CeeLo Green (and His Rider) are Going on an eDiet

Does going on a diet make CeeLo Green crazy? We hardly think so since he’s opted to go with a healthy plan. eDiets is one of the largest online meal delivery weight loss programs, and his new partnership with the brand will help bring it some notoriety in the new year as well as help slim down this bigger than life star.

One of the hottest performers around, CeeLo Green has become a household name as he mans one of the judges’ chairs on The Voice. He’s a stout 5’7″, and while his exact weight isn’t known, it’s clear that it’s more than it should be. The big smile, booming vocals, and rocking personality detract your attention, but it’s something he thinks about.

In an interview earlier this year, CeeLo told Rolling Stone that the weight-related deaths of his friends, rapper Heavy D and comedian Patrice O’Neal, were motivation enough to slim down and improve his own health.

“I’ve personally committed to making health a habit in the New Year,” CeeLo has said. He’s already taken the first step, by signing on with eDiets, which will deliver meals to him at his new full-time residence in Vegas. While he prepares for his new show on The Strip, pre-portioned, calorie-controlled meals made with nutritious ingredients will be fueling this rockstar. It will be quite the contrast to what he’s used to eating.

Most stars have a rider, an amendment to their appearance contracts that states exactly what they have to have in their dressing room. CeeLo’s is heavy on the food. It varies by day, but he could have rib-eye steaks, chicken, or fish, like tuna steaks or mahi-mahi.

He and his entourage also require that they feast on fried jumbo prawns, sauteed jumbo prawns, mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy, baked lobster macaroni & cheese, and baked butter covered dinner rolls. Dessert alternates every-other-day and would either be sweet potato pie or peach cobbler.

A fully stocked bar is also required on CeeLo’s rider, specifically to include two bottles each of Ciroc, Hennessy, Patron Silver, wine and beer.

We’re not sure what CeeLo’s friends will be eating from here on out, but we anticipate a much cleaner buffet of pre-show snacks for this performer. Once a month he will receive a delivery of fresh-frozen meals that just need to be heated and eaten. Meals are a balance of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and contain no MSG, preservatives, trans fats, or artificial sweeteners. Three meals and one snack a day is what CeeLo and other eDieters will enjoy – all of which is provided by the service.

eDiets suggests that typical customers lose two pounds per week, which is a healthy and sustainable rate of weight loss. While no fitness plan is prescribed by eDiets, people will likely see more success by adopting an exercise regimen that suits them. We think CeeLo would look good in a Zumba class!

We’re thrilled to see CeeLo finally taking his health and weight seriously. Back in 2024, the star was outspoken about his size, saying “I’m not out of shape, this is just the shape I’m in,” and “What you see, hear and experience is a person who is completely confident in their own skin.”

Confidence was never the question, CeeLo.

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