Healthy Recipes for Your Hanukkah Celebrations

Hanukkah might have already started, but luckily for everyone who celebrates, there is still almost a week left. That means six more nights of lighting the menorah, spinning the dreidel and digging in to your favorite healthy Hanukkah recipes.

Apple Cinnamon Fruit Dip: Some celebrate Hanukkah with jelly donuts called sufganiyot, but if you’re trying to make it through the holiday season without sacrificing a jeans size, opt for an apple cinnamon fruit dip that will take the edge off your taste for spicy sweets.

Apricot Souffles: Some people think it’s appropriate to indulge on a holiday, but when the holiday lasts eight days, ditching your diet can be detrimental. Stick with a lighter-for-you treat, such as an apricot souffle with less than 70 calories per serving.

Sweet Potatoes with Raisin Sauce: If you miss your mom’s traditional noodle kugel because you’ve cut down on carbs, a starchy vegetable like sweet potatoes might quell your craving. Top them with a sweet and savory raisin sauce to sweeten the deal.

Perfect Party Salmon Bites: If you have a taste for bagels with lox and cream cheese you can recreate your breakfast favorite for your next cocktail party. Greek yogurt and cucumber lend a refreshing flavor to these small bites.

Pot Roast: There’s nothing like mom’s brisket, but this simple, lean venison roast will come as close as it gets. Trimming the fat from the meat before you cut it trims calories too, so you can enjoy guilt free.

Honey Glazed Carrots: Apples and honey might be a tradition for Rosh Hashanah, but carrots glazed with honey and roasted to perfection will be a satisfying holiday side dish any time of the year.

Cheese Blintzes: You don’t have to give up cheese-filled blintzes if you’re watching your diet. Make them with egg whites, cottage cheese and top them with fruit to serve for a quick breakfast or a super-simple weeknight dinner.

Lentil & Rice Salad: With its high protein and fiber content, eating this salad for lunch will keep you sated from lunchtime until your Hanukkah celebration at sundown.

What’s your favorite Hanukkah dish?

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