Hannah Curlee: Biggest Loser 11 Contestant

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Biggest Loser 11 ContestantOccupation: Human resources representative for a health-care company

Age: 32

Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee

Teammate: Olivia Ward

Starting Weight: 248

Final Weight: 128

Total Loss: -120

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  • Three Siblings
  • Unmarried

Mini Bio

Hannah Curlee was raised in Mobile, Alabama, and earned a degree in communications from the University of Alabama. She was once thin and athletic, but this homecoming queen didn’t go to her 10-year high school reunion because she was ashamed of her weight gain. Her weight problems started after a serious back injury interrupted her ability to exercise and play sports, and led to feeling of defeat. Hannah helped designed her company’s wellness plan, but feels like a hypocrite because she’s so unhealthy herself. Today, she’s ready to set a good example for her co-workers with some help from The Biggest Loser.

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Common Misspellings:
Hanna, Curle, Crulee, Curleigh

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