Cara Castronuova the New Biggest Loser Trainer? [VIDEO] [PHOTO]

CONFIRMED! Cara Castronuova is the new trainer!

NBC is staying pretty tight-lipped about who will be the two new trainers for season 11. They teased us during the season 10 live finale with silhouettes and blurry-faced preview videos training the contestants, but have offered no confirmations or any other identifiable information. Of course, everyone is curious who will be joining ranks with Jillian Michaels, leaving after this next season, and Bob Harper.

Cara Castronuova is the first real candidate we’ve been able to identify for the job of Biggest Loser trainer, with the rumor starting over at She says she received an anonymous call from someone connected with the show saying that Cara was the new trainer. She seems to match the vague description given on the finale. Cara is a two-time Golden Glove champion. We’re not sure what else her fitness background includes, but LJF says “I can’t find one single reference to a fitness certification anywhere. I also couldn’t find a reference to her being a personal trainer anywhere. I don’t know if she’s ever had clients in real life.”

She’s been working on an acting career the past few years, with six films under her belt, according to

Whether Lisa’s source is right or not, one thing is true, there’s not a lot of information about Cara online, about her background, certifications, or what else her career has involved.

See Cara boxing:

See Cara in a History Channel special, in which she says “I feel a connection to any kind of female warrior,” and you can learn more about her background.

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Common misspellings for her name: Cara Castronova, Cara Castronueva

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