Biggest Loser Gets Two New Mystery Trainers

UPDATEJillian Michaels:

Brett Hoebel the new Biggest Loser trainer?

Cara Castronova the new Biggest Loser trainer?

In season 10, The Biggest Loser changed the format by making contestants compete before they even got to the ranch, so it’s no surprise that season 11 offers a twist from the start. In the first episode, the 22 contestants will be given a tough choice: train with Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels or with two new trainers at a new location. Those who decide to forgo working out with the familiar Biggest Loser trainers and venture into unknown territory will be rewarded with four weeks of immunity.

Although the identities of the new trainers have not yet been announced, their arrival coincides with Jillian Michaels’ announcement that season 11 will be her last. Jillian announced last week that she wants to take time off from filming and focus on starting a family. One can speculate that the new trainers are being introduced now, so that the transition will be less abrupt. Jillian has long been an integral part of the show’s continuity from season to season, as contestants come and go. The new trainers will have to work hard to win to fill her shoes.

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Brittany Aberle caught up will Jillian a few days into shooting The Biggest Loser, season 11, to find out what’s next for the popular trainer.

What do you think? Is The Biggest Loser ready for some fresh faces?

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