Cherita Andrews: Biggest Loser 9 Contestant

Eliminated Week 5

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cherita biggest loserAge 50

Hometown Houston, TX

Occupation Homemaker

Team Color Blue

Teammate Vicky Andrews, daughter

Starting Weight 277

Finale Weight 186

Total Loss -91

Family Married, 2 Adult Children


  • Returned week 5 to compete for a spot back on the ranch, but did not win the weigh-in. Lost 24 pounds in 30 days at home.

Mini Bio

Fifty and fabulous is how Cherita feels on the inside, but her weight of 277 pounds leaves her feeling trapped in a large body. She’s been waiting for years to come out of her shell, but has put herself aside to concentrate on husband, children, home and career. Her weight gain over the years was due to a busy schedule that involved taking care of everyone else first, and never herself. She’s ready to lose the weight once and for all so that she can spend the next 50 years fulfilling all the passions she left set aside during the first 50. Cherita has overcome cancer and now at age 50, is ready to prove that women at any age can lose weight.

Other Spellings Cherrita, Sherita, Charita, Andrew

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