Does Jennifer Connelly Have an Eating Disorder?

I’ve always admired Jennifer Connelly as an actress, and well, a stunningly beautiful woman. Her latest film is the big budget sci-fi remake, The Day the Earth Stood Still. And it nearly did just that when I saw her make her entrance for an interview with David Letterman.

I’ve discussed actors and their obsessive dedication to gaining or losing weight for roles before. But a cursory look at her future roles doesn’t seem to call for an emaciated look.

If she is battling anorexia, it initially took me by surprise, because I thought that it usually afflicts people at a much younger age, even if it is an ongoing battle through a person’s life. It is most common in young women, health experts say, but it’s not impossible that it can happen with older people as well. Jennifer Connelly just turned 38 this month.

I’m obviously not making a diagnosis, but she certainly doesn’t look healthy.

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Diane says:

She dropped 25 lbs for the movie Shelter and I think that was the beginning of her eating disorder.

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