Healthy Holiday Beverages for Every Party Guest

It’s prime-time party planning pandemonium across the country. The end of December is here and it came a lot quicker than any of us expected. Food, entertainment, decorations, etc.- there is so much to consider when throwing a holiday get-together. Beverages are often considered a no-brainer; pick up a bottle of wine, some beer, sparkling cider for the kids and you’re good. Don’t forget the eggnog, right? Although there’s no reason to stay away from festive drinks, it’s important to include them responsibly. What do all festive drinks have in common? Either alcohol, sugar or caffeine, which can all wreak havoc on a sensible diet. Scale back on the trinity of diet saboteurs and everyone will have a happier holiday!

First of all, don’t underestimate the power of water. H2O can be enhanced with numerous herbs and garnishes such as lavender, lemon, cucumber, berries or mint. Try freezing whole cranberries in an ice cube tray with pomegranate juice for a pretty presentation and a splash of flavor. Mix up a refreshing pitcher of your choice or create a festive water-bar for guests to enjoy. The same goes for good ol’ fashioned tea, cider or coffee.

What are some of your favorite ways to spice up old stand-bys without adding tons of calories?

Our favorite healthy holiday beverages for your party guests:

Banana Nog

Banana Nog Eggless

Basil Tomato Tea

Cranberry Cosmo

Creamy Cappuccino

Diabetic Punch

Frosty Pumpkin Smoothie

Fruity Tea

Healthier Hot Chocolate

Nog Shake


Spiced Apple Tea

Spiced Tea Latte

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