and happy last night! I really enjoyed watching you compete and beat everyone this year and it has been a very long time since I have seen anyone with your sheer willpower and focus! Best of everything in life to you always! I hope you stay active in the public eye, because you are an inspiration!

Becca says:

Tara, You were amazing, and in my eyes YOU are the Biggest Loser. I loved watching you in the show, you have an amazing personality and have so much drive. You looked so good on the finale, your a very beautiful woman, and a huge inspiration to me. Im going to miss watching you every tuesday πŸ™‚ Love ya and stay strong girl.

Greg says:

Tara was my favorite from the beginning. She’s the biggest winner.

I hate Tara says:

you have to be kidding me…are we all watching the same show? Tara was a little [censored] cry baby. They are all ganging up on me. I wanna go home. Im gonna leave. Does anyone remember THIS Tara? And how long is it gonna be before the boob job. In all the time I have watched the show, I cant imagine anyone else who could drive Jillian to quit

webgoddess says:

Tara is so extremely inspirational. I feel completely connected to her. Out of all of the contestants on TBL over the seasons, Tara is the most like me in attitude and focus and personality. I was rooting for her from the very first episode and I saw her beauty immediately before she even begin the journey. As the weeks progressed and she kept winning challenge after challenge my admiration and respect for her continued to grow. She really is the best TBL contestant ever. I would love nothing more than to be friends with her in real life, she is the type of person I aspire to be. I really liked Laura too, and was very happy to see her overcome the injuries and look fantastic in the finale.

Glo says:

Tara, you were a joy to watch. I loved your competitiveness.
You look great. I hope you are able to stay in shape.

lapar says:

The satisfied look on your face as you stood on that scale for the final time said it all. I want that same inner contentment. Thanks for the encouragement β€œemerald girl”. You are a true gem!

christine says:

Tara…you r the winner.. u r stunning! I felt sad when helen came out lookin the way she did, it was awful. I hope jillian, bob and BL address it.! U r amazing andstrong. I am so proud of u!!!!!!!!

anonymous says:

I’m so glad Tara didn’t win, she was full of herself right from day 1, she had an attitude that she was better than everyone else. If there was a show called The Biggest Whiner, she definitely would have won. Kristen deserved it so much more. Way to go Helen.

sheree says:

Tara you ROCK! She is an inspiration to everyone. As far as I am concerned she is the winner. Keep up the good work.

Roxane says:

I loved Tara! She was nice and well grounded. She didn’t get involved in anyone else’s drama. She was there to focus on losing weight and getting healthy and that is what she did. I never get into this show, but Tara made me a big fan!

Not a Tara Fan says:

this blog shows the mentality of america…a crap load of morons following a self centered cry baby who pulled the wool over their eyes and made them believe that she was a great and admirable person and a mere few that are able to see her for what she really is…god, its no wonder that george bush was president for eight years.

PureInspiration says:

It’s so funny to see how some people are so jealous of Tara, if you don’t like her keep your mouth shut why would you waste your time coming on her to type bad stuff about her if your not jealous, don’t you have something better to do? What she gonna do lose a challenge on purpose BS how stupid would that be, just cause she is a bad and tough doesn’t make her selfish and a “cry baby” i guess all of them are cry babies cause i seen everyone of them cry at least once that is so ridiculous, just because people have heart makes them a “cry baby” are you kidding me? LMFAO. She is a very strong inspirational woman anybody who can lose 155lbs period is absolutely amazing. TARA YOU ROCK!!!

brandy1022 says:

tara, if u read these ignore all the people who seemed to hate u. when reality tara is the only person on this show that did not get into any of those alliances with people, and that is what got her so far, and because she got upset in 1 episode everyone calls her a cry baby, u would be upset if everyone ganged up on u also. i liked tara from day1 and i watched every episode, tara u are an inspiration to me and to alot of people, keep up the good work. i hope to see u on the next season, as a guest host or just a guest on the show, i think that would be awesome. good luck!

Biggestloserfan78 says:

I cannot believe some of the comments on this blog. I understand that this is a place for people to sound off, but wow…for those of you who have positive things to say…you make me proud to be an American. For the rest of you…do you personally know any of these contestants? I am sure there are positive and negative things about all the contestants but you need to find some joy in your life if your screen name is directly aimed at hating any of these contestants…People go on the show to lose weight and to gain their lives back. It is a game and I don’t remember one single contestant in the history of BL (and I have NEVER missed an episode) who hasn’t had some less than positive quality. Be happy for all the players! Anyone who has lost any weight whether it be 40 pounds or 200 pounds should be proud. And on another note…What in the world does any of this have to do with a guy who used to be President? Not that it matters, but I don’t think President Bush had anything to do with the BL winners or losers. It’s like the saying goes…if you don’t have anything nice to say…then be quiet.

Jane says:

Hi Tara! I just want to congratulate you for your big accomplishment. You are just a FANTASTIC human been. I was very disappointed you did not win first place but you earn more that that you earned your life back!!! You look Amazing!!! So happy for you!!! Love you!!!

she's saggy says:

Can’t wait to see her put the water back on. Can’t wait to see her binge it all back on out of disappointment at not winning the money. Because isn’t that what matters the most? The person who loses the most weight, whether it be fat or water,and takes home the money. Not who got healthy in the head, as well as the body, and changed bad behavior patterns for good. She was a smartass to everyone else, but when she felt like she was being ganged up on, she was ready to bawl. Not CRY, like everyone else did, out of exhaustion, or frustration, or missing loved ones, but BAWL, like a bully bawls when they get what they give, and can’t take it. Like when she told Aubrey to shut her mouth when she pointed out that she was gonna bawl. What a great spirit, what a class act. It seemed it was all about winning weigh-ins and challenges for her, and not about staying healthy the next fifty years of her life. And, unfortunately, when you look at past competitors who seemed to only be in it for the money, the vast majority of them have put some, if not all of their weight back on. And the dress she wore at the finals was horrendous. Wasn’t she a model? Can’t she tell when an outfit does not flatter her figure? It made her bosom look flat and saggy. I know she must have lost weight in her breasts, so why not get a dress that would would flatter her figure. And speaking of breasts, you KNOW the implants are coming. She has shown herself to be way too insecure to leave those socks hangin’. I loved it when she had Helen go first. She was POSITIVE her only competition was Mike. The look on her face when she saw her final weight was awesome! Like someone kicked her in the gut. Nothing like a 47 year old mom beating you at the weigh-in to put you in your place.

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